Chinese Books for Kids – 阿波林的小世界 (A Bo Lin’s Small World)


阿波林的小世界 is an adorable set of paperback Chinese books for young children.  Originally written in French, the series of 14 books has been translated to simplified Chinese.

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  • 作者 (Author): 狄迪尔·杜尔海森 Didier Dufresne; illustrated by Armelle Modere
  • ISBN: 9787535038494
  • Where to buy
  • Free audio narration: Ximalaya FM
    • This one has 11 tracks, easy to understand
    • This one has all 14 tracks, but some distracting background music
  • Compatible with Luka Reading Robot which has high-quality narration

阿波林的小世界 book review

阿波林 is a toddler who has a doll called DouDou.  DouDou is 阿波林’s, baby, and she takes care of her like a little mama.  阿波林 puts DouDou to bed and tells her bedtime stories, builds a snowman together with her, brushes her teeth, and many other day-to-day childhood adventures.

The 阿波林 books use simple, everyday Chinese vocabulary and grammar.   Each page has only 1 line of text, and the Chinese characters are easy to read against the white background.

This is an excellent set of books for kids who are starting to learn Chinese, because the scenarios are realistic and relevant to daily life.

Children who are learning to read Chinese through Sagebooks and 四五快读  may find this series to be a confidence booster for their reading ability.

The books may be too “young” for elementary school kids, but it could be helpful for those who are looking for easy reading practice.

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Although my 5-year-old daughter is reading Chinese bridge books, she still loves the 阿波林的小世界 book due to the cuteness!

Since the books are so thin, you may want to avoid them around babies who have not yet learned to respect books (no throwing, bending, ripping).  However, I am glad that the books don’t take up much space, because kids will outgrow these eventually!


Book Titles 目录

  1. Happy Birthday 生日快乐
  2. Christmas Gift 圣诞礼物
  3. It’s Time to Sleep 快睡觉
  4. Go to Beach 在海滩
  5. Play a Family Game 过家家
  6. In the Garden 花园里
  7. Make a Snowman 堆雪人
  8. Little Doctor 小医生
  9. Take a Bath 洗澡
  10. Pee Time 把尿尿
  11. Do Not Want to Take Nap 不想午睡
  12. Brush Teeth 刷牙
  13. Wear Clothing 穿衣服
  14. Drive Car 开汽车

Sample photos of 阿波林的小世界


In summary, I highly recommend 阿波林的小世界 Chinese books for kids who are learning simplified Chinese.  A wide range of relevant vocabulary is introduced with each story, and the illustrations are cute and realistic!


Many websites and apps offer FREE multilingual books for kids!

Ximalaya FM is our favorite, and I highly recommend their free Chinese audiobooks for all kids!

Since the entire website and app is in Chinese, please refer to this guide on How to Use Ximalaya if you cannot read Chinese.

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Happy reading, friends!

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