12 Best Christmas Books for Kids in Chinese and English

Best Chinese Christmas books for kids

Ready to celebrate Christmas? It’s time to read the best English and Chinese Christmas books for kids and families. These Chinese stories include the origin of Christmas and popular fictional tales about Santa Claus and modern traditions.

In Chinese, “Christmas stories” translates to 圣诞节的故事/聖誕節的故事 (shèngdàn jié de gùshì). Some of these Christmas books have Mandarin audio narration with the Luka Reading Companion.

Best Christmas Books for Kids in Chinese and English

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Best Chinese Christmas books for babies and toddlers

The simple Christmas stories have engaging pictures and one or two lines of Chinese words per page, just enough words to hold a young child’s attention.

Spot’s First Christmas 小玻的第一个圣诞节

Spot’s First Christmas Chinese book 小玻的第一个圣诞节

The adorable Spot 小玻 (xiǎo bō) lift-the-flap series includes a charming story about Christmas. Since all of the Spot books have simplified Chinese and English words, it’s a wonderful set to jumpstart your bilingual home library. Luka Reading Robot narrates this story in Mandarin.

Where to buy:

Apolline’s Christmas Gift 圣诞礼物

Apolline’s Christmas Gift Chinese book 圣诞礼物

Apolline’s Little World is another cute series perfect for babies and toddlers learning Chinese. In this simple story, Apolline curiously explores her Christmas presents. The illustrations capture her sweet joy, and each page has one line of text. Luka Reading Robot narrates this story in Mandarin.

Where to buy: Simplified Chinese: JoJo Learning

What’s Santa Doing? 圣诞老人在做什么?/聖誕老人在做什麼?

What's Santa Doing? Bilingual Board Book

Curious kids often wonder what Santa Claus does during Christmas. This bilingual board book turns common questions into cute answers. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for little kids.

Where to buy:

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Best Chinese Christmas books for big kids

These fictional Christmas tales include fun stories of Santa and trees as well as heartwarming connections and friendships.

Madeline’s Christmas 玛德琳的魔法圣诞夜

玛德琳的魔法圣诞夜 Madeline's Christmas Story

Miss Clavel and the children are sick on Christmas Eve. Brave Madeline tries to care for everyone but needs help from a magical merchant who arranges a Christmas adventure! The Chinese translation of this Christmas book retains many of the original English rhymes.

Luka Reading Robot and Ximalaya FM narrate this story in Mandarin.

Where to buy:

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A Very Noisy Christmas 惊天动地的圣诞

A Very Noisy Christmas 惊天动地的圣诞 Bilingual Chinese book with Pinyin and English

This playful retelling of the Christmas story features big and small fonts, encouraging families to read along in their loudest and softest voices. How fun!

Non-fluent families will also be thrilled about the Pinyin phonetic support for each Chinese character. (God knows I need the help!)

The publisher generously gifted this bilingual English and Chinese Christmas book with no expectation for review, but it is a wonderful story for all families.

Where to buy: Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, English: TheGoodBook.com

The Polar Express 极地特快 / 北極特快車

极地特快 / 北極特快車 Polar Express

This classic Caldecott Medal-winning tale is about the magic of a child’s imagination. When a boy is supposed to be sleeping, he is invited onto a special train to the North Pole. During this adventure, he sees Santa and the elves at work and is left with a special reindeer bell as a keepsake.

Although our copy of this Christmas book is in English, we read it in Mandarin Chinese with Luka Reading Robot. Since many of the illustrations are dark, Luka was a little slow at recognizing each page.

Where to buy:

The Best Christmas Ever 一个不能没有礼物的日子

一个不能没有礼物的日子 The Best X'mas Ever Chinese picture book with CD

This was the first Chinese Christmas book we bought nearly a decade ago, and we still love the humble message. A bear family is struggling financially and wondering what to do about gifts. But is it necessary for gifts to be new?

On Christmas Day, presents appear magically under their tree! As the bears open each gift, they find joy in rediscovering familiar items, such as a missing coat button and hat.

