Learn Chinese 日 Radical Words with Sun Matching Activity (Printable)

Learn Chinese 日 Radical Words with Sun Matching Activity {Free Printable}

The Chinese character 日 (rì) can be defined as day, sun, date, or day of the month.  For review of Chinese 日 radical words, my daughter and I made a simple paper plate sun word matching activity!

If you can’t write Chinese or just don’t have time to make the craft, you can use the printable provided in this post!

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Important Chinese 日 vocabulary

日 is a pictograph depicting the sun. Originally a circle with a dot in the center, the central dot has evolved into a 横 (héng / horizontal stroke).

日 is both an independent character and a radical of other characters related to brightness and daytime.

In Chinese, radical is referred to as 部首 (bù shǒu) or 偏旁 (piān páng).

Chinese 日 radical words

  • 早 (zǎo / early; morning)
  • 明 (míng / bright; clear)
  • 晶 (jīng / crystal)
  • 春 (chūn / spring season)
  • 时 / 時 (shí / time)
  • 星 (xīng / star)
  • 晚 (wǎn / evening; late; night)
  • 旴 (xū / dawn)
  • 旱 (hàn / drought)
  • 晒 / 曬 (shài / bask or dry in sunlight)
  • 暗 (àn / dark; with no sunlight)
  • 晓 / 曉 (xiǎo / dawn)

Common words/phrases with the word sun

  • 节日 / 節日 (jié rì / holiday)
  • 生日 (shēng rì / birthday)
  • 出生日期 (chū shēng rì qī / date of birth)
  • 星期日 (xīng qī rì / Sunday)
  • 日出 (rì chū / sunrise)
  • 日记 / 日記 (rì jì / diary)
  • 日本 (Rì běn / Japan)
Learn Chinese 日 Radical Words with Sun Matching Activity {Free Printable}

Learn Chinese Weekly has more examples of 日 radical words in various contexts here.

What you need for Sun 日 Radical Words Matching Activity:

Here are 2 options for teaching 日 radical words. See which one is better suite for your family and existing resources!

Printable 日 Radical Words Template

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DIY Paper Plate Sun Craft:

Learn Chinese 日 Radical Words with Sun Matching Activity {Free Printable}

How to set up the Sun日 Radical Words Matching Activity:

Printable 日 Radical Words Template

  1. Cut template along solid lines
  2. Match sun rays with the sun; repeat for review!

DIY Paper Plate Sun Craft

  1. Paint paper plate yellow.  Let dry.
  2. Cut yellow cardstock paper into long isosceles triangles.  These are the sun rays.
  3. Write 日 in the center of the paper plate.  We used glitter glue for a fun texture and also to represent the brightness of the sun.
  4. Write words with 日 radical along the edge of the paper plate.  As for how many words to include, use 2-4 focus words for younger learners.  Include more words for those who are familiar with more Chinese characters.
  5. Write Chinese words on triangle sun rays.
  6. Match sun rays with the sun.
  7. Repeat for review!
Learn Chinese 日 Radical Words with Sun Matching Activity {Free Printable}

Game ideas with sun radicals:

  • Print 2 paper plate sun templates; have a race to see who completes the matching game fastest!
  • Print 2 copies of the sun rays page; make a memory game out of the sun rays by turning the characters face-down and see who comes up with a matching pair, first!

Presentation in a Montessori Inspired tray

In this photo, you can see how I set up the 日 radical words activity on our Montessori-inspired shelf!

Learn Chinese 日 Radical Words with Sun Matching Activity {Free Printable}

Note: In the printables, I have included common 日 radical words.  However, the printable is editable if you have Adobe Pro, and you can substitute with more challenging characters as needed for your child.

For our paper plate version, I included a couple of traditional Chinese characters that my daughter has not yet learned such as .

However, I did not include for the printable because it’s simplified Chinese version, 历, has no 日 radical.  This is the problem with the oversimplification of many Chinese characters: 日 is an essential part of the definition of calendar.

Has your child learned about 日 radical words ?

If you review Chinese 日 radical words with this sun radical word matching activity, please let us know in the comment section below. We love to see how other families do educational activities!

Happy learning, friends!

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