Fun Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids (Chinese, Korean, English)

Fun Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids in English, Chinese, Korean

Searching for a fun activity? Print out these scavenger hunts for your children or students! Join my kids in having fun exploring nature, colors, rooms, and the neighborhood!

Since we’re raising trilingual children, we created printable scavenger hunts in English, Chinese, and Korean. Little kids can practice matching and learning new vocabulary. Big kids can use the words-only scavenger hunt to practice reading at home, school, summer camp, holiday breaks, and any time of the year!

Explore colors, nature, household items, and the neighborhood with fun printable scavenger hunts in Chinese, Korean, and English!
Chinese nature scavenger hunt

Working at home while homeschooling has been extra busy, so we’re trying to make the most of what we have in and around our home. I hope your children and students can enjoy these multilingual scavenger hunt printables!

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What’s the best age to play scavenger hunts / 寻宝游戏 / 尋寶遊戲 / 보물찾기?

If you’re new to scavenger hunts, you’ll find that they can be fun for kids of all ages! This classic activity has been popular since my own childhood. With a list of items in hand, players can seek and gather collaboratively or competitively.

For my own 3-year-old son, scavenger hunt games have been perfect for reviewing names of common things in English, Chinese, and Korean!

Meanwhile, my 6-year-old daughter loves to play teacher and guide little brother on how to read our scavenger hunt printables! She takes the cute, bossy, big sister role very seriously.

Chinese Nature Scavenger Hunt - free printable for kids, teachers, homeschooling families, schools

What can kids learn from scavenger hunts?

The concept might seem simple, but scavenger hunts are filled with rich learning opportunities!

  • Natural learning: Scavenger hunts encourage natural learning through play, observation, and exploration!
  • Promotes language: Kids learn how to name and describe what they are looking for! For my trilingual children, this is a fun way to encourage them to speak their minority languages, Chinese and Korean.
  • Flexibility: Scavenger hunts are easy to adapt to a child’s interest and learning level. You can turn any location into a scavenger hunt game! If you want to add a competitive twist to the game, your kids can race to see who can find the most number of items first!
  • Teamwork: Scavenger hunts are also great for encouraging bonding and cooperation. My 6-year-old daughter can take on a leadership role by helping her 3-year-old little brother name items on the list. And my son gets super excited to show big sister all of the things he found on his own!
  • Exercise: Movement gets blood flowing through the body and brain! While our kids run around during their search, they are in a great mood and making good memories while learning!
Chinese Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - free printable for kids, teachers, homeschooling families, schools

Download printable scavenger hunts / 寻宝游戏 / 尋寶遊戲 / 보물찾기

Other recommended supplies for scavenger hunts

Translations in English, Chinese, and Korean

Written words in the minority language are important reminders for our family to speak Chinese and Korean.

Therefore, we have been using the Chinese and Korean printable Scavenger Hunts! Since most of you also speak English, we have this language version as well.

Here are translations for each of the printables in English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Hanyu Pinyin, and Korean!

I intentionally don’t include Pinyin or romanization on my printables so that the Chinese characters and Korean words stand out. However, I hope the references below can help!

  • SCAVENGER HUNT / 寻宝游戏 / 尋寶遊戲 (Xúnbǎo yóuxì) / 보물찾기
  • How many of each can you find? / 每种你能找到几个?/ 每種你能找到幾個 (Měi zhǒng nǐ néng zhǎodào jǐ gè)? 얼마나 많이 찾을 수 있습니까?
Fun printable color scavenger hunt for kids - Chinese, Korean, English

Colors / 颜色 / 顏色 (Yánsè) / 색깔

  • Red = 红色 / 紅色 (Hóngsè) / 빨간색 
  • Orange = 橙色 (Chéngsè) / 주황색
  • Yellow = 黄色 / 黃色 (Huángsè) / 노란색
  • Green = 绿色 / 綠色 (Lǜsè) / 초록색 
  • Blue = 蓝色 / 藍色 (Lánsè) / 파란색
  • Purple = 紫色 (Zǐsè) / 보라색
  • Pink = 粉红色 / 粉紅色 (Fěnhóng sè) / 분홍색
  • Brown = 棕色 (Zōngsè) / 갈색
  • Black = 黑色 (Hēisè) / 검은색
Fun printable nature scavenger hunt for kids - Chinese, Korean, English

