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Pretend play - doctors at the hospital with human anatomy toys - science gifts for kids

Human anatomy is my family’s absolute favorite topic! Thanks to long years of medical school and pediatrics training, I have had the privilege of teaching so many families about their health and bodies. To help my own kids understand the science, we have several human anatomy toys that I’ll review in this post. If your child is interested in STEM, these educational toys are great science gifts for kids!

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Pretend play - doctors at the hospital with human anatomy toys - science gifts for kids
Sis is glaring at brother for taking off his mask lol; modern table/chairs (similar here)

Making human anatomy learning fun at home

My children love setting up a pretend hospital and take on the role of health care providers. They use this DIY cardboard booth for so many pretend scenarios, and it serves as a check-in counter. Through imaginative play, their human anatomy toys have context that’s fun and relatable for their young age.

In addition, we have been snuggling up on the couch reading human body books in Chinese and English. Since I’m learning Chinese with my kids, most of the medical terms are new to me.

However, using our Chinese dictionaries in conjunction with the hands-on science toys helps all of us remember new vocabulary.

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Montessori homeschool - Human anatomy learning area
Human body model, dental model, and anatomy books for kids

Here are some of the resources we have been using in addition to the human anatomy toys featured here.

Human body anatomy model - science gifts for kids and adults, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, health care providers

Human torso model

I’m amazed by the quality, detail, and accuracy of our human torso model from 3B scientific.

The lungs, liver, stomach, heart, intestines, and brain can be removed for close-up, hands-on learning. Each organ is pretty sturdy and has sustained my toddler dropping it a few times. The exception is the heart which has delicate strings representing the tricuspid and mitral valves.

The retroperitoneal organs that sit behind a lining in the abdominal cavity include the kidneys and pancreas; these cannot be removed.

Brain anatomy model - science gifts for kids and adults, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, health care providers

Both sides of the head, in addition to the brain, can be removed for close-up viewing.

I splurged on this 3B Scientific human torso model, because I wanted something my children could use through high school. For those who want to compare prices, I have linked more affordable options below which have good reviews on Amazon.

Where to buy

Smart Lab Toys squishy human body model review

Mini human body toy model

A few years ago, I first learned about this squishy anatomy toy from my daughter’s preschool and got it due to the thousands of 5-star reviews. This mini anatomy model has a mix of inner organs, bones, and muscles, and my kids love the texture, especially the intestines!

Smart Lab Toys squishy human body model review

Since the organs are small and delicate, I would recommend this for children 5 and up or whenever they can be trusted around fragile things. The downsides are:

  • Delicate: To my daughter’s dismay, her little brother ripped the liver and heart when he was younger.
  • Sticky: These organs get linty!
  • Small parts: This could be a choking hazard around babies and toddlers. Also, currently the esophagus is missing because my son can’t remember where he put it (facepalm).

Since we have the larger human body and skeleton models, we probably didn’t need this. But if you have limited space and not sure about splurging on the other anatomy materials, this is a great way to introduce human anatomy to kids.

Where to buy:

Educational skeleton toys for kids

Realistic skeleton - human body science gifts for kids and adults, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, health care providers

Human skeleton model

Skip this section if you’re creeped out by skeletons! Otherwise, the nerd in me thinks a skeleton model is so helpful to have in a homeschool classroom! A skeleton model is useful for showing the various types of joints and how they move. We also use them in conjunction with sample X-rays.

For the particular model that we bought, I regret splurging on this as I didn’t realize there were many other highly-rated, affordable options. We ordered a mini skeleton – hanging version – that was very unstable and often fell. The exchanging process for a more stable version was very difficult through 3B Scientific. It took almost 2 months, and they were extremely slow at replying to emails. The new one that they sent has been great quality that will likely last for years. But it was not worth the hassle.

Where to buy:

Skeleton x-rays

This is one of my kids’ favorite anatomy resources! We compare normal and broken x-rays and point out the corresponding bones on our skeleton model.

reading about skeletal x-rays and causes of broken bones

The human body x-rays also come with realistic scenarios so kids can learn the cause of each fracture.

Where to buy:

Skeletal X-ray labeled foam puzzle educational science toys for kids

Labeled foam skeleton puzzle

This skeleton puzzle set is great for younger kids. The back of each piece is labeled with the bone name and corresponding body part. If you have older kids, this set would be too basic.

Skeletal X-ray labeled foam puzzle educational science toys for kids

Where to buy:

Boy playing with mouth anatomy puzzle, dental model, Chinese books about teeth brushing
DIY mouth puzzle; dental model

Human dental anatomy toy model

My kids have had fun learning about their teeth with a dental model. It’s fun and effective for teaching teeth brushing and flossing! We have paired it with our mouth anatomy puzzle and Chinese books about teeth brushing (Health Guides 影响孩子一生的健康书 and 牙掉了怎么办.

Where to buy:

AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope and Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope, Featuring Bindi Irwin, Microscope for Kids, STEM & Science Toy

Kids’ first microscope

For toddlers, preschoolers, and lower elementary school kids, the talking toy microscope might be worth considering. Normally, I avoid talking toys because they are usually distracting. However, the purple toy microscope can narrate science findings in English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Japanese!

Where to buy:

AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope, Plastic Slides, LED Light and Carrying Box (M30-ABS-KT2-W) and prepared slides

For older kids in elementary school, AmScope has a highly rated beginner microscope set.

Pretend play doctor medical scrubs for kids

Pretend play doctor scrubs and medical toys for kids

Where to buy:

Pretend play - doctors at the hospital with human anatomy toys - science gifts for kids

Pretend play doctor kit for kids

To complete the hospital experience, my kids love to play pretend with their toy doctor kit! Here are great doctor kits to consider:

To embellish their medical kit, I also gave them an extra Epi-pen trainer, medicine cups, and oral syringes.

Where we store our human anatomy science toys

Skeleton, human anatomy model, cardboard

When my kids aren’t using these human body toys, I keep them in my closet along with other educational resources. Please read How We Organize Our Bilingual Montessori Homeschool Materials for the tour!

What did your kids think of these human anatomy toys?

Did you end up getting any of these science gifts for your children? Which human anatomy toys did they like? Are these any others that you would recommend?

Please share your experience in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you think!

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