“Grace Said” Focus, Patience, Persistence Chinese Picture Books

Grace 说恒心 / Grace 說恆心 (Grace Said Persistence) Grace 说专心 / Grace 說專心 (Grace Said Focus) Grace 说耐心 / Grace 說耐心 (Grace Said Patience)

If you have a child who has ever felt frustrated, impatient, or distracted (which pretty much is everybody), I highly recommend the《Grace 说》(Grace Said) book series for your family. These books show how positive rather than negative phrasing can encourage and empower children.

You’ll be happy to know that the books are available in both simplified and traditional Chinese (hooray!).  We have the simplified Chinese version, and you’ll see why these books are so helpful!

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Grace 说恒心 / Grace 說恆心 (Grace Said Persistence) Grace 说专心 / Grace 說專心 (Grace Said Focus) Grace 说耐心 / Grace 說耐心 (Grace Said Patience)

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Grace Said《Grace 说》series by Eric Liao

  • 作者 (Author): Eric Liao
  • Book Titles:
    • Grace 说恒心 / Grace 說恆心  (Grace Said Persistence)
    • Grace 说专心 / Grace 說專心  (Grace Said Focus)
    • Grace 说耐心 / Grace 說耐心  (Grace Said Patience)
  • Where to buy:
    • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787550289321, 9787550289307, 9787550289314
    • Traditional Chinese / ISBN: 9789862233917, 9789862233351, 9789862233559
    • English / ISBN: 9789862233368, 9789862233542, 9789862233924
  • Luka Reading Robot can read 2 of 3 books (Grace 说专心, Grace 说耐心) with high quality narration

Shopping links to popular bookstores are provided for convenience, but I hope that you can find these in your local library to save on cost! I try to include ISBN numbers to each language version so that it’s a little easier to track down the books!

Grace Said《Grace 说》Chinese books: Review

These 3 stories are written in the perspective of a little girl named Grace, and her father is a wonderful role model. He guides her through strategies needed to overcome challenges.

Each book focuses on a quality (eg, persistence, focus, patience) with relatable examples in Grace’s life. Throughout each story, the father reiterates effective and encouraging ways to praise in Chinese.

For example, Grace requires persistence to play the piano and other activities, so each example is followed with “你一定做得到 (Nǐ yīdìng zuò dédào / You can do it!)”.

When discussing focus, Grace’s father explains that you are looking only at what’s in front of you (eg, Legos) and taking it all in (rather than getting distracted by a nearby butterfly in the illustrations).

In regards to patience, Grace learns that she doesn’t need to get frustrated while waiting. After the father and Grace talk about examples in her life, they also see how virtues help other people.

At the end of the story, we know that Grace truly understands the lesson because she goes on to teach her school friends about persistence, focus, and patience.

Grace Said Patience 耐心 Perseverance 恆心 Focus 專心

Why we love the Grace 说 Chinese books

I love these stories for many reasons.  More importantly, my kids love them!

1. Father-daughter bonding

First, the bond between the father and his daughter, Grace, is evident.  It’s refreshing to see a positive example of a father as an involved parent who communicates effectively through play.

2. Simple, distinctive illustrations

Second, the line illustrations are simple with a pop of red color for Grace’s dress, and yellow for the symbol representing the highlighted quality (eg, hour glass sand timer for patience).

3. Familiar sentence structure

The consistency of the pictures paired with the rhythmic and slightly repetitive sentence structure allows for the story to be remembered by a child.  As a child re-reads the story, they will gradually memorize the words and be able to chime in!

5. Encourages children to understand the important message

Lastly, I like that the child shows that she truly understands the message rather than the father just telling her how things should be.

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Our experience as a non-fluent family

As a non-native Chinese speaker, I felt that each of the stories were easy to understand. The language is straightforward with no idioms.

The font is larger than most Chinese picture books; all text is on a separate page from the illustrations. Therefore, it’s a great series for reading practice. For reference, my daughter read these books last summer at age 4.5 years old when she had ~1000 Chinese characters memorized.

The Grace 说恒心 and Grace 说耐心 books had a few new Chinese characters, but Grace 说专心 had more unfamiliar Chinese characters that we have since learned.

The only downside

As a pediatrician, I was disappointed that the first example in the Grace 说耐心 book was Grace waiting for candy.  The father says that she can deserve candy if she is patient, rewarding her patience.

That being said, this problem is common throughout children’s books, not only the Grace said books. Children’s books commonly feature unhealthy foods instead of healthy fruits and vegetable, perhaps reflecting the diet of many families.

Due to easy access to junk food, soda, and juice, the United States has a widespread obesity epidemic involving children and adults.

However, kids often feel connected to their favorite characters in books as role models.  Therefore, authors and illustrators should consider how they portray food in stories.

That being said, for our family, the candy can serve as a great discussion opportunity with my children. In addition, since my son has numerous food allergies, our family is used to avoiding many foods for his safety. As a result, my children are used to the test of patience when it comes to food!

Photos inside the Grace Said books

Here are some pictures of each of these 3 books!

Grace 说恒心 / Grace 說恆心  (Grace Said Persistence)

Grace 说恒心 / Grace 說恆心 Grace Said Persistence Eric Liao
Grace 说恒心 / Grace 說恆心 Grace Said Persistence Eric Liao

Grace 说专心 / Grace 說專心  (Grace Said Focus)

Grace 说专心 / Grace 說專心 Grace Said Focus Eric Liao
Grace 说专心 / Grace 說專心 Grace Said Focus Eric Liao

Grace 说耐心 / Grace 說耐心  (Grace Said Patience)

Grace 说耐心 / Grace 說耐心 Grace Said Patience Eric Liao
Grace 说耐心 / Grace 說耐心 Grace Said Patience Eric Liao

In summary, I highly recommend this series that teaches young children how to overcome challenges in a relatable way!

Grace Said Patience 耐心 Perseverance 恆心 Focus 專心

Chinese books for kids

Happy reading, friends!

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