Best Books to Prepare for New Baby Sibling (Chinese and English)

Kids Books About Preparing for New Baby Sibling in Chinese & English

As a pediatrician, many parents ask me to share the best picture books to prepare for a new baby sibling. Years ago when I was pregnant with my son, my daughter asked so many questions about my growing belly. To help her understand and get ready, we read several English and Chinese picture books about pregnancy and becoming a big sister or brother. As a bilingual family, we read books in both languages so we could learn new words about pregnancy, babies, and sibling life. I’m excited to share our favorite children’s books in English and Chinese with you!

Human Body Learning Lab Book - best anatomy activities book for kids
My new anatomy book, Human Body Learning Lab, is filled with science facts, cool projects, health tips, and diverse images! The last chapter gives a kid-friendly overview of the reproductive system and pregnancy.

Criteria for pregnancy and new sibling books for children

If your family is growing or you’re looking for a gift for a friend, I hope these Montessori-friendly children’s books can help! During my research for the best pregnancy and new baby sibling books in Chinese and English, I had the following criteria in mind:

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Children’s Books About Pregnancy and New Baby Sibling in English

Nine Months picture book about pregnancy

Nine Months beautiful realistic Montessori-friendly picture book about the journey of a embryo and fetus before birth
Nine Months

Chinese-American author Jason Chin is known for his science-based books with diverse characters, and Nine Months is one of his many amazing books! Check out those amazingly detailed illustrations with true-to-life-sized embryo/fetus pictures! Nine Months is a fantastic option for older kids and younger kids alike.

  • Where to buy
    • English ISBN: 9780823441617

I wasn’t able to find this book in Chinese, but several other Jason Chin books are available in simplified Chinese here and here.

Waiting for Baby board book about pregnancy

Waiting for Baby and My New Baby - two great board books about pregnancy and new baby sibling
Waiting for Baby (top); My New Baby (bottom)

Rachel Fuller’s book is a simple and sweet summary of pregnancy, preparation, and visits to the doctor! I read this a million times with my daughter as she was especially fascinated by the ultrasound and blood pressure evaluation pictures.

  • Where to buy
    • English ISBN: 9781846432767
    • Spanish ISBN: 9781786281517

My New Baby board book about sibling

Inside Waiting for Baby (top) and My New Baby (bottom) - cute board books about pregnant mom and child wondering about newborn sibling
Waiting for Baby (top); My New Baby (bottom)

This board book is a great follow-up to Waiting for Baby! In this book, a toddler makes observations and asks common questions about the new baby sibling.

  • Where to buy
    • English ISBN: 9781846432750
    • Spanish ISBN: 9781786281500

You Were the First book

You Were the First - picture book about being the first child in a mixed-race family
You Were the First

Often times, big brothers and sisters need a reminder that they are so loved, even when a new baby sibling comes along. Author Patricia MacLachlan writes this reassuring book for older siblings. Illustrator Stephanie Graegin has featured a beautiful mixed-race family (Caucasian father, Asian-passing mother), which is rare to find in current picture books.

  • Where to buy
    • English ISBN: 9780316185332

Human Body Learning Lab children’s anatomy book

To help children understand that their private parts are a normal and healthy part of their body, I included a reproductive system chapter in my Human Body Learning Lab book! In this non-fiction book, kid-friendly words are used to explain pregnancy. Beautiful, diverse illustrations show how an embryo becomes a fetus and eventually a live baby! Check out the reviews to see how toddlers to teens are enjoying the book. This anatomy book is an excellent resource for all ages.

Where to buy

It’s Not the Stork: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends:

This book came highly recommended by my pediatrician friends. It details the physical process of conception, pregnancy, and delivery. This non-fiction book can help children understand how their new baby sibling came to be.

Some families feel comfortable discussing this topic at different times during childhood. Be sure to read the various reviews on Amazon to help with your family’s decision!

  • Where to buy
    • English ISBN: 9780763633318

Children’s Books About Pregnancy and New Baby Sibling in Chinese

Some of these pregnancy and new sibling books have Mandarin narration on Ximalaya FM or are compatible with Luka Chinese Reading Robot. For older kids and parents learning Chinese, the Youdao Dictionary Reading Pen can help with reading new words.

妈妈成为妈妈的那一天 / 媽媽成為媽媽的那一天 and 爸爸成为爸爸的那一天 / 爸爸成為爸爸的那一天

Chinese picture books about new baby being born 妈妈成为妈妈的那一天 / 媽媽成為媽媽的那一天 and 爸爸成为爸爸的那一天 / 爸爸成為爸爸的那一天
Left: 妈妈成为妈妈的那一天; Right: 爸爸成为爸爸的那一天

Originally published in Japanese, these engaging stories and whimsical illustrations reveal the journey of pregnancy. In the mom book, the birth occurs in the hospital. On the other hand, in the dad book, the birth occurs in grandma’s house with all of the older siblings around.

  • Where to buy 妈妈成为妈妈的那一天 / 媽媽成為媽媽的一天
    • Simplified Chinese ISBN: 9787532493517
      • (China, ships internationally)
媽媽成為媽媽的一天 and 爸爸成為媽媽的一天 Chinese picture books about pregnancy and new baby
  • Where to buy 爸爸成为爸爸的那一天 / 爸爸成為爸爸那的一天
    • Simplified Chinese ISBN: 9787532493616
      • (China, ships internationally)
  • Audio narration (Mandarin)
    • Luka Reading Robot

我会有个弟弟吗? Will It Be a Baby Brother?

我会有个弟弟吗? Will It Be a Baby Brother? Picture book about new baby brother

This is a cute book about a little boy who’s excited about preparing for his new baby sibling. Throughout the story, he really hopes he’ll have a little brother. He even chooses the name “James” for the new baby. Turns out, his mother gives birth to a sister, and he still loves and bonds with her.

  • Where to buy
  • Audio narration (Mandarin)
    • Luka Reading Robot


米可要當哥哥了 Mike and the new baby sibling picture book for kids

Originally written in Dutch and published in the Netherlands, 米可要當哥哥了 is an adorable story about a mixed-race family preparing for their new baby. Breastfeeding is included as shown in the image above. This book is part of the 米可 Series about Growing Up, Potty Training, and Going to School (reviewed here).

  • Where to buy


我的弟弟出生了 My little brother is born - Chinese children's book about how babies are born, pregnancy, new baby sibling

Originally published in Korean, this book features a little girl who wonders how her mother became pregnant as the family prepares for the new baby.

From nurturing standpoint, the father helps out with home responsibilities before and after the baby is born.

As for the more objective information, the baby’s growth in the uterus, as well as a picture of the parents lying together, embraced and unclothed, with a drawing of sperm and egg, are shown. In addition, a glimpse of the delivery room is shown with the baby’s head emerging, but details are not visible.

  • Where to buy
    • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787564070441
  • Audio narration (Mandarin):
    • Luka Reading Robot

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Realistic and relatable books about pregnancy and new baby sibling - Montessori friendly and diverse

What are your favorite Chinese and English books about pregnancy and preparing for a new baby sibling?

If you end up reading these pregnancy and new baby sibling books, I’d love to hear your thoughts! And do you have other related books to recommend? Please leave a note in the comments below.

Happy reading, friends!


  1. Christine says:

    Thank you for the reviews! The details included are very helpful for deciding what to use in the family and how to approach the books!

    P.S. the traditional title for the first book showed up as “爸爸成為媽媽的一天.” A copy and paste error, I suppose. 😉

    1. Hi Christine! Hope you have been well and able to find some books for your family! Thanks for the heads up – I have fixed the typo!

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