Favorite Christmas Songs in Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese Christmas songs 圣诞歌曲

Christmas is a magical time when people worldwide come together to celebrate peace, love, and grace. If you’re raising multilingual children, it’s the season for Christmas songs, classic carols, and music videos in Mandarin Chinese. In Chinese, “Christmas songs” are called 圣诞歌曲/聖誕歌曲 (shèngdàn gēqǔ). Here are the best Mandarin Christmas carols and music videos for kids and families.

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Classic Mandarin Chinese Christmas carols

Chinese songs are such a fun way to learn a language, whether you’re a kid or an adult. These Mandarin Christmas songs and videos were specifically chosen to help families learn lyrics in Chinese.

O, Christmas Tree! 噢,圣诞树!

To get in the decorating spirit, O, Christmas Tree! in Chinese is the first song when we decorate our tree each year. In Chinese, the song translates to 噢,圣诞树! / 噢,聖誕樹! (Ō, shèngdànshù!). This video is great for beginners thanks to the cute animation and subtitles in simplified Chinese and Pinyin.

Jingle Bells in Chinese 圣诞铃声

“Jingle Bells” is a fun and catchy Christmas song for kids of all ages. In Chinese, it’s known as 圣诞铃声/聖誕鈴聲 (shèngdàn língshēng) of 铃儿响叮当/鈴兒響叮噹 (líng er xiǎng dīngdāng).

This is a cute video of the classic Jingle Bells song in Mandarin Chinese. The lyrics are easy to understand, and the supersized traditional characters with Pinyin and Zhuyin can help you learn how to read Chinese.

Away in the Manger in Chinese 圣婴孩主耶稣 / 聖嬰孩主耶穌

In Chinese, “Away in the Manger” translates to 圣婴孩主耶稣 / 聖嬰孩主耶穌 (shèng yīnghái zhǔ yēsū). This gentle lullaby tells the story of the baby Jesus’s birth in a manger, with lyrics expressing a sense of peace and serenity.

This Mandarin Christmas music video has adorable illustrations about the birth of baby Jesus accompanying the lyrics. As a bonus, the Mandarin Chinese words are clear and easy to understand.

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We Wish You a Merry Christmas in Chinese 祝你圣诞快乐

Learn how to sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” 祝你圣诞快乐/祝你聖誕快樂 (Zhù nǐ shèngdàn kuàilè) in Chinese with this cute cartoon. The audio is in Mandarin, and the subtitles are in simplified Chinese.

The simple, repetitive lyrics are great for beginner Chinese learners. While this Chinese Christmas carol is a little faster than the others, you can slow down the playback speed on YouTube.

Silent Night in Chinese 平安夜

“Silent Night,” known as 平安夜 (píng’ān yè) in Mandarin Chinese, is a timeless song that captures the peace of Christmas Eve and the holy night when Jesus was born.

This music video features lyrics in traditional Chinese. A chorus of children sings the angelic song, and the background is a still image of the manger at night.

Angels We Have Heard on High in Chinese 天使歌唱在高天

“Angels We Have Heard on High” translates to 天使歌唱在高天 (tiānshǐ gēchàng zài gāo tiān) in Chinese. The Chinese version of this Christmas carol might be challenging for beginners, but learners of all ages can still enjoy the uplifting melody. In this music video, the lyrics are in traditional Chinese.

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 听啊! 天使高声唱

The lyrics in this Christmas song are a bit advanced for beginner Chinese learners. But no matter your fluency, you can still enjoy the lovely performance of Hark, the Herald Angels Sing 听啊! 天使高声唱/聽啊! 天使高聲唱 (Tīng a! Tiānshǐ gāo shēng chàng). Subtitles are provided in simplified Chinese and Pinyin, and the playback speed can be slowed if needed.

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Modern Christmas music for kids in Mandarin Chinese

In recent years, Christmas pop songs in Chinese have become more popular among tweens and teens in Asia. If you need a break from classic Christmas carols, listen to these fun pop songs in Mandarin Chinese!

Merry Cold Christmas in Chinese 冷冷 der 聖誕節

Joyce Chu, a Malaysian Mandopop artist, created a catchy modern Chinese Christmas song that we love. Merry Cold Christmas 冷冷 der 聖誕節 (lěng lěng der shèngdàn jié) tells the story about the excitement of the holiday season.

With a mix of Mandarin and English lyrics, it resonates with bilingual and bicultural tweens and teens. The music video represents my children – the only Chinese-speaking kids surrounded by loving friends who each have unique appearances.

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Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You in Mandarin Chinese

I’m trying to keep my professional cool here, but OMG, I found Mariah Carey’s Christmas song in Mandarin! This classic holiday anthem is now accessible to Chinese language learners.

This fantastic rendition by Hope Yang 楊蒨時 will get everyone in the mood for dancing and partying. Follow along with the subtitles in traditional Chinese. Here’s another version of the Mariah Carey Christmas song in Chinese for comparison!

Last Christmas 陪過平安夜 by G.E.M. 鄧紫棋

Mandopop artist G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 covers my favorite modern Christmas pop song in Mandarin Chinese in this live performance. Compared to other bilingual renditions of “Last Christmas” in Chinese, this music video is mostly in Mandarin and fairly easy to understand as a language learner.

Her powerful voice also captures the heartbreak and nostalgia of the holidays, making it relatable for tweens and tweens who have experienced the ups and downs of young love.

The Most Precious Gift 最美的礼物/最美的禮物

We are huge fans of 讚美之泉 Stream Of Praise Music, and their Chinese Christmas song is a family favorite! “The Most Precious Gift” 最美的禮物 is a beautiful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season, and this song celebrates His gift of salvation.

In this music video, the vocals are in Mandarin Chinese, but the lyrics are in traditional Chinese with English translations.

Tip for Chinese Christmas songs with children

If the singing is too fast and it’s hard for your child to hear the Chinese Christmas song lyrics, here’s how to slow down YouTube videos.

  1. Click on the gear icon (settings) in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Click “Playback speed.”
  3. Decrease the speed to 0.75.
  4. If that speed is too slow or fast, click on Custom.
  5. Use the slider to adjust the speed by 0.05 increments.
How to slow down Mandarin Chinese Christmas songs

If your family tries to minimize screen time, you can put your phone screen face-down and listen to music. You can also push the Chinese Christmas music to Bluetooth speakers.

What are your favorite Chinese Christmas songs?

I hope your family enjoys these Chinese Christmas carols and finds them easy to understand. I’d also love to learn about your experience. Please leave a comment and share your favorite Mandarin Christmas song.

Merry Christmas, friends! 圣诞节快乐 / 聖誕節快樂!

Fun ways to celebrate Christmas in Chinese with kids

Enjoy these Christmas crafts and activities while listening to Mandarin Christmas songs!

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