Paper Roll Christmas Trees Word-Matching Game (Multilingual)

Paper Roll Christmas Trees Word-Matching Game (Multilingual - Chinese, Korean, English)

December is just a few days away, so it’s time to start Christmas crafts!  To kick off Christmas season, we used upcycled materials and made paper roll Christmas trees.  Then, we turned it into a multilingual sight word matching game in Chinese, English, and Korean.

This paper roll activity is very easy to adapt to your child’s age, and they also make cute Christmas decorations!

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Incorporating language learning through Christmas crafts

My children’s main language is English, and Chinese and Korean are their minority languages.

Since they don’t get to speak Chinese and Korean with many people, we try to incorporate all languages in our crafts and activities.  Christmas crafts are a fun way to teach important vocabulary in all 3 languages!

Benefits of paper roll activities

Since kids can easily use up a lot of material, we try to use recycled resources, such as cardboard paper rolls as much as possible!

Toilet paper rolls are convenient because they are readily available at home!  If we make a mistake with one roll, we don’t have to worry because we can just use another one.

In addition to being environmentally friends, recycled crafts are an effective way to save money.

Paper Roll Christmas Trees Sight Word Activity: What you need

  1. Paper rolls from toilet paper or paper towels
  2. Thin cardboard
  3. Paint & glitter or glitter paint!
  4. Markers
  5. Star stickers
  6. Scissors
painting cardboard with green paint

Paper Roll Christmas Trees Sight Word Activity: How to set it up

  1. Draw tree shapes onto cardboard.  I made 2 different tree shapes for variety.
  2. Cut trees
  3. Decorate the tree
  4. Cut paper rolls for tree stump
  5. Write Chinese words (or another language) on trees and paper rolls.
  6. Match tree stump and trees!

Paper Roll Christmas Trees Sight Word Activity: Candid Photos of our experience

Sight word matching: tree top to tree stump

As shown in the photos, I wrote the following words in Chinese, Korean, and English:

  • 圣诞快乐!(Shèngdàn jié kuàilè) / Merry Christmas / 메리 크리스마스
  • 耶稣 (Yēsū) / Jesus / 예수
Paper Roll Christmas Trees: A Word-Matching Game in English, Chinese, and Korean

However, you can also match numbers, basic Chinese characters such as 木 (mù / wood), capital and lower case English letters, and the Hangul alphabet.

As with most activities, these cardboard paper roll trees can be adapted to your child’s learning level!

Here are the trees with all of the English, Chinese, and Korean words matched up!

Decorating the home with paper roll Christmas trees!

Don’t they make lovely Christmas decorations?

Paper Roll Christmas Trees Word-Matching Game (Multilingual - Chinese, Korean, English)

If you are an avid cardboard paper roll collector like me, you could even make 25 Christmas trees for an advent countdown!!

My daughter liked this activity so much that she made her own colorful Christmas trees!

Paper Roll Christmas Trees: A Word-Matching Game in English, Chinese, and Korean

Have you tried this paper roll Christmas tree craft with your kids?

If you make these Recycled Paper Roll Christmas Trees, let us know what words, numbers, or letters you end up writing for the matching game! 

We love to hear about your learning experience!

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Merry Christmas, friends!

圣诞快乐!(Shèngdàn jié kuàilè)

메리 크리스마스!


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your resources so generously. I looked forward to doing this Christmas activity as part of our family’s advent calendar activity this year with my children.

    1. Hi Min! Thank you so much for taking the time to write! I hope your family enjoys the Christmas activity! 🙂

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