Children’s Bibles and Devotions in Chinese, Korean, and English

Children's Bibles and Devotions in Chinese, Korean, and English

I finally got a chance to organize our children’s Bibles and devotions books in Chinese, Korean and English. Since our family hopes more people can learn about Jesus, we feel so blessed to share these resources with you!

Although we’re trying to raise multilingual kids, most of our scripture study has been in English so that we can truly understand the word of God. Also, since my husband doesn’t speak Chinese, family prayer time and serious discussions are in English so that we’re all on the same page.

However, over the years, my children and I have been gradually learning about the Bible in Chinese. In the past, our kids have been able to hear the word of God in Korean from other caregivers. But even in just English, our native language, talking to our kids about Jesus every day has been humbling and rewarding!

Children's Bibles and Devotions in Chinese, Korean, and English

Review of Children’s Bibles and Devotions in Chinese, Korean, and English

Purpose of our review

Did you know that the Bible has been translated into hundreds of languages? Translations are important so that people can read and learn about Jesus, hope, and salvation in their native language.

In contrast to Chinese and Korean, children’s Bibles in English are easy to find. Therefore, my main goal of this sharing our children’s Bibles and devotions is to raise awareness of Christian resources in our heritage languages.

However, the options can be overwhelming. I often end up with more books than we need, because I’m not sure what to get. To help you find the most appropriate children’s Bible in Chinese, Korean, and/or English, I’ll compare the level of detail.

Daughter reading children's bible stories and devotions in Chinese and English

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Limitations of our review

Although I’ve been learning Chinese with my children for 5 years, I’m still not fluent and have a lot of gaps in my vocabulary, including biblical terms. None of our Chinese children’s Bibles have Hanyu Pinyin or Zhuyin (bopomofo).

To help us read and translate unfamiliar Chinese characters, we are using our Youdao Dictionary Pen. My daughter is also using the Youdao Pen to translate English words. Unfortunately, Luka reading robot cannot read our Chinese children’s Bibles or devotion books.

Youdao Dictionary Pen reading Chinese Christian devotions book for kids

As for our Korean Bible stories, these were mostly read by our kids’ previous nannies. Therefore, I’m not able to comment about nuances with translations for Chinese and Korean children’s Bibles.

Things to consider with children’s Bibles and devotions

Read the bible as part of the daily routine

Printable visual routine chart for children in Chinese and Korean - bible reading and prayer time on the schedule

To prioritize God’s word in our daily life, we try to have Bible reading as part of our visual daily routine (printables here). Before diving into our meals, we pause for prayer.

However, God only became the priority in our home a couple years into parenthood. My husband and I try to keep each other accountable by putting faith first, and our children try to as well! So if you’re in the beginning stages of your faith journey, I hope this inspires you that it’s never too late to welcome Jesus into your daily life!

Children’s Bibles are secondary to the Holy Bible

While reading Bible stories to my kids, I found this post by Pastor John Wells from The Gospel Coalition to be especially helpful. Since the original Holy Bible will be overwhelming to young kids, parents and caregivers have to summarize concepts to an appropriate level.

Enter children’s story Bibles which have been written for our little ones. Storybook Bibles can help parents and caregivers explain deep topics in simple terms. However, Pastor John Wells reminds us that “we want [kids] to see the Bible not as a collection of moral fables, but as the epic story of redemption.”

It’s important to let our kids know that God’s word is much richer and truer than any children’s Bible. Children’s Bible stories should be considered supplemental to the Holy Bible.

Korean bible stories board books for babies and toddlers

Christian board books and music books (Korean, Chinese)

For babies and toddlers, sturdy Christian board books can withstand busy little hands.

겨자씨 성경세트 (전12권) (Korean)

We have ordered several Korean Christian books from SeJong Bookstore 세종문고 in Koreatown Galleria (Los Angeles, California).

Korean bible stories board books for babies and toddlers

When my daughter was a baby, she read a lot of mini Bible stories with her Korean nanny. Over the years, my husband has forgotten a lot of Korean, but he can read the bilingual board books 겨자씨 성경세트 (전12권). Both Korean and English are included in these books. Another great perk are the colorful handles for little hands to grab!

  • ISBN: 9788963002552

We also got a couple of 우리아이 인물성경 books. While the shape is adorable, the high cost of each individual book precluded us from getting more. They are also redundant to the 겨자씨 성경세트 (전12권) books.

