15 Tree and Autumn Books for Kids in Chinese and English

Books about autumn and trees in Chinese & English

Autumn season is here, and I miss seeing the leaves change to beautiful yellow, orange, and red hues. Since my kids don’t get the full autumn experience in sunny California, we are devouring reality-based (Montessori-inspired) books about autumn and trees in Chinese and English!

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Several of these books feature Asian-appearing protagonists; many were created by Asian authors or illustrators!

Where can I find tree and autumn books in Chinese and English?

My hope is that you can find these books in your local library or favorite online Chinese bookstores!

Under each book, I have included ISBN and links to popular book stores.

Do these tree and autumn books come with audio narration?

For bilingual families, many of these books have free Mandarin narration on Ximalaya FM or YouTube.

Several can be also read with Luka Reading Robot.

Details will be included under each book description below.

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Tree and Autumn Books in Chinese and English

Here are various bilingual books about trees and autumn that we’ve read over the years!

I’ve included a photo and short description so you can see which books you might want to explore with your family.

叶子小屋 (Little Leaf House) Audio recording of 叶子小屋 by 征矢清

1. 叶子小屋 (Little Leaf House)

This adorable book was originally written in Japanese. When a little girl notices rain when she plays outside, she seeks shelter in a leafy area. Soon, other animals and insects join her little leaf house. We have several books illustrated by 林明子; the illustrations are beautiful and realistic and feature Asian-appearing characters. Sadly, this book is no longer in print, but thankfully, you can still enjoy the story on Ximalaya and YouTube!

  • 作者 (Author):征矢清
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787530491126
    • Out-of-print
  • Audio:

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叶子先生 (Leaf Man) by Lois Ehlert

2. 叶子先生 (Leaf Man)

This creative book shows how you can use leaves of different shapes and colors to create fun art! For example, as shown in the image above, you can use leaves to make a duck family!

  • 作者 (Author):洛伊丝 (Lois Ehlert)
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787513322003
  • English / ISBN: 9780152053048
  • Audio:
秋天的书 (My Autumn Book) Part of the 季节之歌共4册 series 黄河弼

3. 秋天的书 (My Autumn Book)

Written by Asian-American author Wong Herbert Yee (same author as our 谁喜欢雨 Who Likes Rain? book), this book is about a little girl who starts a scrapbooks for her nature observations.

I love how the book encourages scientific discovery and critical thinking outdoors!

Part of the 季节之歌共4册 (Song of Seasons) series

  • 作者 (Author):黄河弼
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787556814671
  • English / ISBN: 9780805099225

4. 轻敲魔法树 / 敲一敲、搖一搖,魔法樹! (Tap the Magic Tree)

This is such a fun, interactive book for toddlers and preschoolers! The story starts with a bare brown three that transforms with taps, page turns, claps, and wiggles.

With each action, leaves, flowers, and apples grow and eventually go away as the seasons change.

  • 作者 (Author): Christie Matheson
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787513319140
  • Traditional Chinese / ISBN: 9789863207573
  • English / ISBN: 9780062274458
  • Audio:

5. 树真好 (A Tree Is Nice)

This Caldecott-award winning book talks about why trees are so good in our world! Trees fill up the sky, give us a place to climb and swing from, or rest in the shade.

Illustrations alternate from full-color pages to black-and-white.

  • 作者 (Author): Janis May Udry
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787539147635
  • Traditional Chinese
  • English / ISBN:  9780060261559
  • Audio:
    • Luka Reading Robot
小树的四季 (Little Tree's Four Seasons) by Loren Long

6. 小树的四季 (Little Tree’s Four Seasons)

This is one of my children’s all time favorite books because of the simple, clean, and cute illustrations. However, the book has as a deeper meaning about a young tree who holds tight to his leaves.

While other trees let go of their leaves and become barren in the winter, he holds on tight. He holds onto the brown leaves through the season, but then realizes he needs to accept change in order to grow like the trees around him.

