Organizing Kids Masks for School + Bilingual Labels (English / Chinese)

Kids' Mask Organization with Bilingual Labels (English, Chinese, Pinyin, Zhuyin)
Stasher silicone bags with free printable bilingual labels

To keep our various kids’ masks organized, we separate clean and dirty masks. With color-coded bags and free printable bilingual (English and Chinese) labels, our simple method can help kids and adults of all ages be prepared and safe with fresh masks.

For reference, our organization method has helped both my 4-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter independently wear clean masks as part of their daily routine.

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Tips for mask storage and organization at home

In our closets, we use a belt hanger rack to store extra masks and let them air dry after washing them. My kids can easily see the options and choose a color or design to match their clothes.

How to store and organize resuable cloth masks for kids and adults

We also keep a few masks on the wall-mounted hanging coat rack near our door to grab on our way out.

Tips for mask storage and organization at school, travel, and on-the-go

When we’re out and about, we carry two small bags (cloth or silicone) to store our masks:

  • One bag for clean, fresh masks
  • One bag for worn masks that need to be washed

After taking off dirty masks, we put them in the “dirty” bag. Then, we wash our hands with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer.

Silicone face mask storage cases

Mask organization: separate face mask storage cases for clean and dirty masks with labels
Silicone mask cases labeled clean (干净 / 乾淨 gānjìng) and dirty (脏 /髒 zāng) in Chinese (written by my bilingual daughter)

Last year, we used designated face mask cases, as shown in the above image. However, we realized the shape and size of these bags could hold only a couple of face masks. Often, I almost forgot to refill the “clean” mask bag, and thus, I realized we needed slightly larger bags.

Washable silicone storage bags for mask organization

Therefore, for this school year, we have switched to these sandwich-sized Stasher bags because they can hold many more masks of various sizes. This way, we can fill up a “clean” mask bag at the beginning of the week without having to check on it daily.

Kids' Mask Organization: color-coded silicone bags with bilingual labels (English, Chinese, Pinyin, Zhuyin)
Stasher silicone bags with free printable bilingual labels

After weaning off plastic ziplock bags and trying various brands, Stasher reusable silicone bags have been a consistent favorite because of their thick, durable material.

To maximize clarity and minimize confusion, each silicone bag is labeled and color-coded: turquoise for “clean / 干净 / 乾淨 (gānjìng)” and red for “dirty / 脏 /髒 (zāng).”

Download free printable face mask storage labels

Labels are also helpful reminders for knowing where to put dirty masks and get clean masks. Since my kids are bilingual, I try to include their minority language, Chinese, as often as possible to normalize the language.

If English is your native language, you can quickly write labels by hand. Since many people cannot write Chinese characters, I’ve created printable bilingual labels to help families learn Chinese.

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Do you have any questions or suggestions on organizing face masks for school, travel, or home?

If you have other ideas, please share them in the comments below!

I hope these ideas and labels can help your kids stay safe and organized at school or wherever they go during the day. Although we might live far apart, we’re all connected somehow, and the world is small. I truly appreciate your efforts to protect yourself and your community.

Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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