Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle Set

Chinese strokes puzzle playdough writing activity

I’m always excited about discovering fun Chinese learning toys, including this Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle Set from Play乐学 (PlayLeXue).

Both of my kids (2-year old-son, 5-year-old daughter) were immediately excited about these new Chinese activities!

I’m going to show you a few ways that we have used these hands-on Chinese stroke order puzzle toys!

Chinese stroke order puzzles for kids
Chinese stroke order puzzles 1 (top) and 2 (bottom)

Disclaimer: We received these products in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and photographs reflect my family’s experience.

Why is Chinese stroke order important?

For children who are learning to write Chinese characters, understanding the correct stroke order sequence makes writing more efficient, accurate, consistent, and legible.

Even if your child is not yet writing Chinese, a general understanding of Chinese stroke order is helpful for learning to read Chinese characters.

When kids can recognize the basic strokes, they’ll notice patterns in Chinese radicals that make up characters, which helps with memorizing Chinese characters.

Chinese stroke order puzzle for children
Chinese stroke order puzzle set 1

Chinese Stroke Order Acrylic Puzzle Set

Created in Singapore, this is a versatile puzzle that teaches Chinese stroke order in a fun, kinesthetic way.

There are 2 different sets of these stroke order puzzles:

  • Acrylic stroke order puzzle 1: includes basic 14 Chinese strokes
  • Acrylic stroke order puzzle 2: includes additional 16 Chinese strokes
Chinese stroke order puzzle
Chinese stroke order puzzle set 2

Each puzzle features:

  1. Engraved stroke number and arrows
  2. Engraved stroke names in simplified Chinese and Pinyin
  3. Coloring sheet with strokes, stroke order numbers, and stroke names in simplified Chinese and Pinyin
  4. Guide for learning and playing

You can buy the accompanying Chinese stroke order play dough cards separately or as part of a bundle with the acrylic puzzle.

Play Le Xue also has a Reusable Chinese Coloring Mat that teaches basic Chinese strokes!

Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle Set

6 ways to play and learn with the Chinese Stroke Order Acrylic Puzzle Set:

  1. Complete the puzzle by removing the acrylic stroke pieces and teaching your child how to properly orient each piece.
  2. Use the stroke board as stencils for writing and coloring Chinese strokes
  3. Trace the strokes and/or stroke board while learning the name of each Chinese stroke
  4. Stamp the strokes in play dough to create Chinese words
  5. Fill up the stroke stencil board or playdough imprints with loose parts (eg, buttons, rocks)
  6. Match the strokes with the Chinese strokes playdough cards

Important note: This product contains small parts. Recommended for children 3 and up. Parental supervision is strongly encouraged at all times.

Examples of my children learning with the Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle

My main goal is for my kids to embrace Chinese language from a young age.

When I see them playing happily with Chinese toys, I know that they are making good memories while subconsciously learning.

The basic function of the stroke order puzzle is self-explanatory: put the stroke pieces in the puzzle.

Chinese stroke order puzzle matching

Although my kids have not used the flashcard set much, the puzzle pieces eg, 橫 (héng / horizontal) stroke can be used to match Chinese characters eg, 石 (shí / stone).

Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle Set

Chinese characters play dough stamping activity

My kids have enjoyed using the acrylic stroke pieces for creating Chinese characters with playdough!

Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle Set

Since I believe that it’s important to model handwriting for my children, I wrote the Chinese strokes on plain index cards. I used the same colored marker and index cards for consistency.

For this activity, when an index card is drawn, my daughter would create a word that contains that stroke, such as 女 (nǚ / girl) in the play dough.

The acrylic 橫 (héng / horizontal) stroke was too short for this character, so she stamped it twice to elongate it proportionally.

We used a butter knife carefully remove each stroke piece from the play dough.

Then we filled up the Chinese character with little rocks!   

Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle Set

My 2-year-old son always wants to copy his big sister, so he tried to fill in the indentation.  女 is one of the first Chinese words that he learned to read!

Chinese strokes stencil activity

My daughter had fun creating different Chinese characters with the Chinese stroke order stencil!

Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle Set

While she’s focusing on her activity, I pop in intermittently to review the names of each stroke and the proper direction for writing.

Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle Set

In the next photo, notice that she wrote in the corner of the next photo. 

Since I always write a “normal” Chinese character whenever we do an activity, she has copied this habit and always writes it in the corner “just in case” for reference!

Chinese Stroke Order Puzzle Set

Where to buy the Chinese stroke order set

You can buy the Chinese stroke order set from the Play乐学 (PlayLeXue) online shop in the link below.

Play乐学 ships internationally.

Singapore residents can use coupon code chalkacademy5 for 5% discount on orders of $60SGD or more. Valid one per customer until December 31, 2020.

Teach kids how to read Chinese characters

I have successfully taught my daughter over 1000 Chinese characters before age 5, and I’m passionate about sharing our experience and strategies with other families.

In the following articles, you will find detailed, effective advice on how to teach Chinese characters to kids.

Happy playful learning, friends!


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    I’m listing birthday gifts for my daughter and since she will enter school next year, this can be her opportunity to learn with me at home during this year.

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