Popular Korean Children’s Songs and Nursery Rhymes

Best Korean songs and nursery rhymes for kids

In hopes of raising our children trilingual, we’ve been listening to popular Korean children’s songs and nursery rhymes every day.

Since I can’t speak Korean, I spent too much time searching for the best Korean songs. There are just too many screechy kids’ music out there! This list includes the Korean children’s songs that my mama ears can tolerate while my kids sing and dance!

Popular Korean Songs and Nursery Rhymes for Kids

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Benefits of teaching Korean with children’s music and nursery rhymes

If Korean is a minority language for your family, finding ways to make the language fun and interesting is extremely important.

Thankfully, music is one of the first, best, and easiest ways that kids learn language! Catchy melodies naturally intrigue children to listen, and repetition helps with remembering new words.

In addition, music can have an immediate affect on the family’s mood. Some Korean songs can be calming and soothing while others encourage movement and interaction.

Korean nursery rhymes CD player
Jensen CD player with Korean music CDs

Important Korean vocabulary about music

Here are important key words about music in Korean with romanization for parents who are learning Korean with their kids!

  • 음악 (Eum-ag / Music)
  • 노래 (Nolae / Song)
  • 노래 부르다 (Nolae buleada / Sing songs)
  • 어린이 노래 (Eolin-i nolae / Children’s songs)

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Korean nursery rhymes and folk songs books for kids

The following Korean music books have the best songs for children! Although many of these songs can be found online, having the book is so nice for hands-on learning with kids. We can see the lyrics in Korean with English translations.

Korean folk song book with CD

Popular Korean Songs and Nursery Rhymes for Kids

This is our absolute favorite Korean music CD book!! The lyrics are calm, clear, and soothing. A brief background of the folk song is explained, and romanization is provided next to the Korean lyrics.

Illustrations are realistic and gorgeous. Each song comes with sheet music so you can play at home on your instrument!

Korean Nursery Rhymes with CD

Korean Nursery Rhymes with CD

This is another lovely Korean book with popular Korean songs and vibrant illustrations! The words are a bit difficult to read due to the colorful background, but both Romanization and English translations are provided.

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Top Korean music albums for kids

These Korean albums are available for online listening; some might be available as CDs.

Have a dance party and a sing off to these Korean children’s songs!

I Am Happy: Korean Children’s Songs by Jinyoung Kim

I Am Happy: Korean Children's Songs by Jinyoung Kim

Amazon | iTunes | Spotify

  1. A Joyful Birthday
  2. I Can Do It
  3. A Little Piece of Paper
  4. I Am Happy
  5. At Preschool
  6. Patience
  7. One Body
  8. Little Children In The Big Universe
  9. Shaking Shaking
  10. A Story For Grandparents
  11. Marching
  12. Friends In The Wood
  13. Stepping On The Fallen Leaves
  14. Top Spinning
  15. The Day Santa Claus Comes
  16. Time To Go Home
  17. Easter Song
  18. A Joyful Birthday: Instrumental
  19. A Story For Grandparents: Instrumental
  20. Patience

A Singing Letter by Jinyoung Kim

A Singing Letter by Jinyoung Kim

Amazon | iTunes | Spotify

  1. Glowing in the Sun
  2. I Can Tell Spring Will Soon Be Here
  3. Singing La-La-La
  4. Planting Seeds
  5. Pop Yahoo!
  6. Morning Glory
  7. Sunflower
  8. Splishy Splashy
  9. Click- a -click- a- click Clack
  10. Bunny On the Grassy Green
  11. Lovely Tail
  12. Rooster
  13. In My Own Backyard
  14. Jungle Home
  15. I Can Play the Xylophone
  16. Woa Ah Lee Loo Loo
  17. A Singing Letter
  18. Thanksgiving
  19. In Our Tiny Hearts
  20. Welcome to My School

Breathing Joy: Korean Children’s Songs (호~ 불어줄게요: 김진영 동요집)

Breathing Joy: Korean Children's Songs (호~ 불어줄게요: 김진영 동요집)


  1. 우리 친구 (My Friend)
  2. 우산을 씌워줄게 (Sharing an Umbrella)
  3. 단 하나뿐 (Only One)
  4. 나는 너에 대해 알고 싶어 (I Want To Know about You)
  5. 나의 손으로 (With My Hands)
  6. 바닷가에서 (On the Seashore)
  7. 내 마음도 콩콩콩 (My Heart is Pounding Kong-kong-kong)
  8. 친구하고 마주보고 (Dancing With My Friend)
  9. 들어주세요 (Please Listen)
  10. 신나는 캠프 (Camping Song)
  11. 기다려줄게 (I Will Wait For You)
  12. 꽃을 꺾지 마세요 (Don’t Pick Flowers)
  13. 튼튼한 집 (A Solid House)
  14. 무섭지 않아 (I’m Not Afraid of It Anymore)
  15. 줄다리기 (Tug-of-War)
  16. 괜찮아 (It’s Okay)
  17. 치우는 시간 (Clean Up Time)
  18. 친구와 헤어질 때 (Farewell Song)
  19. 꼬마산타 (Little Santa)
  20. 내가 호~ 불어줄게요 (Breathing Joy)
  21. 따뜻한 장갑 (Mittens)

동요랑 함께 놀아요, Volume 19

동요랑 함께 놀아요 Korean nursery rhymes


  1. 어린왕자에게
  2. 우주 자전거
  3. 딸기는 내친구
  4. 뚱보새
  5. 맛있는건 살쪄
  6. 밀림으로
  7. 반갑게 인사해
  8. 병원차와 소방차
  9. 봄이 왔어요
  10. 비교하며 놀아요
  11. 신종플루 어린이 예방송
  12. 아기오리 아기병아리
  13. 아장아장 걸음마
  14. 안녕안녕
  15. 동화책
  16. 엄마랑 아빠랑
  17. 이오이오
  18. 일어나요
  19. 꿈꾸는 도화지

Mom Chosen Best Korean Song

Mom Chosen Best Korean Songs for kids

iTunes | Spotify

  1. Promise You
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  3. Head Shoulder Knee and Foot
  4. My Face Like An Apple
  5. 100 Rats

Korean Disney songs for kids

Korean Disney Songs for Kids

If you’re a fan of Korean Disney movies, you can sing their amazing songs in Korean!

Disney songs are a bit more advanced than typical Korean nursery rhymes for kids, but the melodies are amazing at any age.

Korean nursery rhyme CDs in zipper wallet

Organizing Korean children’s music CDs

To encourage our kids to listen to Korean music, CD players are easily accessible in our kids’ rooms. Meanwhile, Korean music CDs are stored in a zipper wallet case.

More organization details are explained in this post: Montessori Inspired CD Organization and Accessibility for Kids.

What are your Korean children’s songs?

Which Korean nursery rhymes and songs are your child’s favorite? Please share in the comments below. We’d love to learn from your family.

More Korean learning resources for kids

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