This book comes with a Mandarin audio CD and English translations. Luka Reading Robot and Ximalaya FM also narrate these story in Mandarin. Cantonese speakers can listen on YouTube.

Where to buy:

  • Simplified Chinese + English/ ISBN:9787537636025: China Sprout
  • Traditional Chinese + English / ISBN: 9789869318075: China Sprout

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree 威廉先生的圣诞树 /威洛比先生的神奇樹

威廉先生的圣诞树 /威洛比先生的神奇樹 Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

This whimsical English and Chinese Christmas book has a theme of sharing.

Once upon a time, a Christmas tree was too tall! Every time it was cut short, the remaining piece became a new tree for another family. Again, that tree was too tall, so it continued to be divided among other families.

Luka Reading Robot and Ximalaya FM narrate this story in Mandarin.

Where to buy:

  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787539422572: China Sprout
  • Traditional Chinese / ISBN: 9789862419717: China Sprout
  • English / ISBN: 9780385327213: Amazon

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Martine’s Christmas Night 玛蒂娜的圣诞夜

Martine’s Christmas Night 玛蒂娜的圣诞夜

Like the other lovely books in the I Love Martine series, this beautifully illustrated book follows a little girl’s adventures during Christmas. During this holiday, Martine sees a photo of her mother ice skating and yearns for her own pair of skates. But her puppy falls in when Martine and her friends play on the ice. What are they going to do?

Luka Reading Robot narrates this story in Mandarin.

Where to buy: Simplified Chinese: JoJo Learning

Christmas Stories 聖誕節奇蹟故事

聖誕節奇蹟故事 Christmas Stories

For families who rely on Zhuyin to read traditional Chinese books, this anthology of 17 Christmas tales was meant for you! I love that it includes a variety of creative stories, including Santa, Christmas trees, and the Nutcracker.

Where to buy: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin: YoBabyShop

Chinese Christian Christmas Stories on YouTube

If you can’t access the aforementioned books, these great video stories explain the true meaning of Christmas.

The First Christmas 耶稣诞生了/耶穌誕生了

This bilingual Chinese-English video explains the story of Christmas in a kid-friendly way. With cute graphics and references to Chinese Bible stories, children can learn about the birth of Jesus and love, hope, and goodwill. Subtitles are in simplified Chinese and English.

The Christmas Story in Chinese 圣诞节的故事/聖誕節的故事

This stop-motion video is another wonderful “book” for children to learn about Christmas in Mandarin Chinese. It explains the birth of Jesus in simple terms with cute animations. Subtitles are provided in simplified Chinese characters.

More favorite Christmas books for kids

These favorite Christmas stories haven’t been translated into Chinese…yet! Hopefully, they will someday, but in the meantime, our bilingual family is enjoying them in English:

  • Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale: This book has been a special part of our family for over a decade since our first child was a baby! With each turn of the page, Kind Ox welcomes a different animal into his warm stable. What a beautiful message! Joseph and Mary are also welcomed, so Jesus has a safe place to be born.
  • God Gave Us Christmas: This cute anthropomorphic story about a little polar bear who learns that God – not Santa – gives us Christmas. The bold-colored, cheerful illustrations plus rhythmic text make this one of my son’s favorite books!
  • Christmas in the Manger: This rhyming board book has big words and cute pictures about the nativity story, perfect for babies and toddlers.
  • The Christmas Story for Children: This faith-based book begins with angel Gabriel’s message to Mary, takes readers to Bethlehem for Jesus’s birth, and concludes with Jesus’s baptism that began his ministry. The realistic illustrations have beautiful details! We recommend this Christmas book for older children.
  • The Night Before Christmas: This timeless tale told in catchy rhyme was a favorite from my childhood, and it’s fun to share the classic Santa story with the next generation!
Winter & Christmas Books for Kids in Chinese and English!

What are your children’s favorite Christmas books in Chinese and English?

Which stories are your kids reading for Christmas? Which Christmas books are your family’s favorites? We’d love to hear your reviews and recommendations in the comments below.

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