20+ Christmas Picture Books for Kids in Chinese and English!

Christmas picture books in English and Chinese

Our favorite time of year is here, and my kids are devouring their favorite English and Chinese Christmas books!  The stories range from the origin of Christmas (birth of Jesus Christ), to popular fictional tales about Santa Claus and snowmen, as well as modern Christmas traditions.

Picking out Winter & Christmas Picture Books for Kids in Chinese and English!
Looking at Christmas books in her bedroom library (tour here)

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I have included ISBN and links to some stores, but also check your library! Some books are compatible with Luka Reading Companion while others have free Mandarin narration on Ximalaya. Otherwise, we are using our Youdao Dictionary Pen (reviewed here) to help us learn new Chinese characters.

English and Chinese Christmas books on our modern book rack from Pottery Barn Kids
English and Chinese Christmas books on our book rack from Pottery Barn Kids

Although it’s helpful to read books by different authors for different perspectives and wider vocabulary, please don’t feel like you need to get every book on the list! 🙂

Christian versus secular Christmas books

As a Christian family, we enjoy reading stories the celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We also enjoy reading fiction, including the stories of Santa Claus. Despite being forthcoming about Santa with the kids, they still find Christmas to be very magical and fun!

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25+ Winter & Christmas Picture Books for Kids in Chinese and English!

Why we aren’t doing the popular Christmas book advent

Last year, we did a book advent countdown with 25 wrapped books, but this year I have been motivated to be environmentally-conscious.

In attempt to to minimize single-use items, such as wrapping paper, I have been searching for alternatives that offer the element of surprise. I was very inspired by a Chinese teacher, Peggy, who wrapped 25 books in outgrown clothes as well as an environmental educator, Penny (Mother Natured), who encourages recycled newspaper gift wrap. However, I decided take the lazy route and leave the books bare!

Christian Christmas Picture Books in Chinese and English

第一个圣诞节 The First Christmas by Rod Campbell

第一个圣诞节 The First Christmas

This faith-based Christmas book was gifted by Linxin My Story Treasury with no obligation to review. However, I’m grateful that she helped us find this wonderful Christian Christmas board book. Although it was originally published in English, the English version is no longer in print.

  • 作者 (Author): Rod Campbell
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787550271142

圣诞星3D立体书 Inside Christmas

Simple yet beautiful pop-up book that celebrates our King who was born on Christmas Day. We use our Youdao Dictionary Pen to read this. Downside is that this book takes up a lot of space!

  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787545045987

圣诞节 Christmas

Like all of Gail Gibbon’s other books, this non-fiction book goes over the history of Christmas traditions, both religious and secular. The book begins with the birth of Jesus Christ and also reviews Santa Claus, Christmas decorations, greeting cards, caroling, and gifts.

This is not a Christian book per se, but since it begins with the Jesus’ birth, I thought it would fit better in this category.

  • 作者 (Author): Gail Gibbons
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787544729130
  • English / ISBN: 9780823417674

Christian Christmas books in English

Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale

Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale

Room for a Little One is very special in our family, as it’s one of the first books that we read to our first kid. With each turn of the page, Kind Ox welcomes a different animal into his warm stable. At the end of the story, Joseph and Mary are also welcomed so that Jesus has a safe place to be born.

  • 作者 (Author): Martin Waddall
  • English/ ISBN: 9781416925187

The Christmas Story

This book explains the birth of Jesus Christ in the stable. As with all Little Golden Books, these were well-loved when I was a kid, and I’m glad my kids can enjoy them, too. The illustrations are realistic and adorable.

  • 作者 (Author): Jane Werner Watson
  • English:
God Gave Us Christmas

God Gave Us Christmas

This is a very cute anthropomorphic story about a little polar bear who learns that God – not Santa – gives us Christmas. The bold-colored, cheerful illustrations plus rhythmic text makes this one of my son’s favorite books!

  • 作者 (Author): Lisa Tawn Bergren
  • English / ISBN: 9781400071753
Christmas in the Manger board book by Nola Buck

Christmas in the Manger

This rhyming board book has big words and cute pictures. I think this book is perfect for babies and toddlers. Older siblings who are learning to read will find this a great way to practice new words!

