Learning About 雨滴 with Raindrop Stickers

Stickers have been daughter’s #1 favorite activity of all time.  If she ruled the world, there would be random stickers stuck everywhere!  Today, we gave stickers a purpose and honed in those fine-motor skills to learn about 雨滴 (yǔdī / raindrops).

What you need

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  1. Raindrop stickers
  2. Mini dot stickers
  3. 雨 and 滴 block character templates (free download)

What to do:

  1. Print out character templates
  2. Affix stickers within character
  3. For those who are learning how to write, affix stickers following stroke order
  4. With colorful markers, you can draw each stroke in a different color and have the child copy the pattern with the colorful stickers!

My daughter also painted an extra template.  Here are the results of the 3 different !

If you try this activity, let us know!  Please leave a comment below.  Happy learning, friends!

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