Chinese New Year: 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 Pig Song Lyrics and Pig Activities

Chinese New Year: 小猪 pig song and puzzle craft for kids

Happy Year of the Pig!!!  According to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, 2019 is 猪年 (zhū nián / year of the pig).  In this post, you can find printable 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 pig song lyrics as well as recommended pig crafts for kids!

Last weekend, my family went to a local Chinese New Year celebration with a lion dance, Chinese singing, and cultural food.  My 5-year-old daughter and other Chinese children sang songs in Mandarin Chinese, including 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 (Xiǎo zhū xiǎo zhū féi dū dū / Little Chubby Pig).  Both of my children are also enjoying pig-related activities!

Chinese New Year: 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 pig song

You can listen to this children’s Mandarin Chinese song for free on:

Since we try to limit screen time for our children, we just turn the phone face-down while listening to the music (my kids are used to mommy doing this).

Removing animation allows them to focus on listening to the music and Chinese words and memorizing the song lyrics!

Little Chubby Pig 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 Lyrics in Chinese – Free printable

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Click here to download the cute Chinese song 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 lyrics!  The printable pdf file include:

  1. Lyrics in simplified Chinese with Pinyin
  2. Lyrics in simplified Chinese
  3. Lyrics in traditional Chinese with Pinyin
  4. Lyrics in traditional Chinese

I used large font for the Chinese characters so that it’s easier for both children and adults to read.

Since my daughter reads simplified Chinese well, I printed out traditional Chinese versions of familiar text for her to teach herself.  Here is a close-up of the traditional Chinese lyrics.

Chinese New Year: 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 Song Lyrics

Chinese New Year Pig Song: Minimizing Hanyu Pinyin Distractions

For the 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 versions with Hanyu Pinyin, I used light grey font so that it doesn’t distract from the Chinese characters.

I also put the Pinyin below Chinese characters so that your eyes look at the characters first (assuming that people read from top to bottom).

When Pinyin is present, I have a hard time focusing on the Chinese characters.

Here is the simplified Chinese with Pinyin version that I printed for myself.  My hope is that this design can help Pinyin-dependent learners like myself read Chinese characters better!

Chinese New Year: 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 Song Lyrics

Chinese New Year Pig Song: Importance of handwriting lyrics

My daughter’s Chinese teacher actually handwrote the lyrics for her, and I had to take a photo because her handwriting is so neat!

If you can write Chinese and have some time to spare, I recommend writing the lyrics for your kids.

Handwriting allows kids to see how each character is formed.

In addition, exposure to handwriting allows kids to become familiar with recognizing personal variations in Chinese characters.

Chinese New Year: 小猪小猪肥嘟嘟 Song Lyrics

Pig crafts for Chinese New Year

Check out the following fun websites for pig-related activities that you can do with your children!  These are great to pair with the Chinese pig song!

Chinese New Year Activity: Printable Pig Puzzle from Happy Tot Shelf

My kids had a lot of fun doing the pig puzzle from Happy Tot Shelf!

I presented the puzzle in a Montessori-inspired way as follows:

  • Puzzle contents on a tray (repurposed box lid!)
  • Separated puzzle pieces into a small bowl
  • Control (completed puzzle printed in grayscale) on the tray

When children see an incomplete puzzle, they have motivation to complete it!  In addition, the tray allows children to conveniently carry the puzzle to their desired location (eg, floor) to play.

Chinese New Year: 小猪 pig puzzle craft for kids Happy Tot Shelf

Chinese New Year Activity: Printable Pig Puzzle – our experience

Here is my 2-year son playing with the Chinese New Year Pig puzzle!

Although he needed help from his 5-year-old sister to orient the pieces correctly, he was very motivated to try!  In hindsight, I should have printed the control in color; grayscale was too challenging for his level.

Chinese New Year: 小猪 pig puzzle craft for kids Happy Tot Shelf

Included with this tray is a realistic-appearing toy pig (Schleich animals) so that my son can learn more from this Chinese New Year activity!

More Chinese New Year Resources!

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