Montessori Geography Printables and Hands-On Materials for Kids

Geography learning resources for preschool, Kindergarten, and elementary school

Geography materials are some of our favorite Montessori resources!  Through organization, Montessori geography materials give children a solid foundation of knowledge about the world around us!

The sequential introduction to basic geography begins between ages 3-6years with land and water forms and color-coded continents

This post features a collection of printable and hands-on Montessori geography materials, including maps and globes for children!

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Montessori Geography resources for kids learning English, Chinese, & Korean!

This post may have some affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission which supports my blog and free printables at no additional cost to you. Please see the disclosure policy for details.

Free Montessori geography printables for children

Montessori land and water world maps

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Our bilingual Montessori Land & Water World Map are available in the following languages and colors. Click on the link to download the version you need:

Montessori world map (bilingual English/Chinese or English/Korean)

Tactile learning with Montessori maps

In a traditional Montessori classroom, the first globe that the child encounters focuses on land and water.

Each continent is made of sandpaper so that a child can feel the texture, associate it with land, and contrast it to the smooth blue water.

Since we don’t have the sandpaper land and water globe, we applied the sensory principle and used ingredients from our kitchen pantry.

For example, dry oats were perfect for representing land due to its rought texture and tan color!  So that they could be reused, we did not glue them to the map printable.

Afterward, we re-used the oats and ground them into fine powder for the children’s bath. We do not want to waste food!

Geography sensory exploration Montessori land and water map

For tactile learning, you can also use beans (eg, lentils), seeds, and homemade play dough.  No need to buy or waste anything; use what you have at home!

If you live near the beach or have kinetic sand, you can use that as well!

Montessori continents 3-part cards with simplified Chinese characters

Montessori geography 3-part cards: Continents

In addition, we have Montessori continents 3-part cards in Chinese, Korean, and English!

Learn more about how we use the Montessori Continents 3-part cards (Chinese, Korean, English) in this link!

Montessori Animals and Continents 3-Part Cards (English, Chinese, Korean)

Montessori animals of the world 3-part cards

One of my son’s favorite activities is the Montessori Animals and Continents 3-Part Cards – click here for details!

Geography Map Atlas Books in Chinese and English

World map books

Here’s my review of 6 World Map Atlas Books in Chinese and English for Elementary and Preschool!

Favorite World Globes for Kids of All Ages!

World globes

See our detailed review of world globes for kids of all ages here!

Felt Map of the World with Montessori Colors
Felt world Montessori map (similar here); realistic toy animals (similar here)

Montessori geography felt world map

My kids are obsessed with our large Montessori Felt World Map!

Read my detailed review about our Montessori felt world map here and how my children use this map for learning and playing!

Or click here to buy if you know this is the right map for you!

Globe and map puzzles for children

Melissa & Dough USA Puzzle; Oeuf NYC Mini Library Bookcase

Melissa and Doug Map of the USA (Click here to buy)

This is not Montessori at all, but when my daughter was a toddler, she loved this 51-piece floor puzzle! The large pieces encourage gross motor movement while completing the puzzle.

Ravensburger puzzle globe for kids and adults; fun decoration

Globe puzzles

My daughter had such a blast putting together this 540-piece 3D puzzle globe! The puzzle is actually much easier than it looks because the pieces are labeled with numbers. Ravensburger also has a version with less pieces.

Where to buy:

Related: Favorite jigsaw puzzles for kids of all ages

Montessori world globe and puzzle map for children in the primary years (preschool, Kindergarten)

Traditional Montessori geography puzzles for children

Below are links to Montessori puzzle maps that Montessori homeschoolers recommend if they fit your budget and space:

  1. Montessori Puzzle Map of the USA with controls
  2. Montessori Small Puzzle Maps (7 continents + 1 world map)*
  3. Montessori Large Puzzle Maps (7 continents + 1 world map)

*Note that this set of Montessori Puzzle World and Continent Maps in the second link above is much smaller than the traditional large classroom material.

In my humble opinion, I think these Montessori geography puzzles lovely but not necessary for most families.

What are your favorite Montessori geography resources for children?

Please let me know in the comments or message me!  We would love to check it out, and I’ll update this post as we gather more resources over time.

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Happy playful learning, friends!


  1. Hi Betty,
    Really impressed that a lot of mothers are talented and passionate about education. For me, i feel Montessori Geography let the child feel better and have a better imagination of the world. I think it is interesting to have a role play, passport, airplane, to the country, introduce about the country etc etc.

  2. Would love this for my little one as I find it will be a very helpful resource for teaching my little one.

  3. I feel Montessori Geography will be able to let my girl have a better imagination of the world.

    And, I think by introducing Montessori Geography earlier, this would be able to give my girls the knowledge about different places on earth and how they relate with each other.

  4. Hi Betty, thank you for sharing this wonderful resource. I love that it comes with different traditional Chinese and English. To teach my child, we will go through 3-part flashcards and songs related seven continents and 5 oceans.

  5. Thanks for sharing the resources. With my family lives across the world in different continent, I like my LO be aware where our relatives are and how each location has their distinguishing qualities.

  6. Thank you for sharing the ideas! Love them! Hopr to win the big felt map for my two kiddos and their cousins to play and learn together:) Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  7. Wow! I’m really excited about the resources you shared and also the giveaway. We don’t do much (if any) Geography at home so this will be a great start for us. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Since I love traveling and learning about all the different cultures, I feel like it’s important to teach my children about our wonderful world and all the different people and nations in it. Of course, travelling would be one way of teaching them, but I guess the map (which is such a massive size!!) will do it for now.

    1. Hi Betty,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to write this blogpost. It’s a wonderful summary of resources covering the topic on Geography and our world.

      Your explanation on the Montessori way of teaching land and water forms first, brings an insight to me on how to teach my child.

      Hoping to win the awesome map. We can combine the activity with the animals and landmarks of the world.

      Thank you for the montessori map giveaway. Wishing you and your family well.

      Best Regards,

  9. Looks like the perfect way to introduce the world (in multiple languages) to my LO, especially since all our family lives across the ocean.

    1. Thank you for sharing all these resources. They seem wonderful for teaching kids about the world and the many cultures cross the world. Would be great to win the sweepstakes (:

  10. Wow interesting page with resources for good learning opportunities for young children! Hope to see more

  11. Thanks for sharing the resources and free printable. The felt map looks like such a great way to start on teaching this topic. It’s a huge invitation to play.

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