Chinese Christian Songs: Stream of Praise Music Board Book for Kids

Stream of Praise Music Soundbooks - Chinese Christian music for kids

Every since we discovered Stream of Praise 讚美之泉, my family has been listening to their Chinese Christian songs every day! Over a year ago, I bought two Stream of Praise music board books for my children.  They loved being able to listen to their favorite songs independently through these push-and-play books!

Recently, 讚美之泉 Stream of Praise gifted us the 3rd new music board book, so I wanted to update this review with our current opinion!

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Chinese Christian Songs: Stream of Praise Music Board Book for Kids

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Teaching our children about Jesus through music

Music is one of the best gifts from God, and I feel like it’s one of the most naturally motivating ways to learn.

When my 老大 (lǎodà / oldest child) was 2 years old, she became open to learning Mandarin through Chinese children’s songs. Initially, we listened to popular Chinese music rhymes, and learning those lyrics helped us learn common Chinese vocabulary.

Although we mainly study the bible in English, our family’s dominant language, gradually, we have been learning about prayer and bible verses in Chinese, thanks to Stream of Praise 讚美之泉!

Frequently, 老大 loves to do copywork (writing practice) involving 讚美之泉 Stream of Praise lyrics in Chinese!

copywork with Chinese and English workship music
Copying lyrics from Stream of Praise Music Board Book for Kids with Lyra Ferby short tri-grip pencil; Prang groove triangular colored pencils

Stream of Praise 讚美之泉 Children Music Board Book Review


  • Hardcover board books
  • On/off switch
  • Volume up/down switches
  • 6 short songs per book
  • Music in Mandarin Chinese
  • Lyrics in traditional Chinese plus English under the Chinese characters in small font
  • One bible verse per song
  • Dry-erase coloring pages and prayer suggestions at the end of the book

What we love

  • Easy for both of my children to play independently
  • Pleasant music
  • No flashing lights like many other electronic toy products
  • The adjustable volume makes this mom happy!
  • Chinese Christian songs!!! Hallelujah!

As a non-fluent speaker, I can understand most of what they are singing/saying, and my daughter has learned the lyrics of most songs!

The lyrics are mostly clear and the melody is generally in tune!

Stream of Praise Chinese Christian Music for Kids

Areas for improvement

  • I wish they included photos from the music performance videos rather than cartoon illustrations
  • The font is difficult to read.  I wish the font was standard black and not cartoon-like.
  • My kids don’t use the coloring pages, and I think they aren’t necessary. I would worry about the marker getting on the wrong parts of the book, and the point of the book is to enjoy music anyway.

Stream of Praise 讚美之泉 Children Music Board Book Video demonstration

Here is a video overview of the books!

Book 1 Stream of Praise 讚美之泉 Chinese Christian songs

  1. 讚美的孩子最喜樂
  2. 我有喜樂
  3. 保護我的是耶和華
  4. 主祢是我力量
  5. 喜樂 & 自由
  6. 這裡有榮耀
Stream of Praise Chinese Christian Music for Kids

Book 2 Stream of Praise 讚美之泉 Chinese Christian songs

  1. Don’t Worry
  2. 耶穌是我的好朋友
  3. 彩虹
  4. 愛我的天父
  5. 新的一天
  6. 靠主得勝
Stream of Praise Chinese Christian Music for Kids

Book 3 Stream of Praise 讚美之泉 Chinese Christian songs

  1. Twinkle Twinkle
  2. Love Is
  3. River of Joy
  4. I’m Your Little Lamb
  5. With Our Praise Shake The World
  6. Thank You For Choosing Me
Stream of Praise Chinese Christian Music for Kids

Where to Buy 讚美之泉 Stream of Praise Sound Books

More 讚美之泉 Stream of Praise music

We love 讚美之泉 Stream of Praise’s original worship music in Mandarin Chinese!

Stream of Praise also sells DVDs and CDs with a variety of music for children and adults. We also enjoy listening to their music on iTunes!

Watch examples of their music videos and mini bible lessons and download lyrics in the link below!

How have music and lyrics have influenced your child’s learning?

What have you observed with your child’s experience with music? Please leave a comment below! The best part about blogging is learning about your experiences!

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  1. Terence Yu says:

    Oh, music and lyrics have definitely played a major role in our house. The kids would easily memorize through songs and would even sing poems. These songs of praise will definitely be an addition to our lessons.

  2. Music is a play part of our language g learning. My kids and I love singing and dancing together. I’m using songs to also teach them sign language. Right now we don’t understand a ton of the vocab in Stream of Praise but I’m planning to learn more and teach my kids and use signs to help me.

  3. We watched stream of praise and it was the first time my son was actually showing interest in something Chinese related!! So, I suppose it sparks interest. He loves music and dancing. We use a lot of songs in daily life, that aren’t in Chinese and it has increased his daily new vocabulary.

  4. Jea-Hyoun Kim says:

    My 3 year old daughter loves to sing and she’s always learning new songs at her Christian Mandarin preschool. We’ve been reading the Bible together and I try to teach her songs in English that go with the stories. It helps her remember them and she asks many curious questions about them, too.

  5. I always think that when you put anything to a song, we can easily memorize and know by heart the lyrics. My 7 year old is more familiar than I am with the names of the books in the Bible, the US presidents, and a few Bible verses — simply because they were put to a song and made the memorization so much easier. When we fill our hearts with words of truth and goodness, it truly anchors our thinking and shapes our character.

  6. My gf from Taiwan got a chinese musical book for my kids and suddenly they sang Chinese for the first time in their lives! And my sister introduced Streams of Praise kids to my kids and my toddler knows how to hum it now. I’m blown away!

  7. My kids learn Chinese songs mostly from Chinese class. This is such a great resource to learn Chinese Christian songs. This way their vocabularies will improve. Thanks for the post.

  8. Musical books have realy helped my daughter learn to memorize entire songs within a few times of reading through. We also “read” songbooks with musical notes and she enjoys seeing the music notes/sheet music even though she can’t read music yet.

  9. our Chinese nursery songs are my daughter’s favorite songs to listen to right now! she’s always asking for certain songs and she’s starting to learn all the lyrics, even though I’m not sure she knows what they all mean yet 🙂

  10. Thu-Hong Do says:

    My almost 5yo son loves to sing and likes to sing songs in Vietnamese and Mandarin. I would love to add these books, so he can learn Christian praise songs in Mandarin. 😊

  11. Peggy Lin says:

    Music has helped my daughter learn both Mandarin and English. She also learns Taiwanese through music. We sing songs every day. I also teach her how to sing poems. My daughter memorizes Chinese poems faster and longer if we sing the content with melody instead of just reading words.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Peggy! That’s awesome that she’s also learning Taiwanese through music in addition to Mandarin and English! I have noticed that singing helps my children remember new words, too! 🙂

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