Cute and Relatable Chinese Picture Books About Dogs for Kids

Cute and Relatable English and Chinese Picture Books about Pet Dogs!

If your child loves puppies, they will adore these cute Chinese children’s books about dogs! Since each story is relatable with realistic illustrations, they spark great questions and encourage our kids to speak Chinese.

Great news: Your bilingual family can listen to a fluent Mandarin narrator tell each of these stories with the Luka Reading Robot! Chinese audiobooks are extremely helpful for boosting fluency and literacy, and Luka can read these books about dogs to your child.

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Great Chinese children’s books about dogs

Whether you have a pet at home or your child is afraid of dogs, reading realistic Chinese stories about animals can help your child become more empathic and understand how people can bond with our furry friends. These Chinese story books show children:

  • How to gently approach and connect with a dog (Picca and I 我和皮卡)
  • How dogs can provide comfort when a child is nervous (玛德琳和图书馆里的狗 Madeline Finn and the Library Dog)
  • That dog owners often yell “Don’t do that!” (不可以! No!)
  • The difficulty of saying goodbye to a dog who has passed away (我永远爱你 I Will Always Love You)

As with most of my Chinese book reviews, ISBN information and links for where to buy will be provided whenever possible. My goal is to help other families and educators find interesting books that help children grow and learn!

我和皮卡 Me and Picca

Me and Picca Chinese book about connecting with dogs

This book teaches children how to protect themselves while being respectful and friendly with dogs. It’s part of the 影响孩子一生的健康书 Health Guide Chinese series, and it’s one of my son’s all-time favorite books.

In this story, a little boy becomes scared of a dog that startles him. Then a friendly neighbor teaches the boy how to connect and communicate with a dog. Over time, the boy learns how to put out his hand to let the dog smell and trust him.

  • Where to buy: Simplified Chinese / ISBN 9787510131974: JoJo Learning
  • Mandarin narration: Luka Reading Robot
Chinese children's book showing how to pet a dog

玛德琳和图书馆里的狗 Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

玛德琳和图书馆里的狗 Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

This sweet story encourages children to practice reading aloud with the help of beloved pets! A little girl named Madeline is terrified of reading out loud and getting laughed at by her classmates. Instead of praising words or star rewards, she only gets discouraged by her “keep trying” stickers. Soon a big cuddly dog becomes her reading buddy, and she discovers confidence and joy in reading. This would be an excellent Chinese book to read during the school year.

  • Where to buy:
    • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787559702111
    • English / ISBN: 978-1561459100
  • Mandarin Narration: Ximalaya or Luka Reading Robot

不可以! No!

不可以! (Bù kěyǐ / No!) is cute book about a dog who thinks that's his name because he hears it all the time!

不可以! (Bù kěyǐ / No!) is an adorable book and relatable about a dog who thinks his name is because he hears it all the time! The illustrations are very funny for kids as you can see the dog making messes wherever he goes. Even the text is funny for young readers, as it’s intended to be like a “dog diary”, with thoughts crossed out and key words underlined!

Although the book is written from the perspective of the dog, I think it is eye opening to consider how often we may be telling our own kids NOT to do things.

It reminded me about why we should be mindful about using positive versus negative phrasing when we talk to our children, or anyone really!

There are so many helpful and specific comments we can say to our kids instead of reflexively blurting out “STOP! Be careful!”

不可以! picture book in Chinese

This page filled with dogs is my 2-year-old son’s favorite!  So many doggies to look at. Yay!  This would be a great opportunity for counting practice, too.

  • Where to buy: 
    • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787549568048
    • English / ISBN: 9781846434174

我永远爱你 I Will Always Love You

我永远爱你 I Will Always Love You Chinese picture book about grief and death for kids

我永远爱你 (Wǒ yǒngyuǎn ài nǐ / I Will Always Love You) is an amazing and bittersweet book that will leave you teary-eyed. If you have a child who has lost a beloved pet, the book could help them process their feelings of grief and sadness.

Although we have no pets, my kids enjoyed learning about a young child’s meaningful bond with his dog and how important it is to say “I love you.” 

The story starts with the child growing up with the dog.  But the dog seems to grow faster and older than the child, and soon he passes away.  This dog will always have a special place in the child’s life.

  • Where to buy:
  • Mandarin Narration: Ximalaya, Luka Reading Robot, or my daughter’s video below 🙂

我永远爱你 I Will Always Love You Chinese reading video

Here is a video of my 4-year-old daughter reading 我永远爱你 in Mandarin Chinese!

Do you have other favorite Chinese books about dogs?

Whether or not you have pets, I definitely recommend each of these Chinese books about dogs! If you’ve read any of these Chinese books about dogs or have a favorite to share, please leave a comment below!

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Happy reading, friends!

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