20 Easy Christmas Kids Crafts and Activities in Chinese, Korean, English

Christmas crafts and activities - Chinese, English, Korean

Christmas is coming up fast, and I am excited about sharing my children’s favorite Christmas crafts and activities with you!  Year after year, my kids have a blast re-doing many of these Christmas activities!

Each of these Christmas activities take only a few minutes to set up. I also love that simple DIY ideas can be used as holiday decor or handmade gifts!

Low-prep Christmas activities for kids

Christmas crafts have been fun for our family to bond and make memories. The kids are also improving their eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, creativity, and practical math skills.

In addition, we try to focus on boosting the minority languages, Chinese and Korean, while making new creations. As always, you can do most of these activities in any language!

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DIY Christmas Ornaments

Printable Merry Christmas bunting banner

Chinese Christmas banner

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Decorating is the first family activity that we do to get in the Christmas spirit! My kids love to hang up our printable Christmas bunting banner on their bookcase. We have ready-to-print Christmas banners in English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Korean.

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Candy Cane Pipe Cleaner Patterns

Candy cane pipe cleaner bead patterns

When I was a kid, I remember making candy canes with pipe cleaner and beads in school. This is a fun and simple way to teach kids patterns, and my 4-year-old discovered that 2 candy canes can make a heart! Here are the simple materials:

Yarn-Wrapped Cardboard Tree Ornaments

Yarn-Wrapped Cardboard Trees
Yarn-Wrapped Cardboard Tree Ornaments

Every year, my kids have fun with the tradition of making sparkly recycled trees!  This activity is really versatile for a wide age range, and it’s amazing to see how their creativity grows over the years.

Here’s how the DIY cardboard ornaments look on our Christmas tree! My kids love pointing out which ornaments were created by them!

Yarn-wrapped Cardboard Christmas Tree

Last year when my daughter was 5 years old, she could decorate it independently, while my 2-year-old felt proud of his choice of orange yarn 😍.

Trilingual craft stick ornaments!

Craft stick ornaments trilingual
Trilingual craft stick ornaments

Every year, my kids make their on craft stick ornaments with colorful craft sticks, ribbon, and jewel stickers!

To incorporate their 3 languages (Chinese, Korean, and English), we like to write trilingual messages on each craft stick ornament!

Learn about the materials we used for the trilingual craft stick ornaments here!

Handmade Christmas cards

Washi tape Christmas cards

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards DIY
Washi tape Christmas cards

These washi tape Christmas tree cards are some of the best cards that my daughter has made for friends and family! No need to run to the store when you can quickly make your own beautiful Christmas cards at home!

In each of these cards, my daughter has been copying bible verses for handwriting practice and also adding the sweetest, personal messages.

Read about our teaching tips and favorite sparkly washi tape in this post about the Washi tape Christmas cards!!

Handprint Christmas Tree Cards

Handprint Christmas Tree Cards - Cute Craft to Gift!
Handprint Christmas Tree Cards

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter is like a Hallmark factory and makes dozens of cards every week for friends and family!

Handmade cards are the best way to personalize greetings, and cards have also been useful for improving my daughter’s reading and writing skills.

Inspired by the Glued To My Crafts blog, she instantly began to grab green paper and traced her hands!

Faith-based Christmas crafts

Washi Tape Crosses

Washi Tape Christmas Crosses
Washi Tape Crosses

My kids have fun making these every year for both Easter and Christmas!

Find out about our favorite washi tapes in our DIY Washi Tape Crosses post!

Jesus is King Crown Craft and Coloring Pages

Faith-Based Christmas Activity: Jesus is King Crown Craft

Here’s another favorite faith-based Christmas activity that celebrates Jesus as our King!

To compliment the fine motor strengthening of the beaded words, I also created fun printable coloring sheets.

You can learn more about these Jesus Crown activities and download the coloring pages in English, Korean, and Chinese here!

Christmas learning activities

Fun Chinese Christmas coloring sheets

Winter coloring pages - free printables in simplified and traditional Chinese

Too busy to sit down with kids? Need an activity on-the-go? Download and print our educational Chinese Christmas Coloring sheets! Kids can learn Chinese Christmas vocabulary, numbers, and shapes.

Decorate felt Christmas Tree Activity

Felt Christmas trees

These felt Christmas Trees have been enjoyed by both of my children year after year, even though they have a 3 year age gap!

Felt Christmas trees are easy to set up because felt sticks to felt.

They’re a simple way for kids to get creative while exploring shapes and patterns.

Just keep an eye out for the small felt parts – you will need to supervise kids under 3 years of age who are mouthing non-food objects!

