Frequently Asked Questions about Chinese learning

Q:  I’m excited to try the Chinese learning activities on this website. Can you please guide me on where to begin?

A:  Start with our How-To-Guide and browse our activities by subject!

This video gives an overview of popular Chinese learning resources on this website!

Please note that you can adapt these ideas to any language that your child is learning!

Q:  What Chinese books should I get for my child?

A:  In order to expose a child to new vocabulary and concepts, a wide variety of books are necessary.

Chinese books at home are important for expanding vocabulary, learning about the world, and fostering a love of reading.

You can find all of our book reviews under the “Chinese books” tab. Books are organized by level, subject, and other common categories.

Q:  What Chinese songs do you recommend for young children?

A:  Yes! There are many wonderful Chinese music songs for kids!

Click here for our favorite Chinese children’s music!

Q:  What are the best Chinese learning apps for kids?

A:  Click here for our favorite educational Chinese apps for kids

Q: Can you recommend educational Chinese shows for kids?

Our favorite Chinese YouTube channels are in this link.

Other Chinese videos for kids are reviewed here.

Q:  Where can I buy Chinese books and other Chinese teaching resources?

A:  Thanks to the internet, you can find many Chinese books for children at online Chinese bookstores.

Many online bookstores have international shipping.

Some bookstores sell only simplified Chinese resources or traditional Chinese while others carry both.

Q: What are the best Chinese resources for kids on Amazon?

A: Over the past few years, more and more educational and cultural tools have become available for Chinese language learners!

Click here to see our favorite Chinese learning tools and cultural toys on Amazon!

Chinese resources and cultural tools for children

Q:  Where can I find information about Mandarin Immersion programs and Chinese summer camps?

A:  Mandarin Immersion Parents Council has a wealth of resources focused on Mandarin Immersion schools in the United States of America.

Q:  Where can I find stroke order animation, Chinese character writing worksheets, and tools for creating my own flashcards?

A:  Arch Chinese is an excellent learning tool for Chinese learners.

The website has a dictionary, customized Chinese worksheets and flashcards, stroke order animation, and various printable games.

Some of the content is free, but other resources are exclusive to subscribers.

谢谢 (Xièxiè / THANK YOU)!