Favorite World Globes for Kids of All Ages (Bilingual)

Our Favorite World Globes for Kids of All Ages!

Confession: we’re kind of obsessed with maps and globes! Our favorite world globes have been helpful for teaching my kids about the Earth and geography.

We have world globes for my preschooler and forever globes that my daughter and I both reference frequently while reading stories, history homework, or the Bible!

Plus. globes are just too pretty! And my inner child still likes to play “spin the globe, travel to wherever it lands” with my kids!

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Our Favorite World Globes for Kids of All Ages!

Benefits of world globes for kids of all ages

Although maps are more easily accessible on the internet, world globes are much more accurate.

From relative size, proportions, and distance, having at least one world globe can make a big impact on hands-on learning at home.

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Understanding the purpose of world globes for kids

For younger children, globes with minimalist designs are perfect for teaching the basics of land and water forms and continent names.

Political and topography globes contain far more details with small text. This can be overwhelming or just the right amount of information, depending on the learner.

If you’re on a budget, I can understand skipping the basic globes and just getting a “forever” political/topography globe.

Although the introductory globes have been helpful for my son, my daughter didn’t need them. But there are also tutorials for making your own introductory globes, and I’ll share them below!

Comparison of globes for all ages

Our Favorite World Globes for Kids of All Ages!

Montessori land and water sandpaper world globe 海陆地球仪 / 海陸地球儀

The land and water sandpaper globe 海陆地球仪 / 海陸地球儀 (Hǎilù dìqiúyí) is ideally the first that is introduced to children, typically around ages 3-4 in a Montessori classroom.

The main purpose is to show kids how the world appears from outer space and to recognize the different land and body masses.

This video shows how the globe is used to present basic land and water concepts in English.

Montessori Animals and Continents 3-Part Cards (English, Chinese, Korean)

Montessori colored continents globe 各大洲地球仪 / 各大洲地球儀

If you want to save on cost/space, as a homeschooling parent, my humble opinion is that you can skip the land and water globe and consider getting or making the Montessori color continents globe 各大洲地球仪 / 各大洲地球儀 (Gè dàzhōu dìqiúyí).

My son is using the continents globe as reference to his Animals and Conintnets the World activity (printable in English, Chinese, Korean).

Bilingual political and topography world globes

These types of globes are definitely worth having at home!

Although we already had an English Replogle globe for a few years, I was so excited when another mom told me about their bilingual English/simplified Chinese globe!

We’re always trying to encourage our kids to speak the minority language. In the short time that we’ve had this bilingual globe, my kids have been excited to find Chinese characters that they know!

This proves the importance of having a print-rich environment that reminds us to speak Chinese.

Replogle political and topography globes - bilingual Chinese and English

Here are close up images of each of these gorgeous, well-designed globes.

We will be giving our extra English globe to a friend to jump-start their homeschooling year!

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Replogle political and topography globes - bilingual Chinese and English

Here’s a closeup of Asia!

Replogle political and topography globes - bilingual Chinese and English
  • Where to buy English, simplified Chinese, or Spanish Replogle globes:
    • 12in (30cm) Bilingual Simplified Chinese/ English: Amazon
    • 12in (30cm) Spanish / English: Amazon
    • English globes: Amazon

For parents looking for traditional Chinese globes in the US, Yo! Baby Shop has a variety of sizes. While we don’t personally have their globes, I would recommend larger sizes so the words are more visible.

  • Where to buy traditional Chinese globes:
    • 12″ (30cm) Illuminated Touch Light Antique Globe traditional Chinese / English: Yo Baby Shop
    • 12″ (30cm) Illuminated Rotating Satellite Globe traditional Chinese / English: YoBaby Shop

3D Earth puzzle for fun and decoration!

Last but not least, I had to share this 540-piece 3D puzzle globe that my daughter loved putting together! The puzzle is actually much easier than it looks, because the pieces are labeled with numbers.

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Which world globes does your family prefer?

Are your kid(s) distance learning, homeschooling, or attending school in person?

Please share in the comments below! We’d love to hear about your family’s experience!

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Happy learning, friends!


  1. I plan to homeschool with the help of a bilingual babysitter. I would love to use the bilingual Chinese/English globe!

  2. Ooh would love a Chinese & English globe . With the absence of overseas travel I think globes are so nice to help children learn about the world

  3. Oh this would definitely be a good addition to our home classroom!! We already have a globe but this would definitely replace our current globe!!

  4. We would love to use the bilingual Chinese/English globe for homeschool too! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity and review!

  5. We’re homeschooling my son, he’s in Pre-K. Since he’s not able to attend Chinese school (they went virtual, but it’s not a great format for his age), I’m taking his bilingual education in hand. Hoping to win the Chinese/English globe, but I’d be pretty happy with the English one, too! It’d just give me an opportunity to put stickers with Chinese on it so we could both learn.

  6. My son is curious about the world and how the earth was created. He is in grade K and is doing online learning at home. He would love to have the globe. Thanks.

  7. My daughter is learning from home for languages and distance learning for school.Would love an English globe. We travel the world through music and food.

  8. My son is 3 y/o and he is at home this year. Next year we are hoping he can start in person preschool. We would love the Chinese/English globe!

  9. Distance learning, but honestly it feels like homeschooling. Thank you for all these awesome giveaways opportunities!

  10. Hi Betty!
    My two kids are doing distance learning with extra homeschooling on the side.
    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  11. We would enjoy the Simplified Chinese/English globe. My kids are doing distance learning and we have an old, wobbly globe with some very outdated country names. They also love playing spin the globe.

  12. I homeschool in Chinese and have been eyeing the Chinese/English globe to add to our learning resources. Plus, I have a love for globes and the world map. <3

  13. This would be a great addition to our homeschooling. We dream of world schooling one day and start with the integration of their Chinese heritage. I hope and pray we win the globe with Simplified Chinese. This is truly a rare treasure!

  14. My son is doing distance learning in the morning and I use your resources to teach him Chinese in the afternoon. I would love the Chinese/English globe!

  15. Yes, we are homeschooling with classical conversations and this year my 7 year old memorized all his states and capitals, and points them out readily on any map (which mom cannot yet do, lol!). We have been on the hunt for a good globe for about a year now, so appreciate this post! It would be amazing if they also created one with traditional Chinese. 🙂

  16. This bilingual globe is fantastic! My son is showing a lot of interests in the world right now. He is not in preschool this year due to the pandemic 🥺I teach him Mandarin when I’m off work.

  17. My son goes to school in person where he takes Mandarin as one of his classes. He also goes to Saturday Chinese school – but online. We would LOVE the bilingual English-Chinese globe! Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. oooh! I love traveling and would like to instill that to the kids as well. The globe with Simplified Chinese would be great for us to be more exposed to the Chinese language. This is an amazing amazing find!! Thank you for introducing this to us Betty

  19. None of the above! Both kids are preschool age and just playing at home all day long. Wish I had time to do some teaching. They’d love this globe though!

  20. Neither. Luckily my son is still young enough where I dont need to send him to school. I dont even know how I would decide what to do during this time…

  21. The bilingual globe is such a wonderful find! Thank you! Would you happen to have a new coupon code? I just tried purchasing and it’s expired.

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