Stream of Praise music books (Chinese)

Stream of Praise Chinese Christian Worship Music for Kids

Many of you know that we have been long-term fans of Stream of Praise! Stream of Praise is the first bilingual worship band that we found when we began our Chinese learning journey. Please read our detailed review of Stream of Praise music board books here.

한영 듀얼 복음 사운드북 (Korean)

Korean Christian music sound book for kids

Our friend bought this 한영 듀얼 복음 사운드북 sound book from Korea, and my kids love listening to the catchy worship songs. Please note that the music is extremely loud, so we cover the speakers with painter’s tape. The music and text are in Korean and English.

  • ISBN: 9791195676835
Korean Christian music sound book for kids

Daily devotions for kids (Chinese, English)

While we generally pray throughout the day, we’ve found that devotions books can offer a daily reminder for Bible reading. However, the downside of devotions is that the Bible verses maybe shortened and taken from various Bible versions. Also, as mentioned earlier in this post, devotional books should be used in conjunction with full Bibles for context.

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One Year Devotions for Preschoolers (English)

English and Chinese Christian devotions books for kids

When my first child was a toddler, the One Year Devotions for Preschoolers became a part of our daily routine. The author, Crystal Bowen, and illustrator, Elena Kucharik, have created a series of faith-based books called “Little Blessings.” Each devotion includes the following:

  • Short vignette
  • Bible verse
  • Prayer

My kids adore the cute illustrations which feature cute kids and animals. Meanwhile, I appreciate the diversity of the children, because God loves all people!

English and Chinese Christian devotions books for kids

小宝宝日日学 (Chinese, English)

Recently, I discovered that a version of the Little Blessings’ devotions has been translated to simplified Chinese with English. We are gradually going through 小宝宝日日学, and the format is very similar to One Year Devotions for Preschoolers with a Chinese Bible verse, bilingual vignette, and bilingual prayer.

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science by Louie Giglio

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science (English)

As a Christian physician, this is the one book here that I have some reservations about. I love the concept of Indescribable, because God is the creator of everything that’s amazing about this world! This devotions book celebrates our heavenly creator.

So far, my daughter has read most of it on her own, and she loves it. Each devotion is a 2-page spread that includes a:

  • Bible verse
  • Small cartoon illustration +/- photograph
  • Lesson written in the first person (the author’s point of view)
  • Prayer
  • “Be Amazed” science blurb
Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science (English)

The downside is that the book has a few errors. For example, in Chapter 3: Dinosaurs and Dragons – Oh My!, the “Be Amazed blurb” has a mistake. It says “The acid in your stomach is so powerful it can melt metal.” Instead, it should be “dissolve” metal, as melting is a different scientific reaction that depends on heat. Another chapter states that our body has much more bacterial cells and human cells. According to this research study, the ratio is closer to 1:1.

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science by Louie Giglio

Since this devotions book is so popular, I’ll share the ISBN information below. If you’re curious, please refer to the Amazon reviews for more analysis.

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Jesus Calling Devotional for Kids (English)

Jesus Calling for Kids - Daliy Devotions Book

I also recently ordered Jesus Calling for my daughter, but we haven’t read it yet as we’re going through 小宝宝日日学. However, Jesus Calling is a highly rated devotional is geared for elementary and middle school-aged kids. Each devotion starts with a verse, covers a short lesson, and ends with more suggested verses. Please note that Jesus Calling has no illustrations.

Children’s Bibles (Chinese, Korean, English)

Bible for Toddlers / 小淘气圣经 / 小淘氣聖經 (Chinese, English)

Bible for Toddlers simplified Chinese children's bible stories

The Candle Bible for Toddlers is the most available Chinese children’s Bible that I could find. Although it was originally published in English, this version ironically has limited stock online!

If you have young children and/or not fluent in Chinese, this Bible has only 2 simple sentences per page. However, I personally don’t think the Bible for Toddlers is necessary if you are able to get the Beginner’s Bible (see next section).


Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese

Here are some photos of how the Bible for Toddlers compares to The Beginner’s Bible and how the wording varies in describing sinners versus Noah.

Bilingual Chinese and English Beginner's Bible for Kids versus Bible for Toddlers
Bilingual Chinese and English Beginner's Bible for Kids versus Bible for Toddlers

Beginner’s Bible for Kids / 小孩孑圣经 / 두란노 어린이 그림성경 (Chinese, Korean, English)

The Beginner’s Bible by Zonderkidz is near and dear to our hearts. We’ve been reading the English version since my daughter was a baby. The pages have become wrinkled, and we’ve taped many tears over the years.

