Welcome to our Chinese home library!  Learning how to read Chinese with my children has been extremely challenging, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding. To save you time, I’ve reviewed the best Chinese books for bilingual kids for families and schools. You’ll find authentic, diverse, beautiful, funny, and inspiring Chinese children’s books for kids of all ages and various reading levels.

Best Chinese books for children

To make it easier to find Chinese books for your children, the book recommendations are organized by:

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Chinese kids books organized by reading level

Per request, I have added suggested age ranges for reference. However, every child is different! Many children enjoy picture books at older ages. In fact, I still love picture books as an adult, and I bet many of you do, too! Also the reverse is true: children who are early readers might dive into chapter books at young ages. And children who are not yet ready to read might enjoy listening to novels during story time.

Chinese kids books organized by language

Does your family want to read books published in simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese? Do you need books with Pinyin or English translations? Discover great Chinese children’s books in your preferred language here!

(Note: In contrast to simplified Chinese books, most traditional Chinese picture books include Zhuyin.)

Chinese books that Luka Robot can read

Chinese audiobooks for kids

Audiobooks are very helpful for boosting interest, reading comprehension, and fluency for children of all ages.

They can also be a huge asset for parents, especially if you’re learning Chinese with your children like me.

Best Chinese books organized by topic

What is your child interested in? What questions have been coming up? Nurture your child’s curiosity with Chinese books on their favorite topic! Most of our recommended children’s books are Montessori-friendly with realistic illustrations. I’ve also included favorite English books in these lists because parents often are looking for stories in both languages.

Free Chinese stories for kids

Books can get expensive and take up a lot of space, especially when your family is learning more than one language. Thankfully, many Chinese children’s stories are available online!

How to help children read Chinese

Working on memorizing Chinese characters? If reading has felt like a chore, how can we make it more fun? Try these Chinese reading resources for kids.

Where to buy Chinese children’s books

A few years ago, when I first began to learn Chinese, I had no idea where to find Chinese books for my kids. Our local libraries do not carry books in Chinese language, and they do not participate in the inter-library loan.

I hope that you can find many of these wonderful Chinese books for your kids and students! That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best online booksellers to save you time. Bookstores also linked in each of my book reviews.

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Happy reading, friends!