5 Fun Bilingual Color Sorting Activities for Kids (Printable)

Fun bilingual color sorting activities for kids

These color sorting and matching activities have always been fun with my kids because they love rainbows! We’ve done a few variations over the years, and happy to share the ideas with you along with free printables in Chinese (and some in English/Korean)!

I promise these take almost no time and effort to prepare!

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Fun bilingual color sorting and matching activities for kids
Play scarves, hole punch, toy cars, painter’s tape, glitter glue

When is the best time to teach your child colors?

“Lessons” about colors are an ongoing, often subtle process from birth.  At birth, children first notice high contrast colors (black, white, red), and then other colors of the rainbow in their first year of life.

When you are reading and playing with your child, take a moment to point out and describe objects by their color.  Compare colors and point out when colors match, such as with clothing, food, and flowers!

Gradually, children will recognize the pattern through observation, repetition, and frequent discussion.

In addition, you can also focus on one color at a time, such as, highlighting red objects for one week, then orange the following week, etc.

What age should my child do sorting activities?

Although all children develop at their own pace, they typically learn color sorting skills between age 1-4 years.  Even before children know color names, they can often group and match colors.

The activities in this post are perfect for kids ranging from toddler, preschoolers, and Kindergartners!

Implementing language into activities

My children have learned color names in 3 languages: English, the dominant language, plus Chinese and Korean, the minority languages.

Since we live in a small town and my children rarely meet people who speak other languages, we try to encourage the minority languages at home!

In addition, my children primarily get to see Chinese characters at home.  Therefore, I try to make Chinese fun and relevant by including Chinese words in these color matching activities!

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Color names in Chinese, Pinyin, and English: Important vocabulary

Here are translations for color names in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Hanyu Pinyin, and English!

  • 颜色 / 顏色 (Yánsè / colors)
  • 红, 橙, 黄, 绿, 蓝, 紫, 粉, 棕 / 紅,橙,黃,綠,藍,紫,粉,棕 (Hóng, chéng, huáng, lǜ, lán, zǐ, fěn, sōng / red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown)
  • 原色 (Yuánsè / primary color)
  • 二次色 (Èr cì sè / secondary color)

5 Fun bilingual color sorting and matching activities for kids

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Giant color sorting matching activity for kids - free Chinese character printables

(a) Giant color sorting activity

This is such a fun way to for kids to get exercise while learning to match colors! If you want to use our printables, they get exposure to giant-sized Chinese characters!

Photo above is from this week. Photo below is from a few years ago!


What you need

  1. Printable Chinese color names in large Kaiti font*, free download available in:
  2. 8″x11″ Colorful paper
  3. Painter’s tape
  4. Colorful objects (eg, Grimm Wooden Friends, B. Toys One Two Squeeze Blocks, Ikea Cups, Colorful Clothespins, Grimm Wooden Stacker)
  5. Optional: Laminator and laminator sheets
color matching with dot stickers - free Chinese printable

(b) Dot sticker color sorting activity

  1. Printable Chinese color names in large Kaiti font*, free download available in:
  2. 8″x11″ Colorful paper
  3. Painter’s tape
  4. Dot stickers (Avery or Garage Sale Pup)
  5. Optional: Laminator and laminator sheets


  • If you can write Chinese, I recommend buying Avery reusable dot stickers so the kids can enjoy peeling and sticking multiple times.
  • If you cannot write Chinese, I recommend buying Garage Sale Pup 1″ diameter Color-Coded Neon Labels and typing/printing out the Chinese characters on their template.  Please note that this brand is not easily removable.  We have used these many times with our laminated color sheets, and they leave a sticky residue.
Color matching with Chinese flashcards

(c) Mini color sorting activity (English, Chinese, Korean)

If your are past the mouthing stage, try this small scale color matching! My kids love cute, miniature objects, and these English, Chinese, and Korean flashcards are free to print out! (See next example)

Learning how to say and read colors in Mandarin Chinese - Montessori 3-part cards free printabl

(d) Montessori 3-part cards (English, Chinese, Korean)

These Montessori 3-part cards are perfect for learning how to read color names in English, Chinese, and Korean! Kids who are not yet reading can practice matching colors.

Learn about our free Printable Montessori 3-Part Color Cards (Chinese, Korean, English) in this post!

Color scavenger hunt - free printable for toddlers and preschoolers in Chinese, English, Korean

(e) Color scavenger hunt

This one is fun and easy to take outdoors! Read about our Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids (Chinese, Korean, English) and download them from our Printables Library!

Have you tried any of these bilingual color sorting activities?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s) and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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