Paper Chain Snowman Christmas Countdown Printable in English, Chinese, Korean

Paper chain snowman Christmas countdown - free printable advent activity for kids in English, Chinese, and Korean

This trilingual Paper Chain Snowman Christmas Countdown gets us excited about Christmas, our family’s favorite holiday! We love paper chain countdowns, because they are a visual way for kids to know how many days are left until Christmas.

To save time for my family and yours, I made a printable template for the paper chain snowmen. The dotted lines guide little kids to cut along lines. Not to mention, ripping off one chain each day is very satisfying… ha!

And you can start the countdown any time in December!

Plus, the English, Chinese, and Korean numbers are great for learning math and language.

Paper chain snowman Christmas countdown - free printable advent activity for kids in English, Chinese, and Korean

Ways to learn with a paper chain Christmas countdown in Chinese, Korean, and English

A paper chain countdown is perfect for any home or classroom to build up anticipation for a special occasion.

Both of my children can’t wait for Christmas and constantly ask: 到十二月二十五日要多久?(Dào shí’èr yuè èrshíwǔ rì yào duōjiǔ? How long until December 25?).

They know the day is special because of Jesus’ birthday, and we get to spend quality family time together!

Here are some fun lessons that beloved paper chain snowmen can teach :

Fine motor skills

Cutting and ripping practice are some of the best ways to strengthen little hands!


This activity is perfect for learning how to count each loop, count backwards, and practice number recognition.

Every year, my son has a blast comparing how long his body was compared to the “super duper” long Christmas snowman chain. Meanwhile, my daughter measures the length with measuring tape!


As my children learn about the calendar, the paper chain Christmas countdown gives them a concrete sense of the days in December.


Even if your family speaks 1 language fluently, printing out the other versions is a simple way to expose kids to new languages.

If you’re a bilingual family, make new memories by speaking the minority language while making this snowman craft!

Reading Chinese and English Christmas books, Christmas snowman countdown, Christmas banner

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What’s the best age for the paper chain snowman activity?

Many teachers and parents have shared that they made this snowman Christmas countdown with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and elementary school kids!

When we start this Christmas tradition, my youngest child was a baby, and now he’s 5 years old! And although my oldest child is now 8 years old, she wants to keep our annual countdown with the paper chain snowmen in 3 languages.

Download printable paper chain snowman countdown for Christmas

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Paper chain snowman Christmas countdown - free printable advent activity for kids in English, Chinese, and Korean
Korean and Chinese printable paper chain snowmen templates

Other supplies for the paper chain snowman Christmas countdown

  1. White paper
  2. Black paper
  3. Small piece of cardboard
  4. Orange marker
  5. Scissors and/or paper cutter
  6. Tape
  7. Optional for hanging: Painter’s tape, clothespins, cotton twine string
Paper cutter saves time for cutting paper chains
Paper trimmer saves time for cutting paper chains

How to set up Paper Chain Snowman Christmas Countdown

Create the paper chain snowman

  1. Print template on white paper
  2. Cut paper along dotted lines
  3. Use orange marker to draw carrot nose for snowman’s face
  4. Loop and tape the rings together with links attached to each snowman face
  5. Optional: If you prefer to make one long paper chain snowman instead of a snowman family of 5 paper chains, simply recycle the extra smiley faces and connect all of the numbers together!
Paper chain snowman Christmas countdown - free printable advent activity for kids in English, Chinese, and Korean
Cutting Chinese paper chain snowman template

Make a top hat for the paper chain snowman

  1. Draw top hat shape onto cardboard
  2. Cut out cardboard top hat
  3. Trace cardboard hat template onto black construction paper
  4. Cut out hat. Repeat steps as desired for other snowman chain hats.
Tracing DIY cardboard hat template on black construction paper

Decorate your kids’ room or classroom for Christmas with paper chain snowmen!

  1. Hang paper chains with clothespins and string
  2. Starting on December 1, remove 1 paper ring each day!
Paper chain snowman Christmas countdown - free printable advent activity for kids in English, Chinese, and Korean
Part of the Chinese paper chain snowman is complete! Now getting the Korean version ready!

Here’s a side view of how the numbers look on each paper chain!

Paper chain snowman Christmas countdown - free printable advent activity for kids in English, Chinese, and Korean

And here’s how each paper chain snowman are hung on our wall last year year! I just taped them up with painter’s tape.

My preschooler has been especially impressed at the length the paper chain snowmen, and we are ready for our trilingual Christmas countdown to begin!!

Important Christmas countdown vocabulary in English, Chinese, Pinyin, and Korean

Since my kids have been learning Chinese and Korean as minority languages, I took some notes on the translations for other non-fluent parents who have found this list to be helpful!

  • Christmas = 圣诞节 / 聖誕節 (Shèngdàn jié); 크리스마스
  • Start the countdown = 开始倒数 / 開始倒數 (Kāishǐ dàoshǔ); 카운트 타운 시작
  • Numbers = 数字 / 數字 (Shùzì); 숫자
  • Snowmen = 雪人 (Xuěrén); 눈사람

Have you tried the Paper Chain Snowman Christmas Countdown activity?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s) and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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Snowman Christmas Countdown paper chain template printable

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Merry Christmas, friends!

圣诞节快乐 / 聖誕節快樂! (Shèngdàn jié kuàilè)

메리 크리스마스!


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