  • 作者 (Author): Nola Buck
  • English / ISBN: 9780694012275
  • Audio narration: Luka Reading Robot (English only)
Max Lucado The Christmas Story for Children

The Christmas Story for Children

This is a faith-based picture book for older kids that begins with angel Gabriel’s message to Mary, takes readers to Bethlehem for Jesus’s birth, and concludes with Jesus’s baptism that began his ministry on earth. Very detailed, realistic illustrations!

  • 作者 (Author): Max Lucado
  • English / ISBN: 9780310735984

Secular Christmas Picture Books in Chinese & English

极地特快 / 北極特快車 Polar Express

极地特快 / 北極特快車 Polar Express

This classic, Caldecott Medal-winning tale is about the magic of a child’s imagination. When a boy is supposed to be sleeping, he is invited onto a special train to the North Pole. During this adventure, he sees Santa and all of the elves at work, and is left with a special reindeer bell as a keepsake.

极地特快 / 北極特快車 Polar Express

Note that we only have this book in English, but we read in Mandarin Chinese with Luka Reading Robot. Since many of the illustrations are dark, Luka was a little slower at recognizing each page.

圣诞雪人 (Christmas Snowman)

圣诞雪人 Christmas Snowman

After reading 满月 (Full moon), we fell in love with 保冬妮’s poignant writing and began collecting her books.

The illustrations painted by Li Yuzhen are also very expressive and realistic like her other works.  Highly recommend all of her books!

  • 作者 (Author): 保冬妮 (Bao Dongni)
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787537962131
  • Audio narration: Ximalaya FM

一个不能没有礼物的日子 The Best Christmas Ever + CD

This was the first Chinese Christmas book that we bought last year, and we still love it very much.  A bear family is struggling financially and wondering what to do about Christmas presents.  But is it necessary for gifts to be new?

On Christmas Day, presents appear magically under the bear family’s tree!  As the bears open each gift, they find joy in rediscovering familiar items, such as a missing coat button and hat.  Therefore, it was the best Christmas ever for this bear family!

The moral of this story is that expensive and new gifts are not the point of Christmas.  Rather, we should be grateful for what we have. With humility and appreciation as the focus, I look forward to reading this story with my children every Christmas!

  • 作者 (Author): 陳致元 (Chih-Yuan Chen)
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787537636025
  • Traditional Chinese / ISBN: 9789869318075
  • Audio narration: Luka Reading Robot, Ximalaya FM (Mandarin); YouTube (Cantonese)

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玛德琳的魔法圣诞夜 Madeline’s Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Miss Clavel and the other children are sick except brave Madeline. Madeline tries to take care of everybody, but she gets help from a magical merchant who arranges a Christmas adventure!

Since my kids adore Madeline, we have this book in both English and Chinese. In the Chinese translation, most of the Chinese translations have rhymes like the English version.

  • 作者 (Author): Ludwig Bemelmans
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787549560356
  • English / ISBN: 9780670806669
  • Audio narration: Luka Reading Robot, Ximalaya FM

威廉先生的圣诞树 /威洛比先生的神奇樹 Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

This is a cute and funny story about a tree that is too tall!  Every time it is cut short, the remaining piece becomes a new tree for another family.  But the tree is again too tall, so it is divided over and over again for other families.

100个圣诞老人 100 Santa Clauses

100个圣诞老人 100 Santa Clauses

This is a hilarious story about 100 Santas working together on everything from preparing presents to eating together. My kids find it so funny, and it’s also great counting practice for my preschooler. We received this as a gift from Dear Panda Box, but this book is no longer sold there.

  • 作者 (Author): Tomonori Taniguchi
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787555249436
  • Traditional Chinese / ISBN: 9789862419717
    • China Sprout
  • Audio narration: Luka Reading Robot
The Night Before Christmas Chinese and English

圣诞前夜 The Night Before Christmas

There are so many versions of the classic Night Before Christmas tale that I didnt’ know which to buy! Now we have 2 in Chinese plus 1 in English.