Paper roll Christmas tree word matching

Cardboard Christmas Tree and Paper Roll Sight Word Matching Activity!
Paper roll Christmas tree word matching

A few years ago, we made Paper Roll Christmas Trees for a word matching lesson, and my daughter wanted to keep them! Since then, we have been taking out these recycled trees every year!

Christmas tree word bowling

Cardboard Christmas Tree Wod Bowling - Fun Indoor Learning Game

Cardboard roll bowling is one of my son’s all-time favorite games! All you need is a ball, cardboard rolls, & scrap paper or index cards. It’s a fun way to get energy out while reviewing a few Chinese characters! As usual, you can adapt this to any language eg, alphabet letters, sight words, numbers.

Recycled polystyrene Christmas tree poking

Recycled polystyrene Christmas tree poking

Here is a fun and low-prep Christmas-themed activity that I set up for my son last year!

In addition to strengthening fine-motor skills and eye-hand coordination, we also reviewed shapes and Chinese characters.

For more details and teaching tips, check out this post: Christmas Tree Polystyrene Poke – Learn Shapes, Colors, Words, and More!

Christmas sensory writing tray

Montessori salt-writing tray Christmas learning activity for kids
Christmas sensory writing tray

Children who are learning to write might enjoy the tactile experience of a sensory writing tray! Learn more about sensory writing trays for kids here.

Christmas lights dot sticker word matching

Christmas lights dot sticker word matching

We love the convenience and versatility of dot stickers!

While my kids were playing beside me, I quickly set up this festive word matching activity resembling Christmas lights! To boost my son’s confidence, I added only a couple new words among other words he knows well.

Christmas holly dot sticker word matching!

Christmas Holly Berry Dot Sticker Word Matching!

Using red dot stickers, I wrote words that my son is learning, and he matched them holly berries!

Snowman button counting!

This is an easy to set up snowman made of felt! We made it extra large, but you can make it table size like our felt Christmas trees above!

Have your child roll a dice and see what number he gets; then place that number of buttons on the snowman! (We used rocks that we painted with acrylic paint a while back.)

Christmas Tree Bottle Cap Word Matching!

Christmas Tree Bottle Cap Word Matching!These “ornaments” (bottle caps) are fun for fine motor skills! And you know we are all about word-matching games here!With dot stickers, the caps can re-used for different words! Since my son loves animals, he asked me to write the Chinese words for them. But you can also do numbers, color names - whatever your kid wants to learn!

These “ornaments” (bottle caps) are fun for fine motor skills! And you know we are all about word-matching games here!

With dot stickers, the caps can re-used for different words! Since my son loves animals, he asked me to write the Chinese words for them. But you can also do numbers, color names – whatever your kid wants to learn!

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Bottle caps and screw ring
  • Tacky glue (I think this works better than glue gun)
  • Dot stickers
  • Black Sharpie marker


  • Draw outline of Christmas tree on cardboard
  • Paint tree
  • Glue screw ring part of bottle cap
  • Write 2 sets of desired words on dot stickers, one set for tree, one set for the caps
  • Put 1 set of stickers on tree, the other in caps
  • Have fun matching!

Christmas craft stick puzzles

Christmas craft stick puzzles
Christmas craft stick puzzles

Craft stick puzzles are very easy to set up, and we’ve covered a variety of topics and vocabulary through these puzzles!

The above photo is an example of Christmas-themed puzzle, and you can check out other DIY puzzle ideas here!

Christmas countdown crafts

Printable Paper Chain snowmen Christmas countdown

Snowman Christmas Countdown paper chain template printable

Many teachers and parents have shared that they use our snowman Christmas countdown with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and elementary school kids!

The dotted lines help guide little hands for cutting practice. Plus, you can teach kids numbers in English, Chinese, and Korean with the printable.

Bilingual Snowmen Christmas Countdown (Chinese & Korean)

Christmas Countdown Activity - Advent Snowman bilingual craft in Chinese and Korean
Bilingual Snowmen Christmas Countdown in Korean (left) & Chinese (right)

To encourage our children’s minority languages (Chinese and Korean), our nanny and I made these paper plate snowmen to encourage bilingual counting practice!

This activity was inspired by the amazing paper plate Christmas snowman from Happy Tot Shelf!

In hindsight, we should have put 남은 날 (Days Until) on the Korean snowman’s hat to keep the language consistently in Korean. 

Bilingual Snowmen Christmas Countdown (Chinese & Korean)
Setting up paper plate snowman countdown craft

Have you tried any of these easy-to-set-up Christmas activities with your kids?

If you try any of these Christmas activities, please let us know in the comments below!

We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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Merry Christmas, friends! 圣诞节快乐 / 聖誕節快樂! 메리 크리스마스!


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