Human Body Books for Kids in Chinese, English, and Korean

Anatomy books for children in English, Chinese, and Korean

Since children are naturally curious about their body, it’s no wonder that they are fascinated by human body books!

Anatomy and health science are among my favorite topics to discuss with children.  In this post, I will share our favorite Chinese books and also some great Korean and Chinese that are great for introducing human anatomy to kids!

Our Montessori inspired homeschool: human anatomy learning area. From right to left: 3B Scientific Mini-Torso model; heart model from my husband's work; dental model; DIY mouth puzzle; 影响孩子一生的健康书 ; 佐古百美 Books
Our Montessori inspired homeschool: human anatomy learning area. From right to left: 3B Scientific Mini-Torso model (similar here); heart model from my husband’s work (similar here and here); dental model; DIY mouth puzzle; 影响孩子一生的健康书 ; 佐古百美 Books

More Chinese children’s books about the human body

Human body books: benefits for children

In our home library, we have a few books on each subject for reference.  When my children are curious about a particular topic, I can grab one of our books, read to learn answers, and use the illustrations for further discussion.

Human anatomy books are particularly useful because our children are constantly wondering about their bodies.

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They want to know where their food goes and why they feel full.  Inner organs, muscles, and bones – they are all a fascinating mystery!

Human body books in 3 languages

Since my children speak 3 languages, we have a collection of human anatomy books in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Although I was previously practicing pediatrics, medical vocabulary in Chinese is very new to me as English is my native language.  Our nanny also speaks Korean, although only conversationally.  Therefore, if we need to look up a the name of a body part, we can refer to our human anatomy books!

Otherwise, my daughter has been exploring the Chinese human body books in more depth with her Chinese tutor.

Chinese & Korean human body books on wall mounted shelves
Chinese & Korean human body books on 36″ white floating shelves (similar here); rope basket and playmat here; blocks/top 10 toys here; Preschool Devotions book; Jesus Storybook Bible

Challenges in shopping for human body books

When I was first browsing online bookstores for this topic a few years ago, I wasn’t sure which book was the best.  Buying books that aren’t your native tongue is often challenging!

My biggest frustration with popular children’s science books is that concepts from outward appearance to microscopic bacteria are unnecessarily cartoonified.

When my daughter asks about viruses and what they look like, most children’s books will show colorful caricatures with angry faces.  In reality, pathogens have no faces or emotions.  Furthermore, some bacteria are a necessary part of healthy skin and gut flora.

The problem that many publishers fail to recognize is that realistic details are interesting to children.

Children can have fun looking at photographs of the heart and brain; they don’t need “dumbed down” illustrations that are visually misleading!

Human Anatomy Books for Children in Chinese, English, and Korean

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Human body books in English, Chinese, and Korean

Each of the books listed are hardcover editions.  ISBN information is included so that you can find the books online or at your local library.

Anatomy: A Cutaway Look Inside the Human Body by Jean-Claude Druvert

This book gives an overview about human anatomy through gorgeous, detailed illustrations and background about each organ system.

Anatomy: A Cutaway Look Inside the Human Body (Hardcover) by Jean-Claude Druvert

The laser cut organ systems have amazing details that you can see and feel!

To see each organ more clearly, I suggest placing a black sheet of paper behind each page when you want to focus on a particular system.

Anatomy: A Cutaway Look Inside the Human Body (Hardcover) by Jean-Claude Druvert

As shown in the image above, the beautiful illustrations are accompanied by 1 page of information.

Where to buy:

  • English: ISBN 9780500651360

Chinese human body book: 3D 立体书人体的奥秘科学

This is by far our family’s favorite human anatomy book that is full of realistic, medical details.

If you’re able to read Chinese fluently or have a dictionary reading pen, this book is useful for children of all ages. Our Chinese teacher from Beijing felt that she was learning a lot of new vocabulary herself while reading this with my daughter!

Chinese Human Anatomy Book - 3D Pop-Up

The realistic 3 dimensional images help explain how the human body functions.  Each flap and envelope contains extra information and images to explore.

For example, one of the flaps contains images of the eyes and how is changes over time (eg, wrinkles and droppping).

Human Anatomy 3D Pop Up Book Simplified Chinese

Here’s a closer look at how our realistic heart models was used in conjunction with the book.

Having something to hold makes such a big difference in explaining science to children!

The life-size heart model below is from my husband’s work; similar ones can be found here and here.

The mini model is part of our 3B Scientific Mini-Torso model (similar on Amazon here).

3 Dimensional Chinese Anatomy Book and realistic heart models
Chinese Anatomy Book and heart models

Where to buy 3D 立体书人体的奥秘科学:

Chinese human body book: 医院 (儿童版)(精)/我的科学启蒙书

This is a wonderful human body book that reads like a story with relevant facts about the body.  Originally written in German, the Chinese version is translated well according to our Chinese teacher.