  • 作者 (Author):罗隆 (Loren Long)
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787556059287
  • English / ISBN:  9780399163975
再见夏天你好秋天 (Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn) by Kenard Pak

7. 再见夏天你好秋天 (Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn)

Originally written by Asian-American author and illustrator Kenard Pak in English, we have the Chinese translation.

A young girl walks through the forest and town, saying hello 你好 (nǐ hǎo) to all the autumn changes. At the end of the book, she says goodbye to summer.

I like that this book features a character that could be Asian, Black, or Latino!

  • 作者 (Author): 科纳德 (Kenard Pak)
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787556827671
  • Traditional Chinese/ ISBN: 9789866215773
  • English / ISBN: 9781627794152
  • Audio:
    • Luka Reading Robot
Gail Gibbons Pumpkin and Thanksgiving Books for Kids

8. 南瓜 (Pumpkin)

This is one of many Gail Gibbon’s educational books that give a great introduction to science. 南瓜 (Pumpkin) talks about how to plant a pumpkin, the growth cycle, and many variations of pumpkins.

南瓜 (Pumpkin) by Gail Gibbons - Autumn and Thanksgiving Book for Kids

A brief summary of pumpkins in culture – Thanksgiving and Halloween Jack-o-lanterns – are also included.

  • 作者 (Author): Gail Gibbons
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787544725910
  • English / ISBN: 9780823416363

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Book Diorama Fall of Freddie the Leaf 一片叶子落下来

9. 一片叶子落下来 (The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story of Life for All Ages)

This timeless book is one of our family’s all time favorites.

Please read my detailed review of Fall of Freddie the Leaf for more photos, ISBN, Mandarin narration, and activity ideas!

问我吧 (Ask Me) by Benard Waber

10. 问我吧 (Ask Me)

This is simple and sweet story features a father and daughter bonding while spending a regular day at the park. That’s what’s so great about this book – it celebrates how special a typical day can be when you have time with your family. Gorgeous pictures by Korean-American illustrator, Suzy Lee.

  • 作者 (Author): 伯纳德 (Bernard Waber)
  • Simplified Chinese / ISBN: 9787559606297
  • Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin
  • English / ISBN: 9780547733944

Books about Trees and Autumn in English

1. Tall Tall Tree

This book celebrates the magnificent Californian redwood trees! Through playful rhyme, the author encourages counting the animals and exploring nature. One of my son’s favorite books!

  • 作者 (Author): Anthony Federicks
  • English / ISBN:  9781584696025

2. The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-Ups

Fantastic science picture book about the large variety of trees! Younger kids can enjoy observing and discussing the realistic illustrations; older kids and adults can read the interesting details.

  • 作者 (Author): Gina Ingoglia
  • English / ISBN: 9781889538860

3. Trees, Leaves, and Bark

This book makes a great, lightweight, field guides for kids to find trees at the park! Each highlighted tree comes with facts about the unique leaf and bark findings. Simple nature-based activities and instructions are also provided.

  • 作者 (Author): Diane Burns
  • English / ISBN: 9781559716284

4. Thankful

This is a charming, rhyming book that celebrates gratitude. Although the cover setting is fall and the book can be read for Thanksgiving, the book can be read year-round. Please note that the book has references to thanking God.

  • 作者 (Author): Eileen Spinelli
  • English / ISBN: 9780310761402

5. In November

Another gorgeous Autumn book, this one celebrates the changes that come in November. As the temperature becomes colder, animals seek food and shelter while people gather together to celebrate blessings with family and friends.

  • 作者 (Author): Cynthia Rylant
  • English / ISBN: 9780152063429

What are your family’s favorite tree and autumn books?

If you read this book, let me know what you think in the comments below! We’d love to hear about your learning experience with the books you choose! What other books do you recommend we check out?

Hands-on activities with leaves

Happy reading, friends!

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