The Beginner’s Bible was also one of the first books that my daughter learned to read in English! We are currently reading this children’s Bible in Chinese.

As shown in the comparison photos in the prior section, the Beginner’s Bible is slightly more wordy and advanced than the Candle Bible for Toddlers. In my opinion, if you’re looking for only one Bible for the early years, this should be sufficient.

Beginner's Bible for Kids by Zondervan - Children's bible stories in English, Chinese, Korean

English: This version has nice big font.

  • ISBN: 9780310750130
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Simplified Chinese: 小孩孑圣经 is bilingual with Chinese paragraphs above English text. Please note that this version was extremely difficult to find. A friend kindly found this for me in Singapore at Tiny Seeds Bookshop. Since I don’t see it online at that store, please contact the shop directly to see if they are able to obtain other copies. I’ll list other options below, too.

Korean: 두란노 어린이 그림성경 has Korean words only.

  • ISBN: 9788953111677
  • Where to buy: Aladin
The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones in English, Chinese, Korean

Jesus Storybook Bible (Chinese, Korean, English)

For elementary-aged kids, the Jesus Storybook Bible stays close to theology. Written by Sally Lloyd Jones, Jesus Storybook Bible has been translated to more than 50 languages!

Although we have Jesus Storybook Bible in English, Chinese, and Korean, we’ve only read it in English so far.

The Sally Lloyd Jones’ website also offers activities to supplement the Jesus Storybook Bible.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones in English, Chinese, Korean


Simplified Chinese with Pinyin

Traditional Chinese


Bible App Stories for Kids (Chinese, Korean, English, and more)

YouVersion has a free and convenient Bible App for Kids available in more than 60 languages! I am thankful that YouVersion has made the Bible more accessible through this digital resource.

Occasionally, we have used the app to hear Bible stories in Mandarin Chinese. My 4-year-old is able to download and navigate the stories independently. The end of each Bible story is a simple, multiple choice question to assess comprehension.

The animated illustrations are similar to the cartoonish Beginner’s Bible. While the pictures are supposed to have special effects, they were very distracting when my children were younger and lacked impulse control. The Bible app also offers games, but they were not relevant for our purpose of learning scripture.

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ESV Super Giant Print Bible - large font

Holy Bible for older children and teens (English)

Although my oldest child is only 7 years old, she occasionally joins me with reading from my Bible.

My favorite bible is the ESV Super Giant Print Bible because of the large font on my nearsighted eyes! You can see how it compares to my hand size in the above photo. Due to the large word size and language of the ESV, my daughter is also more comfortable with trying to read a few passages. The downside is that it’s heavy and not very portable.

  • ISBN: 9781433558832
  • Where to buy: Amazon

What is your favorite Children’s Bible and devotional in Chinese, Korean, or English?

What language(s) do you speak and what your favorite resources for learning about God with your children? If you know of other great Christian resources or end up getting any of the ones we have, please share in the comments! My favorite part about blogging is learning from your experiences!

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Christian activities for kids

More Chinese books for kids

Praying for you, friends!


  1. Whenever I have a question on my mind about resources for teaching my kids, I always find what I am looking for on your blog!
    I ordered the bilingual bible that you mentioned, the one that you’re working through right now with your kids. I previewed it online and it seems to be a great fit for us in every way. I am beyond excited.

  2. Thank you Betty!

    (A) What language does your family speak/read? Chinese (traditional)
    (B) What Bibles and/or devotion books are you thinking about getting for your kids? Traditional Chinese bibles/devotions with authentic biblical truth. Maybe story books by Heavenly Melody (睡夢鄉).

  3. A) I’m teaching my kids Mandarin as best as I can right now, being an ABC, so English and Chinese is currently our home language. (2) My daughter is 4- years old and most religious programs do not start for us until she’s in Kindergarten, so any Bible (in English or Chinese) would be great for my kids. We have read short prayers in English and would love to continue to expose my kids to more at home. And thank you for the blog and information! We learned a lot and it was a great guidance.

  4. We mainly speak English in our family. We would love be to learn how to read the Bible and pray in Chinese! This was an informative post! Thank you!

  5. We speak English and Korean at home. So far, we own Baby’s First Bible Stories board book, but would love to add a Korean bible to our collection!

  6. We speak English and Chinese at home.

    We would really like the Chinese version, both my husband and I are not religious person, but I would like my kid at least know those background story, so he won’t be left out at school

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