Usborne Big Book of Colors (Chinese Version) Plus Color Learning Activities

A few months ago, Flip For Joy Bookstore in Singapore generously gifted 孩子的彩色启蒙全书 (Usborne Big Book of Colors) to our family!  Since I had seen other parents on social media rave about this vibrant board book, I was very grateful and excited about exploring it with my 2-year-old son.  Here is a peek inside the Chinese version of the Big Book of Colors as well as fun color matching and mixing activities that you can do!

Disclaimer: This book was provided free of charge by Flip For Joy Bookstore with no expectation of a formal book review.  I felt compelled to write a review based on my family’s experience, and the opinions here are solely my own.

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Title: 孩子的彩色启蒙全书 (Big Book of colors)

Publisher: Usborne

Age level: 0-4 years

Where to buy:

Review of 孩子的彩色启蒙全书 (Big Book of colors)

Overview: This interactive board book first introduces primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and secondary colors (orange, green, purple) along with an interactive color wheel.  The subsequent pages then review items color by color.  Most colors have a 2-page spread while pink and purple have only 1 page each.  The book concludes with a page with transparencies that can change the color of items, as well as a summary of the rainbow colors.


  • Interactive
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Lovely colors
  • Thick, durable pages for curious toddler hands


  • Other than the subtitles, the font is generally quite small
  • Some objects are inaccurately colored (eg, red mushrooms, purple snail)
  • In my opinion as a Montessori parent, the smiley faces on peas, sun, octopus are unnecessary. However, I recognize that many parents will disagree and consider this a pro

Photos of 孩子的彩色启蒙全书 (Big Book of colors)


In summary, this is a fun and engaging book that teaches colors.  Parents who are not fluent and literate in Chinese may have trouble reading the small font with specific color names.  In addition, the inaccurate representation of certain animals may confuse a young child.  Comparison with realistic images or real-life examples is recommended.

Book-based activities about colors

What you need:

How to use color learning materials:

  • Sort colors into piles
  • Match different objects around the house with color paddles
  • Mix color paddles to see what colors result
  • Put color paddles in water and see what color results!
  • Hold color paddles in the sunlight and discover colorful shadows!

What not to do! 🙂

Make sure the activity is appropriate for the child’s age.  In the photos below, my son was 21 months old and making a big mess!  On the other hand, my 4-year-old was trying to teach him how to color match.  Although my son knows his colors well, he does not have the attention span for most structured activities.  Though the clean-up process took up some time, it was a good lesson for my daughter to be patient with her excitement for teaching her little brother!

For more tips on setting up educational activities for kids, please read our How-To Guide for Chinese activities!

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