20 Amazing Chinese Animal Shows and Documentaries for Kids

Best animal videos and documentaries for kids in Chinese

If your bilingual children are fascinated by pets, zoos, and wildlife, Chinese shows about animals are a fun way to encourage the minority language at home! Thanks to great videos with real animal footage, my kids have learned tons of amazing animal facts in Mandarin Chinese.

To save your family time, I’ve put together a list of the best Mandarin animal shows and videos that we’ve explored as a family.

You’ll kids will have more than enough Chinese videos and documentaries about animals to choose from!

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This article was originally published in April 2019 and has since been updated with new information.

Disney Plus animal shows in Mandarin Chinese for kids

For impressive footage and facts about animals, nothing beats National Geographic and Disney Nature!

In the Disney Plus app, several amazing animal documentaries are available in Mandarin Chinese.

To check if your favorite National Geographic animal shows have the option of Chinese audio, click on the menu icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Since the checking process is rather tedious, here is a list of animal documentaries that have been dubbed in Mandarin Chinese.

To find these animal documentaries on the Disney Plus app, copy the title into the search bar in a parent account. I’ve also included Disney’s age rating.

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National Geographic animal documentaries in English and Chinese

America the Beautiful - National Geographic Animal nature documentary for Kids
America the Beautiful (TV-PG)
America's Funniest Home Videos - Animal Edition - Disney Plus for Kids
America’s Funniest Home Videos – Animal Edition (TV-PG)
The Biggest Little Farm National Geographic Documentary on Disney Plus
The Biggest Little Farm (TV-PG)
Growing up Animal Disney Plus National Geographic video in Chinese
Growing Up Animal (TV-PG)
Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom - Documentary in Mandarin Chinese
Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom (TV-PG)
Meet the Chimps Disney Plus National Geographic Animal Show for Kids
Meet the Chimps (TV-PG)
Playing with Sharks Disney Plus National Geographic documentary for teens
Playing with Sharks (TV-14)
Secrets of the Whales Disney Plus National Geographic Animal Show for Kids
Secrets of the Whales (TV-PG)

Disney Nature animal documentaries in English and Chinese

Disney Nature African Cats Documentary for Kids
African Cats (G)
Disney Plus DisneyNature Bears Animal Video for Kids
Bears (G)
Disney Plus DisneyNature Bear Witness Video for Kids
Bear Witness (G)
Disney Nature Animal Documentary Born in China Video for Kids
Born in China (G)
Disney Plus DisneyNature Chimpanzee Animal Videos for Kids
Chimpanzee (G)
DisneyNature Diving with Dolphins
Diving with Dolphins (G)
DisneyNature Dolphin Reef Ocean Documentary for Kids
Dolphin Reef (G)
Disney Nature Elephant Documentary for Kids
Elephant (G)
DisneyNature In the Footsteps of the Elephant Animal Documentary for Kids
In the Footsteps of the Elephant (G)
DisneyNature Penguins Life on the Edge Animal Video for Kids
Penguins Life on the Edge (G)
DisneyNature Polar Bear Animal Video in Chinese for Kids
Polar Bear (PG)
Disney Nature Animal Documentary Scared Planet Video for Kids
Scared Planet (G)

Netflix Chinese animal shows for kids

If your family subscribes to Netflix, these Chinese cartoons and live-action shows are cute, educational, and all about animals! They have been dubbed in Mandarin and many other languages.

Wink to Learn Animal Encyclopedia videos in Chinese

The Wink to Learn Animal Encyclopedia videos teach 800+ Chinese words and phrases, including 500+ encyclopedic facts about animals. The set of 6 videos includes:

Wink to Learn Animal Encyclopedic DVDs Mandarin Chinese
  1. African Safari 非洲原野 (Fēizhōu yuányě)
  2. Amazing Rainforest 奇特的雨林 (Qítè de yǔlín)
  3. Threatened Species 濒危动物 / 瀕危動物 (Bīnwēi dòngwù)
  4. Asian Reptiles & Australian Wildlife 澳洲野生动物和亚洲爬行动物 / 澳洲野生動物和亞洲爬行動物 (Àozhōu yěshēng dòngwù hé yàzhōu páxíng dòngwù)
  5. Jungle Feathers 丛林之羽 / 叢林之羽 (Cónglín zhī yǔ)
  6. Wetland Wings 湿地之翼 / 濕地之翼 (Shī dì zhī yì)

These animal videos were filmed in the famous Singapore Zoo and Jurong Birdpark! To get children to speak Chinese, the narrator says: “跟我说一起吧 (Gēn wǒ yīqǐ shuō / Say it together with me.)” This helped my children learn so many animal names in Chinese.

Each DVD is 30-40 minutes long, making this an educational screen-time option for toddlers and preschoolers. Subtitles are available in simplified AND traditional Chinese. Here is a sample from one of the videos.

Wink to Learn Animal DVDs are available at Wink to Learn and China Sprout.

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Animal shows in Mandarin Chinese for kids and toddlers on YouTube

If you have toddlers or young kids, these Chinese animal shows on YouTube are great for learning interesting facts in Mandarin.

Le Le Adventure TV 小行星樂樂TV

This adorable Taiwanese channel has a whole playlist dedicated to cute animal adventures! Because the pace of the speech and screen changes are relatively slow, it’s a wonderful channel for young children and parents learning Mandarin. Watch the Le Le Adventure Chinese animal shows on YouTube.

Mama Laoshi 媽媽老師 | Animals in Chinese 動物中文

Mama Laoshi 媽媽老師 is an educational YouTube channel created by a Taiwanese American mom and her cute daughter! She has so many wonderful videos including a playlist all about animals! Check out the Mama Laoshi 媽媽老師 playlist for all of the Chinese animal videos.

Learn 100 Animals in Chinese | 一百種動物的中文名稱

Want to learn 100 animal names in Mandarin? This Chinese YouTube video will teach your child! To help beginners learn and understand the Chinese words, each animal’s name is stated slowly and clearly. The close-up footage of real animals is the best part of these videos.

What other Chinese animal videos do your kids like?

Which of these Chinese animal shows or documentaries are your child’s favorite? Please share with our community in the comments below.

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