Jesus is King Crown Craft Printable in English, Chinese, Korean

Since we’re raising trilingual children, we want our kids to learn about Jesus in English, Chinese, and Korean. It’s a lofty aspiration, but we try to focus on celebrating Jesus through daily prayer and simple activities. This printable Jesus is King crown craft is one of my family’s favorites.

I’m happy to share the template with your children and students! I hope you can enjoy this Bible-inspired craft at home or Sunday School, Easter, or Christmas.

Jesus Is King: Crown Craft & Free Coloring Pages in English, Chinese, Korean

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Important Christian vocabulary in Chinese, English, Korean

Hands-on activities are a fun way to help my family memorize important Chinese characters, such as 耶稣 / 耶穌 (Yēsū), and Korean translations, too. Here are other important words that we learned from this craft.

  • Jesus
    • 耶稣 / 耶穌 (Yēsū)
    • 예수
  • King:
    • 王 (Wáng)
  • Crown:
    • 王冠 (Wángguàn)
    • 왕관
  • Church:
    • 教堂 (Jiàotáng)
    • 교회 
  • Christmas
    • 圣诞节 / 聖誕節 (Shèngdàn jié)
    • 크리스마스
  • Easter
    • 复活节 / 復活節 (Fùhuó jié)
    • 부활절
Jesus is King: Crown Craft supplies

What you need for the Jesus Crown Craft

  1. Crown-shaped cut outs.  We used foam crowns that were leftover from a friend’s birthday party.  However, you could upcycle cardboard, the most environmentally-friend option, or buy these colorful paper crowns or these gold paper crowns if you need larger quantities for church or parties.
  2. Pearl or rhinestone stickers or mini star stickers (for tracing the words +/- extra decorations)
  3. Sharpie marker
  4. +/- Glitter Glue
Jesus is King: Crown Craft decorating with glitter glue and pearl stickers

Ideas for the Jesus crown craft:

  1. Write word on crown eg, Jesus, 耶稣
  2. Trace each word by affixing pearl or rhinestone stickers
  3. Decorate as desired!

Here are some photos of how my daughter’s Jesus crown crafts turned out!

Jesus Crown Craft and Coloring Pages in Chinese

My daughter loves decorating with little beads and glitter glue!

Jesus is King: Crown Craft decorating with glitter glue and pearl stickers

Jesus is King – Crown Coloring Pages

If you child enjoys coloring, I made related coloring sheets inspired by our handmade crown crafts!

What you need:

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  1. Coloring pages: Please click on the link below for your preferred language. If they are too large, you can print multiple pages per sheet.
    1. Simplified Chinese
    2. Traditional Chinese
    3. English
    4. Korean
  2. Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
  3. +/- Scissors

Update 12/16/18:

I have updated the printable coloring pages to KaiTi font, so what you see will be slightly different than what is shown in the photos.  I am gradually updating all printables to KaiTi font so that the start and end of the brush strokes will be more obvious.  This will be helpful for setting the foundation for future writing skills!

Jesus is King: Crown Coloring pages in English, Chinese, and Korean

My daughter wanted to cut out each crown.  This is great cutting practice for little hands!

Jesus is King: Crown Coloring pages in English, Chinese, and Korean

The below photo is a collage of the crown coloring pages.  My toddler was so excited to participate!  Can you guess which crown was his? 🙂

Jesus is King: Crown Coloring pages in English, Chinese, and Korean

Did your family try the Jesus King Crown craft and coloring pages?

If your family enjoys the Jesus is King Crown Craft and Coloring Pages, let us know in the comments!

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  1. I am so excited that I found your site! I have been reading through it all day. I am teaching about missionaries at our homeschool co-op and have been focusing on China for the first few weeks. I wanted to end with some fun hands-on activities where students could experience the language. We will be doing the “King Jesus” craft, watching the “Love Is” video from Stream of Praise, and looking through some Bible verses. Thank you for such great information. I will be back when we talk about Korea! My family had the pleasure of hosting a Chinese student when he was attending university (20 years ago) and we are still friends today. Having the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture, getting to meet people, and visit their church has been a highlight of my life. Thank you for sharing your special journey. I am a couple more generations removed from my heritage, but I have the desire to learn all I can about the people and cultures we came from. We are currently studying Latin and German. My son especially wants to learn every language he can. May the LORD bless your work and your family!

    1. Hi Kat! Thank you for taking the time to share about your family and homeschool co-op. So thrilled that you could enjoy the King Jesus craft and worship music 🙂 God is great!

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