Easy Craft Stick Rainbow Puzzle

My 老大 (lǎodà / oldest child) loves anything with 多彩 (duō cǎi / many colors, colorful), and she compulsively arranges 颜色 (yánsè / colors) in rainbow order!  Knowing her love of rainbows, I made this Chinese craft stick rainbow puzzle to reinforce the term 五颜六色 (wǔyánliùsè / colorful). 

Does your child know that there are several Chinese idioms for colorful?  Here are some others!

  • 五彩宾纷 (wǔcǎibīnfēn)
  • 丰富多采 (fēngfù duō cǎi)
  • 花花绿绿 (huāhuā lǜlǜ)

What you need:

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  1. Craft sticks
  2. Colorful Sharpie markers
  3. Painter’s tape

What to do:

  1. Tape craft sticks together to hold sticks in place for drawing
  2. Flip craft sticks over and draw rainbow
  3. Write Chinese idiom above rainbow, 1 character per stick
  4. Remove tape and mix up the sticks for your child to figure out how to put it together!

If you try this Chinese craftstick rainbow puzzle, let us know!  Leave a comment and don’t forget to tag a photo #ChalkAcademy on Instagram and Facebook.  Happy learning, friends!

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