This book helps kids reflect on their own doctor’s appointments and experience with health check-ups!

For example, they show a skin prick test, which my son has experienced several times due to his severe several food allergies. It was helpful for him to see another child with a similar situation.

Human body book translated from English to Chinese: 医院 (儿童版)(精)/我的科学启蒙书

Where to buy:

  • Simplified Chinese: ISBN 9787530475713

Chinese human body book: 乐乐趣身边得科学系列 – 我们的身体

This is a very popular 3D interactive Chinese book for children.

Both of my kids were instantly attracted to it, especially the baby floating in liquid, representing amniotic fluid in a pregnant uterus!!!

Over the past couple of years, my children have enjoyed all of the 3D books by this publisher!  There is so much to see, touch, and move!

The downside is the inaccuracy of some organs.

For example, the image of the digestive tract shows a food bolus traveling straight down through the intestines instead of traveling through the path.

Chinese 3D Human Anatomy book: 乐乐趣身边得科学系列 - 我们的身体

The vessels of the circulatory system are drawn somewhat randomly as well.

Still, I would recommend this book as it is probably the one that my children are drawn to most!

For reference, I compare images with more accurate illustrations from our other books so they understand that some books try to simplify concepts.

Where to buy:

  • Simplified Chinese: ISBN 9787541745546
    • Taobao (part of 3D book set)

Usborne Lift-the-flap Human Body Book 身体小百科(看里面问答版)

Like most Usborne books, the illustrations are adorable!

In addition, the book is fun and interactive with question and answer flaps.  On the front of each interactive flap is a question while the underside contains the answer.

For example, “Can I pick my nose if nobody is watching?” with a respectful answer “Yes, but you shouldn’t, and here’s why…”.

My 5.5-year-old daughter really enjoys it and can read it mostly independently.

Since the information is pretty basic, children under age 7 years would likely find it most interesting.

However, older children who are just starting to learn Chinese may also enjoy learning common Chinese vocabulary from this book!

Usborne Lift-the-flap Human Body Book 身体小百科(看里面问答版)

Where to buy:

  • Simplified Chinese: ISBN 9787545035599
  • English: ISBN 9781409562108

Usborne Look Inside Your Body 어스본요리조리 열어 보는 우리 몸

This book was originally written in English and has been translated to numerous languages, and we have the Korean version.

The style is somewhat similar to the book in number 5 with the flaps of information, and the book superficially covers each body part.

The difference is that this book does not have the cute question-and-answer format as the previous book, but it covers a little more information about the inner organs.

 어스본요리조리 열어 보는 우리 몸 Usborne Human Anatomy Book in Korean

Where to buy:

Chinese Human Body Board Book: 百变思维魔法窗 – 我的身体

This cute and interactive board book teaches basic vocabulary and simple questions in Chinese.

I recommend this for parents of young children who are beginning to learn Chinese, because the book teaches names of the basic body parts.

The board book is durable enough for little babies, and the sliding window is a fun way to encourage learning new Chinese words!  Most words have Pinyin, which is helpful for non-fluent parents like me.

Chinese Human Body Board Book: 百变思维魔法窗 - 我的身体

Where to buy:

Human body books that are NOT recommended

Since many better options exist, I strongly discourage the following books even if they might have good online reviews.

Whenever we buy or borrow a book, we should ask “What value does this add for my child?  Is this worth our time and money?”

All of the previously mentioned books are far superior to these books because they are not only fun and interactive but also educational.

Little Explorer Human Body Book

Little Explorers: My Amazing Body is one of my least favorite children’s books. Compared to the aforementioned books, you can see that these illustrations are overly colorful and provide little context.

Little Explorer Human Body Book in Korean: The worst human anatomy book for children - useless, confusing cartoon illustrations!
The worst human anatomy book for children – useless, confusing cartoon illustrations! Don’t get this book!

National Geographic 奇妙人体 Human Body Book

Another book that I regret getting is the National Geographic Human Body Book. The inside provides little information visually, and I’m not sure if I should recycle the book…

Out-of-print anatomy book: Skeletons (Korean)

This out of print Korean book about skeletons is one part of an incredible 80 book set from The Picture Book of Nature and Science.  My children love every single book in this series, and the skeleton book is no exception!

Human Anatomy Korean book skeletons: The Picture Book of Nature and Science

I apologize for sharing a book that cannot be purchased!  However, I am praying that an author, illustrator, or publisher might see this article.

Hopefully, this will inspire someone to create more beautiful, realistic, captivating, and educational resources for our children’s generation.

Take away points

Although we have several human body books, most people will not need so many basic ones.  Just a few would be helpful to keep at home for convenient reference.

However, be picky about the illustrations! We first learn with our eyes!

Human Body Books for Kids in Chinese, English, and Korean

Which human body book is your favorite?

I’d love to know whether you have any of these books already, and what you think of them!

Please leave a comment so that we can all check out your suggestions! 🙂

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Happy reading, friends!

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