10 Fun Chinese Christmas Activities and Crafts

The Best Chinese Christmas Activities and Crafts for Kids

This holiday season, let the joy of Christmas and the richness of the Chinese language come together through fun activities and crafts! If you’re raising bilingual children like us, mixing language learning into festive traditions is a fun way to make special memories. For inspiration, here are our children’s favorite Chinese Christmas crafts and activities from over the years.

Easy Chinese Christmas activities, crafts, and printables

Since this time of the year is extra hectic for parents and teachers, our goal is for Chinese Christmas activities to be:

  • Low-prep with printable templates and supplies you have at home.
  • Doable by real children rather than adults taking Pinterest-perfect pictures.
  • Fun for encouraging the Chinese language at home or school.
Christmas tree made of Chinese characters created by my daughter

Paper Chain Snowman Countdown Craft

Christmas Countdown with paper chain snowmen printable template in Chinese, Korean, and English

Kick off the season with a Paper Chain Snowman Countdown. This Christmas activity helps kids develop fine motor skills and introduces them to Chinese numbers.

Make a chain with our handy template; each link represents a day leading up to Christmas. Let the countdown begin!

Chinese Christmas Coloring Pages

Fun Chinese and English Christmas coloring pages for kids

Too busy to sit down with your child? I’ve been there, too. The good news is that our Chinese Christmas Coloring Pages are an easy opportunity for kids to learn new words while having fun.

From candy canes to Christmas trees and snowmen to snowglobes, these coloring pages will keep your kids entertained while you take care of other things!

Choose Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or English.

Holiday Movies in Mandarin and Cantonese

Snuggle up and grab some popcorn!

From Disney’s enchanting tales to heartwarming Netflix originals and charming Amazon Prime adaptations, there are many fun holiday movies for kids learning Mandarin and Cantonese.

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Mandarin Christmas Songs

Chinese Christmas Music for Kids on YouTube

Immerse kids in the sounds of the season by listening to Christmas songs in Mandarin.

This musical Christmas activity is a fun way to learn Chinese words related to the holidays.

Letter to Santa Chinese Writing Activity

Chinese Letter to Santa Template

Here’s an educational Christmas activity: write a letter to Santa Claus in Chinese! Canada Post has a fun program where children worldwide can write a letter to Santa and receive a reply in multiple languages. That means kids can write to Santa in simplified OR traditional Chinese!

Mail the letter by December 7th to receive a response by Christmas.

Chinese Christmas Bunting Banners

Chinese Christmas bunting banners

Deck the halls with “Merry Christmas” banners in simplified or traditional Chinese characters (圣诞节快乐/聖誕節快樂/Shèngdàn jié kuàilè).

This Chinese Christmas activity is great for kids of all ages while teaching them a new phrase for the holiday.

Washi Tape Christmas Card Craft

Washi tape Christmas card ideas

Nothing is cuter than a handmade card from kids! Whenever my kids ask, I only want a DIY Christmas card with their sweet handwriting.

With Washi tape and cardstock paper, kids can design pretty Christmas cards and even get some writing practice with Chinese holiday greetings.

Christmas Tree Counting Activity

Christmas tree number counting and pegging - free printable in Chinese and English

Combine math and language learning with our Chinese Christmas Tree Number Matching activity.

Our template has Chinese numbers on the “Christmas trees” so kids can match “stumps” with corresponding numbers. It’s a festive way to review counting skills in Chinese.

Chinese Christmas Books

Christmas picture books in English and Chinese

Reading is my favorite Christmas activity, and it’s a wonderful way to encourage kids to speak Chinese! End the day with a cozy reading session featuring Chinese Christmas books.

Learn about the origin of Christmas and popular tales about Santa and the Nutcracker while making the minority language fun.

Chinese Christmas Tree Bowling Game

Cardboard Christmas Tree Wod Bowling - Fun Indoor Learning Game

This Chinese Christmas activity is perfect for active kids who love to run around. Turn a traditional bowling game into a Chinese language lesson with Christmas Tree Bowling.

Write Chinese characters to each Christmas tree “bowling pin” so kids can practice reading while aiming for a strike!

Cardboard Chinese Christmas Trees Craft

Cardboard Christmas Tree and Paper Roll Sight Word Matching Activity!

Save your cardboard and paper rolls! This craft makes for a cute decoration, and you can also use the cardboard Christmas “tree” and “stump” for a word-matching activity.

Then add glitter and stickers for extra sparkle!

Christmas Sensory Writing Activity

Montessori salt-writing tray Christmas learning activity for kids

Children learning to write Chinese might enjoy the tactile experience of tracing their fingers – or chopsticks – in salt.

Make it Christmas-y by dyeing salt red or green!

Chinese Christmas gift ideas

Chinese learning activities can be fun and doable during Christmas, even when the season feels hectic. Keep the excitement going with Chinese Christmas gifts for kids!

From interactive games, toys, craft kids, shirts, and more, these Chinese Christmas activities will excite kids of all ages and interests.

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