Start Here: Best Mandarin Chinese Songs for Kids and Toddlers

100 Best Chinese songs for kids

Music is one of the best ways to teach kids a second language like Chinese! It’s fun, affordable, and accessible. Chinese songs expose kids to rich language: words, phrases, and rhythm. When children listen to their favorite songs on replay, they learn common Chinese words while making happy memories.

I’m excited to share our favorite, non-screechy Mandarin music albums so your kids can learn Chinese from great songs.

If you have tweens or teens, check out our favorite Chinese Mandopop Music: Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop Songs!



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Teach kids to love Chinese with music

When my daughter was 2, I decided to learn Chinese with her.  Initially, she was resistant to new Mandarin words and would demand, “No more Chinese, Mommy!” Thankfully, Chinese music won her heart as well as her brother’s. Years later, Chinese songs continue to encourage my kids to speak the minority language. Now they’re often singing and dancing, putting on grand concerts in our home.

Getting started with Chinese children’s songs

Take it day by day. Learn one Chinese children’s song at a time. As your confidence grows, expand your playlist and explore more Chinese songs and albums in this list.

If your child has a strong preference for English, try listening to Chinese translations of popular English songs, such as 小星星 (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) and 生日快乐 (Happy Birthday).

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Chinese Lyrics Star Sticker Activity
Chinese Twinkle Twinkle Little Star activity

Familiar tunes can bridge the daunting transition of learning Mandarin Chinese.

Over time, our family grew to love popular Chinese songs for kids.

我有一雙小小手 (Wǒ yǒu yī shuāng xiǎo xiǎo shǒu / I Have a Pair of Hands) and 一分钱 (Yī fēn qián / One Penny) was often on replay when they were toddlers.

Benefits of learning Chinese language with music

After initial resistance, my children now enjoy Chinese songs. Some of the amazing benefits include:

  • Being playful and creative: They grab markers as imaginary microphones and start belting out Chinese tunes together! And their silly dance moves crack are so hilarious!
  • Bonding as a family: I sing the same Mandarin Chinese songs at bedtime every night. This has been a special part of our daily routine.
  • Boosting other language skills: Music has motivated my daughter to learn how to write by copying song lyrics.

I hope your family can discover new favorite Chinese songs and learn lyrics together!

Common Chinese parenting phrases about music

For parents who are learning Chinese with their kids like me, here are common phrases we use in the context of music. Translations are in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Hanyu Pinyin:

  • 儿歌 / 兒歌 (Érgē / Children’s songs)
  • 唱歌 (Chànggē / Sing songs)
  • 歌曲 (Gēqǔ / Song)
  • 音乐 / 音樂 (Yīnyuè / Music)
  • 让我们一起唱歌 / 讓我們一起唱歌 (Ràng wǒmen yīqǐ chànggē / Let’s sing together)
  • 让我们再唱吧 / 讓我們再唱吧! (Ràng wǒmen zài chàng ba! / Let’s sing it again!)
  • 我喜欢这首歌 / 我喜歡這首歌 . (Wǒ xǐhuān zhèshǒu gē / I like this song。)
  • 你最喜欢的歌是什么?/ 你最喜歡的歌是什麼? (Nǐ zuì xǐhuān de gē shì shénme? / What’s your favorite song?)

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Best Chinese songs and nursery rhymes for kids

This list of the best Chinese songs should keep you covered for your kid’s childhood!


Mandarhymes Chinese music and song lyrics for kids

I have to start off by recommending the amazing MandaRhymes website with free Chinese music for kids. The lyrics are highlighted as they are sung. Traditional Chinese characters are accompanied by Pinyin to help with pronunciation.

A Little Mandarin

iTunes| Spotify | Amazon | Printable Lyrics

A Little Mandarin was produced by a Chinese-American mom of trilingual children! Years ago, this was the very first Chinese music album that I purchased for my family. The vocals are clear and pleasant! This continues to one of my top recommendations for families learning Chinese.

