Christmas and Winter Coloring Pages (Chinese and English)

Chinese and English Christmas Coloring Pages

Yay! The Christmas season is here! Our fun Chinese and English Christmas and winter coloring pages are ready for your kids. Busy parents and teachers need a break, and these Christmas activities require no prep for kids to enjoy. Plus, you can reprint your child’s favorite page over and over!

If you’re raising bilingual kids, turn on Chinese Christmas songs in the background for a full language immersion experience.

Fun Chinese and English Christmas coloring pages for kids

How Chinese Christmas coloring pages can help kids learn

Our Chinese Christmas printables are in standard KaiTi font because the font represents brush strokes. Therefore, the start and end of each stroke are more apparent and thus prepare kids for future handwriting.

Each Christmas coloring sheet reinforces common Chinese characters, including number, color, and shape names.

Printable activities can remind families to speak Chinese and help kids memorize Chinese characters!

Snowglobe coloring pages in Chinese and English

Snowglobe coloring pages in Chinese and English

My children are obsessed with these snowglobe coloring pages, and many teachers have shared that their students love this the best, too!

Learn English and Chinese numbers and colors with the Christmas snowglobe coloring sheets.

Candy cane coloring pages in Chinese and English

Candy cane coloring pages in Chinese and English

These candy canes are a fun way to learn color names in Chinese or English!

Thanks to these coloring pages, kids can learn how to say 拐杖糖 (guǎi zhàng táng / candy cane) in Chinese.

Big thanks to our Chinese teacher for teaching us new Christmas words.

Merry Christmas stars coloring pages

Merry Christmas stars coloring pages

Learn the words Merry Christmas in Chinese and English through this fun coloring page!

Color in the stars with your favorite colors.

Christmas snowman coloring pages

Bilingual Christmas snowman coloring pages

Have fun with a color-by-number snowman activity!

Learn numbers 1 through 5 and the words snowman 雪人 (xuě rén)

Christmas tree coloring pages

Chinese Christmas Tree coloring pages - learn shapes and colors

These Christmas coloring pages are a festive way to review color names, numbers, and shapes in Chinese.

Personally, these are my favorite Chinese coloring pages!

Snowflake coloring pages

Chinese snowflake coloring sheet

Kids can learn the Chinese word 雪花 (xuěhuā / snowflake) while coloring the words and cute snowflakes.

Let kids choose their favorite colored markers or pencils.

Common Christmas vocabulary in Chinese

For parents learning Chinese with their kids like me, below are translations for common Chinese Christmas words used in the coloring pages. I’ve included simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Hanyu Pinyin, and English.

You can use the bilingual Youdao Dictionary Pen to scan and hear the pronunciation of most words on the Chinese coloring pages.

Christmas words in Chinese and English

  • 圣诞节 / 聖誕節 (Shèng dàn jié / Christmas)
  • 圣诞树 / 聖誕樹 (Shèng dàn shù / Christmas tree)
  • 雪人 (Xuě rén / Snowman)
  • 雪花 (Xuěhuā / Snowflake)
  • 拐杖糖 (Guǎi zhàng táng / Candy cane)
  • 花环 / 花環 (Huāhuán / Wreath) in Christmas context as opposed to 花圈 (Huāquān / Wreath) in funeral context
  • 铃铛 / 鈴鐺 (Líng dāng / Jingle Bells)
  • 圣诞水晶球 / 聖誕水晶球 (Shèng dàn shuǐjīng qiú / Snowglobe)
  • 耶稣 / 耶穌 (Yēsū / Jesus)
  • 王冠 (Wángguàn / Crown)

Color, shapes, and numbers in Chinese and English

  • 颜色 / 顏色 (Yánsè / Colors)
    • 红 / 紅 (Hóng / Red)
    • 橙 (Chéng / Orange)
    • 黄 / 黃 (Huáng / Yellow)
    • 绿 / 綠 (Lǜ / Green)
    • 蓝 / 藍 (Lán / Blue)
    • 紫 (Zǐ / Purple)
    • 粉 (Fěn / Pink)
    • 棕 (Zōng / Brown)
  • 形状 (Xíngzhuàng / Shapes)
    • 星星 (Xīngxīng / Star)
    • 菱形 (Língxíng / Diamond)
    • 圆形 / 圓形 (Yuánxíng / Circle)
    • 正方形 (Zhèngfāngxíng / Square)
    • 三角形 (Sānjiǎoxíng / Triangle)
    • 椭圆形 / 橢圓形 (Tuǒyuánxíng / Oval)
    • 五角形 (Wǔjiǎoxíng / Pentagon)
    • 爱心形 / 愛心形 (Àixīnxíng / Heart)
  • 数字 / 數字 Shùzì
    • 1: 一 (Yī / One)
    • 2: 二 (Èr / Two)
    • 3: 三 (Sān / Three)
    • 4: 四 (Sì / Four)
    • 5: 五 (Wǔ / Five)
    • 6: 六 (Lìu / Six)
    • 7: 七 (Qī / Seven)
    • 8: 八 (Bā / Eight)

Relevant Chinese phrases for Christmas coloring pages

  • 你喜欢画画吗?/ 你喜歡畫畫嗎 ? (Nǐ xǐhuān huà huà ma? / Do you like to color?)
  • 请你涂圣诞树。/ 請你塗聖誕樹。 (Qǐng nǐ tú shèngdànshù / Please color the Christmas tree.)
  • 这应该是什么颜色?/ 這應該是什麼顏色? (Zhè yīnggāi shì shénme yánsè? / What color should this be?)
  • 这是什么形状? / 這是什麼形狀? (Zhè shì shénme xíngzhuàng / What shape is this?)

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Get Chinese Christmas coloring pages here

More fun Chinese Christmas activities for kids


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    1. Hi Stefania! So nice to meet you, and thank you so much for letting me know! Just added 粉. Merry Christmas! 🙂

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