Parts of a Flower Dot Sticker Sight Word Matching Activity

parts of a flower dot sticker activity - learn Chinese characters

Last spring, when my daughter 老大 (lǎodà / oldest child) was 4-years-old, we learned nature words in Chinese.  During this time of year, gorgeous flowers bloom throughout in our neighborhood, so 老大 has been curious to learn about the parts of a flower.

As a working parent, my schedule is always busy, so I don’t have a lot of time to set up learning activities.

Thankfully, dot stickers are convenient and versatile!  After taking only 5 minutes to set up this activity,  老大 (lǎodà / oldest child) learned to say and read 4 new Chinese characters!

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Since I am learning Chinese with my daughter, this dot sticker activity was good reading and writing practice for me, too!

Of course, as with any activity, you can try our activities in any language and adapt it to whatever your child is learning (eg, counting)!

Parts of a Flower Dot Sticker word matching activity

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Important vocabulary in Chinese, Pinyin, and English

  • 花瓣 (Huābàn / flower petal)
  • 花粉 (Huāfěn / pollen)
  • 茎/莖 (Jīng / Stem)
  • 萼片 (Èpiàn / Sepal)
  • 叶/葉 (Yè / Leaf)

For this learning activity, we referenced the Gail Gibbons book “From Seed to plant 种子是如何长成植物的” which is available in simplified Chinese at TaoBao and China Sprout.  This Montessori-friendly book is originally written in English and can be found on Amazon.

We also paired this activity with the Montessori Parts of a Flower puzzle.

Parts of a Flower Dot Sticker word matching activity

What you need for the Parts of a Flower Dot Sticker Matching Activity:

  1. Dot stickers – If you can’t write Chinese, you can use the Garage Sale Pups brand to type the words. We also love Avery dot stickers!
  2. Large sheet of paper or cardboard if you prefer to save paper and recycle
  3. Markers

Colorful dot stickers with Chinese characters

How to set up the Parts of a Flower Dot Sticker Word Matching Activity

  1. Draw leaves and stem on large sheet of paper
  2. Write or type different Chinese words on dot stickers.
  3. Have your child or student match the words on the petal with the words in the pollen
  4. Repeat the activity for a few minutes each day until your child remembers the new words

Photos of the Parts of a Flower Dot Sticker Word Matching Activity

Parts of a Flower Dot Sticker word matching activity
Parts of a flower dot sticker activity with Chinese characters

Here is a close-up photo of the flowers! My daughter memorized the new characters quickly because of the repetition that came naturally with sticking the matching words.

Activities help both my daughter and I learn and retain many important Chinese characters while having fun!

In addition, hands-on activities allow kids to learn without being restricted to a chair. My daughter was on the ground for this particular sticker activity.

However, you can also tape the sheet of paper on the wall so that your child is more comfortable!  The result may become cute flower wall art!

Parts of a flower dot sticker activity with Chinese characters

Extension activity for learning parts of a flower

You can make cupcake flowers with cupcake liners, craft sticks, and pegs.  Last year, I wrote Chinese flower words on yellow dot stickers and cupcake liners.  My daughter taped dot stickers to the cupcake “flowers” with the matching Chinese words.

Share your version of the activity!

If you try the Parts of a Flower Dot Sticker Matching Activity, please let us know!  We love to see how other families do educational activities!

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