Christmas Salt Writing Tray – Montessori-Inspired Tactile Learning

Since December is Christmas month, I set up a Christmas salt writing tray for her to practice writing.  This post includes a free printable template for Christmas bell writing prompts!

Christmas Salt Writing Tray inspired by Maria Montessori

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Benefits of Christmas salt writing tray for Chinese learning

Although my 5-year-old daughter has been into writing with pencil and paper, she still enjoys sensory writing with our Montessori-inspired salt writing tray!

I am a big fan of tactile writing trays, because they are fun, inexpensive, and saves paper!  In addition, the crunch of the salt helps to reinforce each stroke of letters, numbers, or characters.

However, I have not set up this so many sensory activities my children’s other languages, Korean and English.

First of all, since Chinese is the minority language that I am teaching my kids, our activities revolve around Chinese learning.

Furthermore, Chinese characters are much more difficult to write compared to English, Korean, or other alphabet-based languages.  Each character is unique and requires frequent practice to remember the correct way to write.

Because my daughter doesn’t technically “need” to learn Chinese, I try to make it as fun and memorable as possible!

What you need for the Christmas salt writing tray with bells

Christmas salt writing tray

  1. Square tray, box lid, tupperware, or baking dish
    1. I recommend a square shape so your child get used to visualizing Chinese characters within the standard writing grid
    2. A container with high sides will help keep the salt within the tray
    3. I don’t recommend buying a designated Montessori sand tray because they are overpriced ($15-$45!).  We re-purposed a tray from this play dough set.  However, this lacing activity tray would be a nice option because the small compartment could be used to hold the sandpaper flashcards.  You could also use a box lid = yay for recycling and saving money!
  2. Salt
  3. Red food coloring
  4. +/- Stick or chopstick

Christmas bells

  1. Red and green paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Bells template (free download in simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese)
Montessori salt-writing tray Christmas learning activity for kids

How to set up Christmas salt writing tray

  1. Print and cut bell template.  Use blank template to type or write whatever words your child is learning.
  2. Dye salt:
    1. Put desired amount of salt in Ziplock bag.
    2. Add at least 10 drops of red food coloring.  (If you put only a few drops, the salt will appear pink.)
    3. Shake, shake, shake!
    4. Let salt dry
  3. Spread thin amount on tray.  Don’t put too much, otherwise it’s might be hard to see the character form.
  4. Demonstrate to your child how to draw or write in the salt writing tray, then let them take over!
  5. Store dyed salt in a sealed, labeled container.  The red salt would be great to reuse for Chinese New Year activities!

Here is a video of my daughter writing 这 (zhè) in simplified Chinese.  She said this was her favorite word to write because of the squiggly radical!

Our experience with the Christmas salt writing tray

Writing utensil for the salt writing tray

We used a chopstick to simulate writing with a pencil as I didn’t want her to write on the tray since we use it for other things!  Although Dr. Montessori recommends using a finger for extra tactile input, my daughter has been into writing.  Therefore, the chopstick was the perfect tool to work on her penmanship.

Choosing the right salt for the salt writing tray

Although we used sea salt, which has larger crystals than regular salt, I recommend using regular salt.  Sea salt was not a problem over the summer when we were writing simple characters.  However, since my daughter is learning to write words with multiple components, the characters don’t appear as clearly in coarse salt.  Therefore, my daughter had to trace over each character twice in order for it to show up better!  I also need to mention that you can simply use plain white salt, but sometimes a pop of color can make a big difference in sparking your child’s interest!

What types of words to practice writing in the salt writing tray

Lastly, I decided not to include Christmas words with this particular writing lesson.  Instead, I included high-frequency words that my daughter has expressed interest in writing in her hobby of creating greeting cards for friends and family.  I believe this will help her express herself better!  However, you should teach Christmas vocabulary if that piques your child’s interest!

Video of my daughter having fun with salt writing!

Here is one more video of her writing 妈妈 (māmā / mom) in simplified Chinese.  Later, she told me that this is her other favorite word to write 🙂 It amuses me that she writes 妈妈 so small, trying to squish the bigram together in the square tray!

Writing with white sand – Hong Kong Chinese calligraphy

I came across this amazing video where a woman writes beautiful calligraphy with white sand!  I think you will be equally blown away by her artful talent!

Have you tried this Christmas salt writing activity?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s) and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

Tips for teaching kids how to write Chinese

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