Nature / 自然 (Zìrán) / 자연

  • Green leaf = 绿叶 / 綠葉 (Lǜyè ) / 푸른 잎
  • Brown leaf = 棕叶 / 棕葉 (Zōng yè) / 갈색 잎
  • Flower = 花 (Huā) / 꽃
  • Tree = 树 / 樹 (Shù) / 나무
  • Twig = 树枝 / 樹枝 (Shùzhī) / 가지
  • Smooth rock = 光滑的石头 / 光滑的石頭 (Guānghuá de shítou) / 매끄러운 돌
  • Jagged rock = 粗糙的石头 / 粗糙的石頭 (Cūcāo de shítou) / 들쭉날쭉 한 돌
  • Grass = 草 (Cǎo) / 풀
  • Water = 水 (Shuǐ) / 물
  • Dirt = 泥土 (Nítǔ) / 흙
  • Spiderweb = 蜘蛛网 / 蜘蛛網 (Zhīzhū wǎng) / 거미줄
  • Cloud = 云 / 雲 (Yún) / 구름
  • Pine cone = 松果 (Sōng guǒ) / 솔방울
  • Bird = 鸟 / 鳥 (Niǎo) / 새
  • Butterfly = 蝴蝶 (Húdié) / 나비
  • Ant = 蚂蚁 / 螞蟻 (Mǎyǐ )/ 개미
Fun neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - free printable in Chinese, English, and Korean for kids!

Neighborhood / 我家附近 (Wǒjiā fùjìn) / 동네

  • Car = 汽车 / 汽車 (Qìchē) / 차
  • Mailbox = 邮箱 / 郵箱 (Yóuxiāng) / 우체통
  • Dog = 狗 (Gǒu) / 개
  • Fire hydrant = 消火栓 (Xiāohuǒshuān) / 소화전
  • Statue = 雕像 (Diāoxiàng) / 조각상
  • Stop sign = 停车标志 / 停車標誌 (Tíngchē biāozhì) / 정지 표지판
  • Street light = 路灯 / 路燈 (Lùdēng) / 가로등
  • Flag = 旗子 (Qízi) / 깃발
  • Flower pot = 花盆 (Huā pén) / 화분
  • Windchimes = 风铃 / 風鈴 (Fēnglíng) / 바람 차임
  • Bench = 公园椅 / 公園椅 (Gōngyuán yǐ) / 벤치
  • Basketball hoop = 篮球框 / 籃球框 (Lánqiú kuāng) / 농구 후프
  • Bicycle = 自行车 / 自行車 (Zìxíngchē) / 자전거
  • Trash can = 垃圾桶 (Lājītŏng [China pronunciation], Lèsè tǒng [Taiwan pronunciation)] / 쓰레기통
  • Delivery truck = 送货卡车 / 送貨卡車 (Sòng huò kǎchē) / 배달 트럭
  • Package = 包装 / 包裹 (Bāoguǒ) / 소포
Fun printable house scavenger hunt for kids - Chinese, Korean, English

House / 房子 (Fángzi) / 집

  • Toothbrush = 牙刷 (Yáshuā) / 칫솔
  • Basket = 篮子 / 籃子 (Lánzi) / 바구니
  • Cup = 杯子 (Bēizi) / 컵
  • Lamp = 灯 / 燈 (Dēng) / 램프
  • Towel = 毛巾 (Máojīn) / 수건
  • Spatula = 锅铲 / 鍋鏟 (Guōchǎn) / 주걱
  • Sofa = 沙发 / 沙發 (Shāfā) / 소파
  • Chair = 椅子 (Yǐzi) / 의자
  • Table = 桌子 (Zhuōzi) / 식탁
  • Book = 书 / 書 (Shū) / 책
  • Door = 门 / 門 (Mén) / 문
  • Light switch = 开关 / 開關 (Kāiguān) / 전등 스위치
  • Pillow = 枕头 / 枕頭 (Zhěntou) / 베개
  • Pen = 笔 / 筆 (Bǐ) / 펜
  • Blanket = 毯子 (Tǎnzi) / 담요
  • Sock = 袜子 / 襪子 (Wàzi) / 양말
Nature scavenger hunt for kids with basket made of toilet paper roll and cardboard shoebox! Scissor cutting practice with grass
Nature scavenger hunt: cutting grass for scissor practice; “basket” made from cardboard shoebox and toilet paper roll as handle
Nature color scavenger hunt for kids with muffin pan for collecting
Color scavenger hunt with muffin pan!

Which printable scavenger hunt was your child’s favorite?

If you try any of these printable scavenger hunts, please let us know in the comments below! We hope you had a lot of fun.


  1. I want to download the scavenger hunts and 1,000 first characters flashcards. Can you please send me these?

  2. Thanks so much for these! Perfect screen-free go-tos to keep language learning going over the summer even though I’m learning as we go. I have made up a couple before but these are much easier and look better too. The nature one worked out perfectly for us this week since most were review but there were also a few new words.

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