Although neither Chinese version has the same melodic flow of the English rhyme, the bilingual version of the book illustrated by Tomie de Paola is more true to the original poem.

The Chinese translation of the book illustrated by the Lisbeth Zwerger, a recipient of the international Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1990, seems like a different story from the original English version. 

Version 1

  • 作者 (Author): Clement Clarke Moore; Illustrator: Tomie de Paola
  • Simplified Chinese + English / ISBN: 9787550278400
  • English / ISBN: 9780823443512
  • Audio narration: Ximalaya FM (Very long intro – story starts after 2 minutes)

Version 2

  • 作者 (Author): Clement Clarke Moore; Illustrator: Lisbeth Zwerger
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787508667966
  • English / ISBN: 9789888240883

Version 3

  • 作者 (Author): Clement Clarke Moore; Illustrator: Charles Santore
  • English/ ISBN:9781604332377  Charles Santore

圣诞夜的空袜子 / 聖誕夜的空襪子 The Empty Stocking

This is a silly story about twins named Sam and Charlie who are worried about whether they will get presents from Santa. Although Sam is well-behaved, Charlie is “naughty”. However, Santa makes a mistake, and Charlie learns to make a good decision out of sibling love.

我的礼物在哪里?Where Is My Present?

This is a cute book about a little girl who is curious about Santa and sneaks out of the house at night.  Santa’s bag has a rip from which toys fall out of and onto the snow.

The little girl helps him pick it up, and Santa is so busy that he doesn’t realize he puts her in the bag!  She has a fun adventure in Santa’s bag while she’s brought back home surrounded by new presents.

Gorgeous illustrations as expected with 林明子 books.


Set in France, this simple story explains Christmas traditions, including decorations, caroling, and food. To be honest, it’s not my kids’ favorite, but I had to include it since it’s compatible with Luka.

  • 作者 (Author): 史黛芬妮·勒迪
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787533684464
  • Audio narration: Luka Reading Robot, Ximalaya FM

Secular Christmas books in English

The Nutcracker

I bought 2 versions of the Nutcracker because I wasn’t sure what to get!  Both have beautiful illustrations and good reviews on Amazon, and it was a good lesson for my kids to see different illustrators express their perspective of the Christmas story!

The Susan Jeffers book has only 1-2 lines of text per page and thus suitable for toddlers.  On the other hand, the Janet Schulman book has long pages of text, which are thus more suitable for older kids.

Version 1:

  • 作者 (Author): Susan Jefffers
  • English/ ISBN: 9780060743864

Version 2:

  • 作者 (Author): Janet Schulman
  • English/ ISBN: 9780060278144

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Super cute picture book about the classic Rudolph tale! This was the exact book I read as a kid, so I was happy to see it in print still!

  • 作者 (Author): Rick Bunsen
  • English/ ISBN: 978-0307988294

Frosty the Snowman

My kids also enjoy the Frosty the Snowman story. Just a note that the illustrations in this book a bit more cartoonish than typical Little Golden Books.

  • 作者 (Author): Diane Muldrow
  • English/ ISBN: 9780307960382
A CHRISTMAS WISH picture book

A Christmas Wish

This is a gorgeous book with large photographs! Anja is a little girl who wants to be an elf, leaves her home via skis on an animal-filled adventure to find Santa.

  • 作者 (Author):  Lori Evert
  • English/ ISBN: 9780449816813
Jonathan Toomey Christmas Story

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Jonathan Toomey is a woodsmith who is lonely and sad after his wife’s death. One day, a widow and her son stop by to ask for help. The son is fascinated by Jonathan’s work and asks if he can watch. This is the start of a meaningful special relationship that helps two families find new love.

  • 作者 (Author): Susan Wojciechowski
  • English/ ISBN: 978-0763678227

What are your favorite Christmas books in Chinese and English?

I would love to learn more about your recommendations and check them out! Please share in the comments!

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Winter & Christmas Books for Kids in Chinese and English!

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