Mina Learns Chinese Books for Children with Pinyin and English

Mina Learns Chinese books for kids with Pinyin and English

Mina Learns Chinese is a growing series by Chinese American author, Katrina Liu! We’re so grateful that she generously shared 3 of her bilingual books with our family, and we’ve continued to buy more of her books on our own! Last year, we interviewed author Katrina Liu, and our children still adore her stories!

Mina Learns Chinese books for kids with Pinyin and English

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I’ll share details on why these bilingual books are so wonderful for children – and parents – learning Chinese.

Mina Learns Chinese books for kids with Pinyin and English

Mina Learns Chinese Books for Children with Pinyin and English

Author: Katrina Liu

Titles and where to buy:

Debating between simplified & traditional Chinese characters?

What age are Mina Learns Chinese books for?

These Chinese picture books are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and Kindergartners. Kids in lower elementary school may also enjoy these stories.

Although my 6-year-old second grader is has been reading Chinese chapter books, she still enjoys reading cute and relatable picture books.

Dedication page for Mina, the author’s daughter

What do we love about the Mina Learns Chinese books?

Realistic stories about the author’s daughter

We need more stories with relatable, Asian protagonists! While white and animal protagonists dominate children’s literature, only 8.7% of stories feature Asian protagonists.

The Mina Learns Chinese series celebrates common childhood experiences, such as attending school, bonding with grandparents, playing games, and more.

Relevant vocabulary

Since these books are based on true stories, the narrative consists of regular, everyday parenting vocabulary. Mina Learns Chinese stories can help help non-fluent families learn to speak and read Chinese!

Simplified AND traditional Chinese with English + Pinyin

Each of these books are available in simplified or traditional Chinese.

In addition, the books also have Hanyu Pinyin and English.

Fluent Mandarin narration

The audio narration for each Mina Learns Chinese story is available on the author Katrina Liu’s website! This is a huge blessing for non-fluent families who need to hear fluent Mandarin Chinese!

Fluent Cantonese narration

Cantonese Mommy (Michelle Huang) has narrated 4 of these books in fluent Cantonese:

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Mina Learns Chinese Bilingual Book Scavenger Hunt with Pinyin and English

Clear font

The Chinese characters are large in black, readable font. I appreciate that the author was receptive to feedback about making the Pinyin and English relatively small. The phonetic support and translation are visible for who those who need it. However, the Chinese characters stand out the most.

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Photos inside Mina Learns Chinese books for kids

Here’s the inside of Mina’s Ups and Downs. For this book about emotions, the names of each feeling is highlighted in pink font for emphasis.

Mina's Ups and Downs Chinese book about emotions for kids with Pinyin and English

The following photos shows pages of Mina’s Scavenger Hunt (top) and I love my Grandpa (bottom).

Below is a peek inside “I Found It!” in English, simplified Chinese, and Pinyin.

Have you read the Mina Learns Chinese books with your children or students?

What did you think of the books, and which is your child’s favorite?

Are you reading the simplified or traditional Chinese books with your kids? And do you rely on the Pinyin and English translations, too?

We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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Happy reading, friends!


  1. Hi. Katrina’s books look good. I had a chance to look at the Ups and Downs book before and felt like I could relate with the scenario. It can definitely be a rollercoaster. I would be interested in the simplified version.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity! Love your recommendations and would love these books. Would love the traditional Chinese version please.

  3. I have for beautiful girls learning Mandarin and these would make a great addition to our library! We would love a copy of the simplified Chinese!

  4. Firstly thanks for your amazing blog. It’s so
    Comprehensive and it’s given me the confidence to start this Billingual journey despite my Chinese being not that good… would love to add one of these Traditional books to our library. We read Mina’s Ups & Down all the time.

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