A Little Mandarin - classic Chinese children's music
  1. Make A Phone Call – 打电话
  2. Two Tigers – 两只老虎
  3. Little Duckling – 小鸭子
  4. Sitting In A Row – 排排坐
  5. [Twinkle Twinkle] Little Star – 小星星
  6. Scale Song – 音阶歌
  7. Going To School Song – 上学歌
  8. Find A Friend – 找朋友
  9. I Have A Pair Of Little Hands – 我有一双小小手
  10. Rowing The Boat – 划船
  11. Pulling The Radish – 拔萝卜
  12. Doll And Little Bear Dancing – 洋娃娃和小熊跳舞
  13. One Penny – 一分钱
  14. Rock-A-Bye – 摇啊摇
  15. Happy Birthday – 生日快乐
  16. Happy New Year – 新年好

Shanghai Restoration Project – Little Dragon Tales: Chinese Children’s Songs

iTunes| Spotify | Amazon | Printable Lyrics

Little Dragon Tales is a collection of 12 classic Chinese Children’s songs with a modern twist featuring the voices of the Yip’s Canada Children’s Choir.

Shanghai restoration project - Little Dragon Tales - modern Chinese children's songs
  1. Making Friends (Zhao Peng You)
  2. Where Is Spring? (Chun Tian Zai Na Li?)
  3. Clay Doll (Ni Wa Wa)
  4. Two Tigers (Liang Zhi Lao Hu)
  5. Congratulations (Gong Xi Gong Xi)
  6. Sticky Dumplings for Sale (Mai Tang Yuan)
  7. Selling Newspapers (Mai Bao Ge)
  8. Finding Flowers in the Snow (Ta Xue Xun Mei)
  9. The Schoolboy (Du Shu Lang)
  10. Feng Yang Flower Drum (Feng Yang Hua Gu)
  11. Little Swallow (Xiao Yan Zi)
  12. Little White Boat (Xiao Bai Chuan)
  13. Dreaming of Home and Mother

Kids Learn Mandarin – I Can Sing in Mandarin!

Spotify | Amazon | Printable Lyrics

I Can Sing in Mandarin! is a collection of Chinese songs about regular, everyday life. Since each song focuses on one topic with lots of repetition, this is a fantastic album for broadening basic Chinese vocabulary.

I Can Sing in Mandarin! Music for young learners
  1. I Can Count In Mandarin
  2. Colors Outside My Window
  3. Little Animals
  4. One Red Apple
  5. My Family
  6. Head, Shoulders, Tummy, Hands
  7. Let’s Get Dressed for School
  8. Boats, Cars, & Planes
  9. Let’s Play!
  10. I have a Little House
  11. My Favorite Food
  12. Smile to the Sun

Kim Hsieh Chinese songs for kids 謝欣芷 幸福的孩子愛唱歌

iTunes | Spotify | YouTube

Kim Hsieh’s music is always a big hit with my children! The lyrics are so sweet and beautifully capture the special love between parents and children. While the vocabulary is more complex, the gorgeous melodies can help everyone remember new Chinese words. This is just one of her many amazing albums for kids.

幸福的孩子愛唱歌 Kim Hsieh Chinese music for children

Disc 1: 1. 哈囉歌, 第一幕, 2. 五官, 3. 第二幕, 4. 禮貌歌, 5. 第三幕, 6, 幸福的孩子愛唱歌, 7, 第四幕, 8, 手指運動, 9. 第五幕, 10. 第五幕, 11. 親愛的, 謝謝妳, 12. 第六幕, 13. 水果歌, 14. 第七幕, 15. 音樂魔法, 16. 第八幕, 17. 數星星, 18. 第九幕, 19. 寶貝乖乖睡

