Learning to Get Along Series by Cheri Meiners – Quick Book Review

Our Chinese teacher is away for the summer and let us borrow a few books.  Since I am not fluent in Chinese, the teacher left a few titles with pinyin so that I can practice reading them to my kids (4.5-year-old daughter and 21-month old son).  Today, I read a couple of books from 长大我最棒儿童健康心理与完美人格 Learning to Get Along Series by Cheri J. Meiners with my children.

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Title: 长大我最棒儿童健康心理与完美人格 Learning to Get Along Series (15 books)

Author: Cheri J Meiners

Illustrator: Meredith Johnson

Publisher:  Free Spirit Publishing

Type: Picture book

Age: 3-8 years

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Audio narration: Listen for free on Ximalaya here!

长大我最棒儿童健康心理与完美人格 Learning to Get Along Series Review

Although we only have 2 of the books, the series has a total of 15 books that focus on emotional and social growth of children.  Originally written in English, the book has been translated to simplified Chinese with pinyin support.  Good manners, social skills, and problem-solving are emphasized through realistic illustrations and text in the book.  The English version of these books have high ratings on Amazon (see end of post for ads to English versions).

Pros: I love that the book shows ethnic diversity.  Since we live in a small, non-diverse town, books are a great way to introduce my kids to the diverse culture of the real world.

Both of my kids LOVE the illustrations!  They are very detailed, and the children in the pictures have great expressions and interaction.

The font is large and easy to read. I also love that certain parts of the illustrations are labeled in Chinese, such as a basket for 球 (qiú / balls) that you can see in the below photo).

At the end of the book are suggested extension activities.  However, that part has no pinyin and is too difficult for me to read.

Cons: This series does not appeal to my daughter as much as other books.  She enjoys observing the beautiful, expressive illustrations and discussing what she thinks is happening.  The text is kind of dry, but it gives good ideas of how to respond to certain situations in Chinese.


Here are some pictures from the inside of the Talk and Work it Out 沟通和解决问题 book!


Here is a video of the Join in and Play 加入和一起玩耍 book!

List of all book titles in the Learning to Get Along series

  • Be Polite and Kind 礼貌和友善
  • Listen and Learn 倾听和学习
  • Understand and Care 理解和关爱他人
  • Share and Take Turns 学会分享
  • Reach Out and Give 帮助和给予
  • Try and Stick with it 尝试和坚持
  • Be Honest and Tell the Truth 诚实和坦率
  • Join in and Play 加入和一起玩耍
  • Respect and Take Care of Things 爱护和管理物品
  • Talk and Work it Out 沟通和解决问题
  • Cool Down and Worked Through Anger 冷静和平息怒气
  • Know and Follow Rules 懂得和遵守规则
  • Be Careful and Stay Safe 注意安全
  • When I Feel Afraid 克服恐惧
  • Accept and Value Each Person 接纳和认同他人

In summary, for parents and teachers looking for Montessori-friendly Chinese books, this set might be worth considering.  However, I suggest buying only a couple of the books to see if your child likes it before committing to the full set.

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Happy reading, friends!


  1. I recently got these 15 books, in English too! 🙂 Then I found out there is a upcoming bilingual version. I agree too, the text though seems very useful to teach, is abit dry for my 4yo to catch on. The illustrations are great and seem to tell another story on their own 🙂

    1. I was wondering if the English version would be more interesting or just as dry as the Chinese version! Thanks for sharing that you got the full set! We definitely have much more fun chatting about the interesting and beautiful illustrations, too! 🙂

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