Chalk Eggs Glue Resist Literacy Activity for Kids! (VIDEO)

Over the past couple of years, we have had a lot of fun using chalk for literacy crafts, such as this Chalk Eggs Glue Resist Literacy Activity.

Chalk is by far one of our favorite writing and drawing tools.  My daughter learned to write with chunky, colorful Crayola chalk, and we love to draw outdoors on our concrete patio!

CHALK EGGS - Fun Kid's Activity with Glue, Black Paper and Chalk!

Get creative with chalk!

Black paper is a fun challenge, because we have to get creative in order for color to appear.

For this glue resist activity, we used regular Elmer’s glue to draw designs on black paper.

When chalk is added, the areas with glue resist color, so the design pops out through the chalky surroundings.

Teach language through art

Since my children are learning Chinese as a minority language, I love findings ways to encourage learning through art.

With Elmer’s glue, I drew Chinese characters, but you can write any language that your child is learning.

You can even teach numbers with the glue resist surprise!

The result is truly beautiful and unique!

At the end of the post, I am so excited to show you a candid video of the process and how ours turns out.

I hope that your family can try it, too!

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Important vocabulary

In the photos show in this post, you’ll see that our Chalk Eggs Glue Resist activity focused on animals that lay eggs.

I like giving context around Chinese characters so that my daughter will have a better chance at memorizing new words.

This hands-on activity was a great way to reinforce the differences between the characters 鸟,鸭,鸡 (niǎo, yā, jī / bird, duck, chicken) plus the following words:

  1. / 畫 (huà / draw)
  2. 粉笔 (fěnbǐ / chalk)
  3. / (jiāoshuǐ/ glue)
  4. 黑纸 /黑紙 (hēi zhǐ / black paper)
  5. 动物 / 動物 (dòngwù / animal)
    1. 鸟 / (niǎo / bird)
    2. 鸭 / (yā / duck)
    3. 鸡  / (jī / chicken)
  6. 蛋 (dàn / egg)

What you need for Chalk Eggs Glue Resist Activity:

  1. Chalk
  2. Elmer’s Glue
  3. Black construction paper
  4. Scissors
Chinese characters on black paper written with Elmer's glue

How to set up the Chalk Eggs Glue Resist activity:

  1. Draw and cut out large egg shapes from black paper
  2. Write words with Elmer’s glue.
    1. Optional: Add design at edge of egg, away from the character, so that there is no confusion that the design is part of the character
  3. Wait for glue to dry completely.  Let your child feel the dry glue and observe that white glue becomes transparent when dry!
  4. Use any color combination of chalk; let your child take the lead on the artistic design!

*Tip: The Chinese character is more noticeable if you apply more pressure and use more chalk!

Since chalk can get a bit messy, this is a fun learning activity that you can take outdoors while soaking in the sunshine!!!

Video of chalk and glue resist process art!

Here is my daughter discovering which Chinese characters appear while coloring with chalk!

What do you think of the final result of our Chalk Eggs? 🙂

Have you tried chalk glue resist with your family?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s) and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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Happy learning, friends! 

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