Interactive Korean Calendar: Translations and Fun Printable

Interactive Korean Calendar: Translations and Free Printable

Since kid-friendly Korean resources are hard to find online, I’m really happy to share this interactive Korean calendar with all of you!

My kids have been learning Korean on and off over the past few years, and I finally translated our Chinese calendar printable to Korean! There are 2 versions that you can choose from, and I’ll share translations in this post as well!

Interactive Korean Calendar: Translations and Free Printable

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Download printable Korean calendar

Choose between Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3…) or Sino-Korean numerals. Although Arabic numerals are typically used in Korean calendars, the written Sino-Korean numerals can help kids learn the correct Korean pronunciation. Step-by-step instructions are also included with the printable.

Our printable perpetual calendar is also available in English and Chinese.

Velcro for interactive Korean calendar printable

Other materials for the Korean calendar printable

Silicone ziplock bag to store extra Korean months, seasons, years for calendar
Reusable storage bag (similar here) to store extra Korean months, seasons, years labels

Pre-requisites to teaching calendar skills to children

Calendar concepts can be challenging for young children because they need to understand:

  • How to count and read numbers
  • Sequencing
  • Traditional Calendar format
  • Columns corresponding to days of the week

When to introduce the calendar to kids?

Before introducing the physical calendars to my kids, you can teach the concepts by reviewing a visual daily routine chart and weekly activities.

For example, when it’s the weekend, I tell my kids that it’s Saturday, which usually means that daddy and mommy are not working!  Every Sunday, we attend church (currently online services), so my kids learned to associate these events with a particular day of the week.

Since we live in California, we don’t experience major seasonal changes, so my kids have learned about snowy winters through books! This Paper Plate Seasons Puzzle also helped my daughter understand seasons and months of the year!

Holidays and birthdays of loved ones are helpful ways to remember months of the year.

Finally, when my kids could count to double digits and recognize those numbers in our printable hundred chart, they were ready to use our calendar!

Important calendar vocabulary in Korean

Big thanks to @korean4mykids for helping me translate these terms as well as the printable!

General calendar terms

  • Month: 월
  • Year: 년
  • Season: 계절
  • Day: 요일

Days of the week

In certain contexts, abbreviated versions of the days of the week are used in Korean. For example, television programs that show on Monday and Tuesday are called 월화 dramas.

  • Sunday: 일요일
    • Sun: 일
  • Monday: 월요일
    • Mon:월
  • Tuesday: 화요일
    • Tues: 화
  • Wednesday: 수요일
    • Wed: 수
  • Thursday: 목요일
    • Thurs: 목
  • Friday: 금요일
    • Fri: 금
  • Saturday: 토요일
    • Sat: 토

Months of the year

Months of the year in Korean - calendar translations
Months of the year in Korean
  • January
    • 1월
    • 일월 (irwol)
  • February
    • 2월
    • 이월 (iwol)
  • March
    • 3월
    • 삼월 (samwol)
  • April
    • 4월
    • 사월 (sawol)
  • May
    • 5월
    • 오월 (owol)
  • June
    • 6월
    • 철월 (chilwol)
  • July
    • 7월
    • 유월 (yuwol)
  • August
    • 8월
    • 팔월 (parwol)
  • September
    • 9월
    • 구월 (guwol)
  • October
    • 10월
    • 시월 (siwol)
  • November
    • 11월
    • 십일월 (sibirwol)
  • December
    • 12월
    • 십이월 (sibiwol)
Seasons in Korean - calendar translations
Years and seasons

Seasons in Korean

  • Spring: 봄 (bom)
  • Summer: 여름 (yureum)
  • Autumn: 가을 (ga-eul)
  • Winter: 겨울 (gyuwool)
Paper clip to keep track of date on Korean calendar
Paper clip to keep track of the date!

Calendar question prompts!

Here are some questions you can discuss with your children while teaching calendar concepts!

  • 오늘은 몇월이에요? (What month is it today?)
  • 오늘은 무슨 요일이에요? (What day is it today?)
  • 어제는 무슨 요일이었어요? (What day was it yesterday?)
  • 내일은 무슨 요일이에요? (What day will it be tomorrow?)
  • 지금은 어떤 계절이에요? (What is the season currently?)
  • 이번 계절에는 몇달 남았어요? (How many months are left in this season?)
  • 다음 계절은 무엇이에요? (What is the next season?) 
  • 금요일까지 몇일 남았어요? (How many days are there until Friday?)
  • 지난 월요일은 몇월 몇일이었어요? (What was the month and day of this past Monday?)
  • 크리스마스가 12월이면 그때까지 몇달 남았어요? (If Christmas is in December, how many more months are left until then?)
  • 너의 생일은 몇 주 전이었어요?  How many weeks ago was your birthday?

Get your fun printable Korean calendar here!

Have you used this Korean calendar printable with your kids or students?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s) and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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Happy playful learning, friends!


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