15 Chinese New Year YouTube Videos for Kids in English and Mandarin

Chinese New Year YouTube Videos in Mandarin Chinese - Videos about the history of the traditinoal customs and music videos with fun Chinese New Year Songs

To learn more about Lunar New Year, my kids and I are watching Chinese New Year YouTube videos! I’ve put together a list of our favorites which cover Chinese New Year traditions in addition to popular Chinese music videos in English and Mandarin Chinese!

Chinese New Year YouTube Videos

Since I’m raising multilingual children in a non-diverse, American town, videos help show my kids that Chinese people like us exist all over!

The videos in this post intentionally feature real people rather than cartoons. When you can see people speaking or singing, new Chinese words might be easier to remember.

However, if you are screen-free, you can simply turn your phone face-down while playing the music or stream the music to Bluetooth speakers!

Chinese New Year resources for families and schools

This post is part of a series of Chinese New Year learning inspiration for children:

Chinese New Year celebrations are filled with the lucky red color plus family festivities.

The first few videos in this post give an overview about Chinese New Year cultural traditions. The rest are Chinese music videos.

Chinese New Year videos about culture in English

1. How Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year

Yoyo Chinese gives a great overview of popular Chinese traditions with cute infographics in fluent English. A few key Chinese words are introduced in the video.

Audio: English; Subtitles: English

2. The myth behind the Chinese zodiac

This engaging animation reveals the interesting background behind the Chinese zodiac wheel and the 12 animals.

Audio: English; subtitles: English

3. Learn a classic CNY song & read a Lunar New Year story!

If you’re just starting to learn Mandarin Chinese, this is a great bilingual video to watch! She teaches how to sing Gong Xi Gong Xi and reads Max Celebrates Chinese New Year in both English and Chinese so you can understand the translations.


4. China: New Year | Are We There Yet?

National Geographic Kids features 2 kids visiting China for the first time during Lunar New Year.

Audio: English; subtitles: English

Chinese New Year videos about culture in Mandarin

1. Chinese Holidays – New Year’s Day 新年

ChineseClass101.com has YouTube channel with many instructional videos for different levels of learners. Some playlists are for beginners and have a mix of English & Chinese. This video focuses on Chinese New Year traditions and the 新年好 song!

Audio: Mandarin Chinese; Subtitles: Simplified Chinese and English

2. Learn About Chinese New Year with Mama Laoshi | 和媽媽老師一起學過新年的傳統

My kids loveeeee Nancy Chang and her daughter Winter! She and her daughter give a fun and easy-to-follow overview of Lunar New Year traditions!

Audio: Mandarin Chinese; Occasional subtitles: Traditional Chinese

3. Taoshu and Friends | Chinese New Year traditions in Mandarin

Taoshu and Friends is a popular Singaporean cartoon by Peach Blossom Media. The Peach Blossom YouTube Channel has a series of videos about Chinese culture with a mix of animation and real people, including this above video on Chinese New Year traditions

Audio: Mandarin Chinese; Subtitles: none

Related: If you prefer a screen-free option, check out the popular Taoshu Chinese picture books based on these Chinese videos. The books have large, easy-to-read simplified Chinese font!

4. 过年 守候的心意 | CCTV纪录

This is a long documentary about preparing for Chinese New Year reunion, feasts, traditions. Speech is faster-paced than the aformentioned videos.

Audio is in Mandarin Chinese; subtitles are in simplified Chinese.


5. Paper Cutting 剪紙 Spring festival (3D) 立體春

Video tutorial about how to cut symmetrical Chinese characters from paper!

Audio is in Mandarin Chinese; there are no subtitles.

Chinese New Year story time reading

十二生肖 The Chinese Zodiac Mandarin Chinese Storytime Reading for Kids

1. 十二生肖 The Chinese Zodiac

This year, I felt brave and wanted to encourage everyone who’s learning Chinese with their kids by doing a read aloud for 十二生肖 The Chinese Zodiac! This was one of the first books I read with my children in Chinese, and the story is so fun and engaging for anyone who’s learning about the holiday. You can watch the video on Instagram here.

2. 過年啦! (立體操作書) Chinese Story Book Reading

This 3-D Chinese book is an interactive and fun way to learn about the Spring Festival.

Audio is in Mandarin Chinese; there are no subtitles.

Chinese New Year songs and music videos

1.王力宏 Wang Leehom《十二生肖》”12 Zodiacs”官方 Official MV (feat. Jackie Chan)

Wang Leehom is a Taiwanese American singer who created this modern Chinese pop song about the Chinese Zodiac!

Audio: Mandarin Chinese; Subtitles: Traditional Chinese


2. 新年好 Chinese Happy New Year Song

YoYo Chinese is a helpful YouTube channel for Chinese learners, and this video features her singing the famous 新年好 song while playing the piano! This video is especially great for bilingual families who are more fluent in English, because she translates each line of the Chinese song.

Audio: Mandarin Chinese and English; Subtitles: Simplified Chinese

3. 恭喜恭喜

恭喜恭喜 is a popular, traditional Chinese New Year song – one of the first Mandarin Chinese songs that I learned with my children! This video features a young lady singing the Chinese New Year song, starting at the 0:17 second mark! The hand motions can be fun for your kids or even a whole class to learn together!

Audio: Mandarin Chinese; Subtitles: simplified Chinese and Pinyin

However, so far my favorite is this Shanghainese Jazz rendition by Ywenna! This is much more pleasant than most Chinese New Year songs!

Audio: Mandarin Chinese; Subtitles: simplified Chinese

4. Nick钟盛忠 Stella钟晓玉《贺新年》

The Nick and Stella Chung 钟盛忠 YouTube channel features many modern Chinese New Year songs, such as the famous song 贺新年. Please note that the above video contains Buddhist statues which are commonly found throughout Asia.

Audio: Mandarin Chinese; Subtitles: Simplified Chinese

Also, musician Vanessa Ding has a neat acoustic cover of 贺新年 with ukelele and guzheng. Note that there are no vocals in this version and the video ends at 1:35 seconds.

Cantonese Chinese New Year YouTube videos

If you’re looking for Cantonese Chinese New Year Videos, check out:

What is your favorite Chinese New Year video? 

Which Chinese New Year video was most useful for your family or school? What other videos that you recommend? Please share in the comments – we’d love to learn about your experience!

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Happy Lunar New Year, friends!

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