Disc 2: 1. 哈囉歌, 2. 五官, 3. 禮貌歌, 4. 幸福的孩子愛唱歌, 5. 手指運動, 6. 親愛的,謝謝妳, 7. 水果歌, 8. 音樂魔法, 9. 數星星, 10. 數星星(bonus 童音版), 11. 寶貝乖乖睡, 12. 五官(伴唱版), 13. 禮貌歌(伴唱版), 14. 幸福的孩子愛唱歌(伴唱版), 15. 手指運動(伴唱版), 16. 親愛的,謝謝妳(伴唱版), 17. 水果歌(伴唱版), 18. 音樂魔法(伴唱版), 19. 數星星(伴唱版), 20. 寶貝乖乖睡(伴唱版)

Chinese Christmas songs

China Sprout

If you’re looking for classic Christmas carols in Chinese, the Black Duck album is filled with popular holiday songs. These are great Chinese Christmas songs for kids.

Black Duck album - Chinese Merry Christmas carols for children
  1. Silent Night (Chinese)
  2. Silent Night (English)
  3. Ode to Joy (Chinese)
  4. Oh, Susana (Chinese)
  5. Christmas Day (Chinese)
  6. Jingle Bells (Chinese)
  7. Jingle Bells (English)
  8. Edelweiss (Chinese)
  9. Edelweiss (English)
  10. Do Re Mi (Chinese)
  11. Serenade  (Chinese)
  12. Merry Christmas (Chinese)
  13. Flowers in Bud (Chinese)
  14. Song of Boat (Chinese)
  15. Auld Lang Syne (Chinese)
  16. Song of Cradle (Chinese)
  17. Hand in Hand (Chinese)

Hoop Kids


Hoops Kids Chinese music for children

Hoops Kids has lots of Chinese pop songs for children.

Here are some of their most popular albums.

  • All is Love 爱你爱我 / 愛你愛我
  • Children Playground 儿童乐园 / 兒童樂園
  • My Honey Baby 亲亲我的宝贝 / 親親我的寶貝
  • The Sky Tree 天空树 / 天空樹
  • The Sweet Home 宝贝 我的家 / 寶貝 我的家
  • The Love River 孩子的暖暖河
  • Welcome Happiness! 快乐,快乐一直来 / 快樂,快樂一直來

Best Chinese Disney songs for kids

Mandarin Chinese Disney Songs for Kids

If your kids love Disney, check out these amazing Disney songs in Mandarin Chinese!

I compiled a list of amazing Disney songs and music videos like Encanto, Frozen, Lion King, and more!

Best Chinese music books for kids

To give kids a hands-on experience of listening to Chinese songs whenever they want, check out these amazing Chinese music sound books!

Bao Bao Learns Chinese song books

Mandarin Chinese Nursery Rhymes Sound Book - music for children

Simply press a button to learn popular Mandarin nursery rhymes! The Bao Bao Learns Chinese series features classic Western and Chinese children’s songs. Lyrics are printed in simplified Chinese with Pinyin and English translations.

Baby’s First Chinese Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Chinese Music CD Board Books for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers 儿歌

These Chinese baby board books have adorable pictures and sweet sayings! Each book comes with a music CD with 9 short Chinese songs followed by instrumental tracks of each song.

Read our review of these Chinese baby songbooks, or get your books here!

Chinese worship songs for children

Stream of Praise Music Soundbooks - Chinese Christian music for kids

If you’re looking for Chinese worship songs and hymns, these are wonderful for children! Please refer to our review of the various Stream of Praise Chinese Christian songs and printable lyrics!

I’ve also reviewed the Stream of Praise Chinese music sound books here.

Chinese children’s songs with printable lyrics

To help you learn Chinese songs with your children, I’ve typed up popular songs in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Pinyin. Some of these Chinese songs have easy activities and crafts for parents and teachers looking for hands-on ideas.

What are your children’s favorite Chinese songs?

Best 100 Chinese songs for kids

I’d love to know what Chinese songs your kids are enjoying! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

More fun ways to learn Mandarin Chinese


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