The 5 Best Instagram Accounts for Learning Chinese Characters

Great Wall of China - Best Chinese Teaching Accounts on Instagram

I’m trying to improve my Chinese skills, and I need all the extra help I can get!  Instagram has been a surprisingly convenient way to study Mandarin Chinese as a busy parent.

A few days per week, I try to review free Chinese flashcards on Instagram to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation.

These helpful Chinese teaching accounts also help me memorize Chinese characters!

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Best Instagram accounts for learning Chinese characters

Using Instagram to learn Chinese for free

After my kids go to bed, I browse Chinese teaching accounts on Instagram before diving into work.

With little time to spare, I am selective about following feeds with easy-to-read Chinese flashcards which prime my brain to think and speak Chinese.

If you don’t have Instagram, I don’t think you need to go out of your way to sign up.

There are many other free Chinese learning apps, and Instagram can be a time sink like any social media platform.

However, if it’s already part of your routine, you can make your daily scrolling more educational (and follow me @chalkacademy, too!)

Best Instagram Accounts for Chinese Learning

Here are my 5 favorite Instagram accounts for Chinese learning.

These options include both simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

Best Instagram Accounts for Chinese Learning - Han characters

1. Han Characters (@han_characters)

This amazing resource has artistic representations of simplified Chinese characters.

Each post has 2 slides. The first image typically features a beautiful illustration that captures the meaning of the Chinese character.

The second slide shows the simplified Chinese stroke order along with fluent Mandarin narration of relevant phrases containing the character.

Lastly, the caption lists common words containing the key Chinese character along with Pinyin and English translation.

Several sentences are include which help give context for the focus word.

Best Instagram Accounts for Chinese Learning - So Fun Mandarin has free Chinese flashcards with native Mandarin narration

2. So Fun Mandarin (@sofunmandarin)

This is one of my favorite accounts featuring both traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

Each Chinese word is presented with a simple graphic plus Mandarin narration.

In the caption, the focus word has both Chinese scripts, Hanyu Pinyin, and English.

I also love that the teacher’s children are featured in her Instagram stories, and she explains key words in the context of their regular life!

Free Chinese Learning on Instagram - common sentences and phrases from Breezy Chinese

3. Breezy Chinese (@breezychinese)

Breezy Chinese is an Instagram account curated by a Chinese teacher for more advanced Chinese learners.

Each post has a conversation with Pinyin and English translation.

New Chinese words are best learned in various contexts, and Breezy Chinese consistently provides real dialogue with audio!

In addition, she offers mini quizzes in her Instagram stories and actually responds to questions!

Best Instagram Accounts for Chinese Learning - Chilling Chinese

4. Chilling Chinese (@chillingchinese)

Chilling Chinese is teaches 1 Chinese phrase per day, which is very manageable for busy parents!

This is one of the few accounts where you can see the teacher talking, which I think helps with remembering the phrases better.

She’s very focused and consistent with each of her lessons.

Captions include simplified Chinese characters, Hanyu Pinyin, and English.

Free Chinese flashcards on Instagram - Written Chinese

5. Written Chinese (@writtenchinese)

Written Chinese used to be one of my favorite Chinese learning accounts, but they are no longer active.

However, I have kept them on this list because you can still browse their Chinese flashcards.

They include words in both simplified and traditional Chinese with Pinyin and English translation.

The green “S” denotes simplified Chinese, and the red “T” indicates traditional Chinese.

Behind each Chinese character is a beautiful, realistic, and unobtrusive photo which serves as memory aid.

How great are these free Chinese learning resources on Instagram?

I’m so thankful for the free Chinese flashcards, teaching tips, and native Mandarin narration on Instagram!

Of course, Instagram has many other Chinese flashcard accounts.

However, I have not included them if they do not post consistently or if they use distracting images and fonts.

What are your favorite educational accounts on Instagram? 

Please leave a comment with your recommendations so we can all see if it would be useful for our learning level!


I’m successfully teaching my children Chinese while learning the language with them.

Here are my top tips for jump-starting the bilingual parenting journey!

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Happy learning, friends!


  1. great idea, social media is one of the best ways to explore such kinds of helpful post with the general public. your post will definitely help large number of people for learning Chinese.thanks for the good blog.

  2. I like Mandarin_Mania. They post daily and include vocab with sample sentences In Chinese with English translations and pinyin and more. I really like that Chinese Songs are translated too. They also have a free companion website:

  3. Thank you for your post; I am struggling to have my kids learn Chinese but am struggling particularly more because I’m quite Chinese illiterate. Never learnt Chinese and was not interested whatsoever but like you, am motivated and spurred by my children’s needs to learn Chinese. Thanks for your resources and looking forward to the journey ahead to learn for myself too 😬

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