Chinese Berenstain Bears Books about Faith 贝贝熊生命之光系列丛书

Berenstain Bear Books 贝贝熊生命之光系列丛书 (全8册) Christian faith-based stories

Growing up, I have fond memories of reading Berenstain Bears (贝贝熊) in English at school, and my kids are enjoying them in English with my husband.  Since my children are learning Chinese, we have been enjoying several Chinese Berenstain Bears books at home! 生命之光系列丛书(全8册) is an adorable subseries that focuses on faith. We don’t have very many Chinese Christian books, so we’re grateful for these books!

Chinese Berenstain Bears Books 贝贝熊生命之光系列丛书 (全8册) – Christian Books for Children

I was not able to find a good audio for 精彩的比赛 (The Berenstain Bears Play a Good Game). Please let me know if you find a better narrator!

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Chinese Berenstain Bears Books 贝贝熊生命之光系列丛书 (全8册) Review

These books talk about common topics, like church, friendship, Sunday School, and rules.  This faith-based series encourages positive relationships at home and school.

There are supposed to be 8 books in these series, but we are currently missing 3 of the books somewhere in our house!  Since the series does not address Easter per se, I bought the English version on Amazon.

My 5-year-old daughter has been very intrigued by the stories and often grabs the books to read them on the couch on her own.

Like most Chinese picture books, the font is very small.  Each book has a few new Chinese characters per page for my daughter, making this book a slight challenge that is bridged by listening to the audiobooks on Ximalaya.

In regards to the illustrations, my 5-year-old loves the Berenstain Bears and finds the bear family to be charming.

My 2-year-old also thinks they are cute, but the stories and illustrations are too abstract for his young age.  For his age, we mainly read Chinese books with realistic illustrations.

Matthew 7:12 Golden Rule Verse in Chinese

Chinese Bible Verse: Matthew 7:12, The Golden Rule

My daughter was inspired by the《黄金法则》book to write the Matthew 7:12 Golden Rule verse for me in a little book that she created!

  • English: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Simplified Chinese: 你愿意人怎样待你,你也要怎样待人
  • Traditional Chinese: 你願意人怎樣待你,你也要怎樣待人
  • Hanyu Pinyin: Nǐ yuànyì rén zěnyàng dài nǐ, nǐ yě yào zěnyàng dàirén

Copywork has been a self-motivating way for my daughter to practice Chinese writing!

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Photos of Berenstain Bear Books 贝贝熊生命之光系列丛书 (全8册)

Berenstain Bear Books 贝贝熊生命之光系列丛书 (全8册)
Chinese Berenstain Bear Books - Christian theme
Chinese Berenstain Bear Books - Christian theme
Chinese Berenstain Bear Books - Christian theme
Chinese Berenstain Bear Books - Christian theme
Chinese Berenstain Bear Books - Christian theme

In summary, the Berenstain Bears Books are a fun way to introduce Christian stories to children ages 4 and up (preschool, Kindergarten, and lower elementary school).

Have you read these Chinese Berenstain Bears Books with your child(ren)?

If you end up reading this book, let me know what you think in the comments below! We’d love to hear about your learning experience with the books you choose! What other books do you recommend we check out?

Fun hands-on Christian crafts for kids!

Happy learning, friends!

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