Easy Turkey Craft with Recycled Paper Rolls: Multilingual Thanksgiving Activity

How to make cardboard Thanksgiving turkey crafts - free printable template

Thanksgiving is next week in the United States, and we are re-making our cardboard roll turkey crafts! My daughter had fun making these a few years ago, and after my son saw them on my blog (originally published in November 2017), he asked if he could make them, too!

I’ll explain how to make cardboard roll turkeys and also how we have used them to teach important words of gratitude in 4 languages! For those who are learning Chinese with their kids like our family, I’ve created a printable template to review relevant vocabulary.

I hope you can enjoy this Thanksgiving activity with your kids!

Cardboard roll turkeys - free printable template - easy Thanksgiving animal craft

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Thanksgiving craft to encourage language and discuss gratitude

Although historically Thanksgiving is controversial, for our family, we try to use the holiday to count our blessings and express gratitude.

For this Thanksgiving craft, we talked about everything that we are thankful for in multiple languages. After all, the United States of America is a country of immigrants, and we believe in encouraging minority languages!

In our family:

  • My husband speaks English and Spanish
  • I speak English and Mandarin Chinese
  • Our former nanny spoke English and Korean
  • My 7-year-old daughter speaks English, Chinese, and some Korean
  • My 4-year-old son speaks English and Chinese (but has forgotten Korean)

The result: quadrilingual thankful paper roll turkeys – say that 10 times fast!

Paper roll turkeys – easiest turkey craft for kids of all ages!

If you’re wondering what age this activity is suitable for, my first kid did this craft when she was 4 -years old with her 7-year-old friend. Now my oldest kid is 7 and my son is 4.

Preschoolers like my son will likely be able to cut the turkey feathers and arrange the face, but they might need help writing or aligning the words. Elementary school kids will likely be able to make these independently.

free printable templates for Thanksgiving cardboard roll turkey crafts
Supplies for cardboard turkey craft

Paper roll turkey craft: What you need

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Paper roll turkey craft: How to make these for Thanksgiving

  1. Cut construction paper into multiple feathers
  2. Cut triangle for nose and red oblong shape for the snood
  3. Discuss what’s good in life and write it down on each feather or use the printable template
  4. Tape eyes to toilet paper roll
  5. Tape nose and snood
  6. If your child is reading, encourage them to practice reading the words on each feather
  7. Tape the feathers on the middle-back of the paper roll

We are so thankful for God, family, food, clothes, books, teachers, sunshine, among many other things!

Have you tried this easy turkey craft with paper rolls?

If you try this Thanksgiving activity with your children or students, please let us know in the comments below!

We love to hear about how other families are learning Chinese, Korean, English, Spanish, and other languages!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

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