Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Movies and Videos for Kids

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

Grab some popcorn (or mooncakes) and relax on the couch! Let’s learn how to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival through movies and videos. Here are the best movies and videos about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 中秋节 / 中秋節 for kids in Chinese and English.

Videos about Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival - history of the holiday, Chinese cultural traditions, moon songs, moon cake cooking videos and recipes. Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Best Mid-Autumn Festival movie for kids and families

Over the Moon

This animated fantasy was inspired by the ancient legend of Chang’E and her lost love HouYi.

In this movie, an adventurous girl named Fei Fei mourns the death of her mother who often shared stories about the mythical moon goddess, Chang’E. As her father starts a relationship with a new girlfriend, Fei Fei desperate clings to memories of her mother. Her determination fuels her quest to build a rocket and launches her into a psychedelic universe including Chang’E on the moon.

Dubbing available in English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and several other languages.

Rated PG. Common Sense Media recommends the movie for children ages 6 and up.

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Best Moon Festival history videos in English

These videos give a helpful overview of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival traditions in English.

All You Need to Know About Mid-Autumn Festival

This video from South China Morning Post introduces the origins of Mid-Autumn Festival, an annual tradition for Chinese families and communities to come together and feast to give thanks for the harvest of crops following the summer.

A Mid-Autumn Festival Legend

This adorable child from Singapore explains the Mid-Autumn Festival and why we celebrate the holiday with mooncakes.

Mid-Autumn Festival Video | An introduction

Great Britain Times gives an overview of Chinese cultural traditions, including family gatherings with round fruit and moon cake pastries. Most of the video is in English but some Mandarin is included. Subtitles are in simplified Chinese.

《静夜思》李白 (唐诗) Thoughts on a Tranquil Night – Tang Poem by Li Bai

This bilingual video teaches the popular Chinese Tang poem by Li Ba. The author, Li Bai, used 4 lines of 5 Chinese characters to describe his nostalgia for home during Mid Autumn Festival. Subtitles are in Simplified Chinese, Hanyu Pinyin, and English.

Best Moon Festival Videos in Mandarin Chinese

If you’re raising bilingual children or learning yourself, these videos summarize the Mid-Autumn Festival in Mandarin Chinese.

What is the Mid-Autumn Festival? 中秋節的故事➕我們一起做月餅

Mama Laoshi explains the Mid-Autumn Festival to her adorable toddler, Winter, in Mandarin Chinese. Like all of her other videos, this one is so dynamic and engaging!

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Chinese Holidays – Mid-Autumn Festival – 中秋节

This Chinese teacher shows how to pronounce important vocabulary for Mid-Autumn Festival in Mandarin. Subtitles are in Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, and English.

Taoshu and Friends Celebrate Mid-Autumn festival

Taoshu is a popular Singaporean Chinese cartoon. This particular video incorporates real video footage of families celebrating Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Audio is in Mandarin Chinese while the occasional subtitles are in simplified Chinese.

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Best Moon Festival Video in Cantonese

If you’re family speaks Cantonese, check out these great Mid-Autumn Festival videos.

中秋節 – Mid-Autumn Festival

While speaking fluent Cantonese, an American mother shares authentic photographs and describes how people celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Subtitles are in traditional Chinese characters and English.

What are your favorite Mid-Autumn Festival videos for kids?

Please share in the comments below! We love to hear how other families and schools learn about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

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