Free Cute Printable Chinese Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Printable Valentine's Day cards in Chinese, Korean, and English with cute hearts and trucks for boys and girls

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to share valentines with family, friends, and school. If you’re a bilingual family like ours, you can download our cute printable Chinese Valentine’s Day cards today! I’ve also translated some of these valentines in English and Korean, our family’s other languages.

Valentine’s Day can be so fun for kids, but often times, it can feel like another thing for parents to prepare. Thankfully our printable Chinese Valentine’s Day cards are perfect for busy families. Simply pick your favorite design, and you’re ready to go! We’ve got bilingual English and Chinese positive affirmations, DIY heart wands, classic heart valentines, plus cute truck valentines for boys and girls!

printable Chinese Valentine's Day Cards

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Printable English and Chinese Valentine’s Day cards for bilingual kids

Since we’re raising bilingual children, we wanted to create Valentine’s Day cards in our family’s languages. While English Valentine’s Day cards are everywhere, Chinese valentines aren’t available in our city of California.

Even if your child’s school only teaches English, Chinese Valentine’s Day cards can be a fun way to introduce a new language to friends.

Scroll down to explore printable Chinese Valentine’s Day cards plus a few in Korean, and English! Which valentines do you think your kids will like best? My son is all about trucks, while my daughter loves all of the heart valentines!

Truck valentines for kids in Chinese, English, and Korean

Fun printable car and truck Valentine's Day cards for boys and girls in Chinese, Korean, and English

Raise your hand if your child loves trucks! We’ve got colorful truck valentines in Chinese, Korean, and English. We also have black-and-white Valentine’s Day cards that your child or student can color. Bilingual families can print 2 different languages and tape the cards back-to-back.

Using paper trimmer to cut printable Chinese Valentine's Day cards for kids
Using paper trimmer to cut Chinese Valentine’s Day cards

To make these Valentine’s Day cards, we recommend printing on 8.5″ x11″ white cardstock paper. Save time by using a a paper trimmer to cut along the solid lines.

Bilingual English and Chinese valentines with positive affirmations

Bilingual positive affirmation messages for kids | Heart Attack Valentine's Day idea in Chinese and English

Who else needs to hear more encouragement? I think we all would appreciate it! These printable English and Chinese Valentine’s Day cards can be used as decorations while reminding kids just how special they are. In our home or classroom, put these positive affirmation hearts on the walls and doors. Or surprise your child each morning with a special surprise – a heart filled with kind words.

If you’re not fluent in Chinese, you’ll be happy to know that these Valentine’s Day hearts have Pinyin and Zhuyin if you need it!

Printable heart wand valentines in Chinese, Korean, and English

Valentine's Day Heart Wands English, Chinese, Korean free printable template

If your child loves collecting sticks as much as mine, try this fun and simple Valentine’s Day craft! These printable heart wands – or friendship wands as my daughter calls it – can also be given as a Valentine’s Day card. To help save you time, I’ve made a DIY video tutorial and created templates in English, Chinese, and Korean!

Free printable Chinese Valentine’s Day heart cards

Chinese Valentine's Day Cards - pretty printables in simplified and traditional Chinese

If your family is learning Chinese, these Chinese Valentine’s Day cards are great for learning important words about friendship! Choose simplified or traditional Chinese for these 贺卡 / 賀卡 (hèkǎ / greeting cards).

The design is intentionally simple for your kids to get creative with their favorite designs! As usual, feel free to use any art supplies you have on hand. If you’re wondering what we used, here’s the list:

Free Printable Chinese Christian Valentine’s Day Cards

Printable Chinese Christian Valentine's Day Cards

For Christian families, these special Chinese Valentine’s Day cards are just for you! Print them out for Sunday school class, and let your kids decorate with their favorite stickers. And choose simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, or both!

These Chinese words are included in our printable Christian Valentine’s Day cards:

  • 恩 (Ēn / Grace)
  • 耶稣 / 耶穌 (Yēsū / Jesus)
  • 耶稣爱你 / 耶穌愛你 (Yēsū ài nǐ / Jesus loves you)

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Reviewing new words from Chinese Valentine’s Day Cards

In case you are learning with your child or student, here are important Valentine’s Day words in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Pinyin.

  • 爱 / 愛 (ài / love)
    • 我爱你 (Wǒ ài nǐ / I love you)
  • 心 (xīn / heart)
  • 朋友 (péngyǒu / friend)
    • 亲爱的朋友 / 親愛的朋友 (Qīn’ài de péngyǒu / Dear friend)
    • 你是我的朋友 (Nǐ shì wǒ de péngyǒu / You are my friend.)
  • 喜欢 / 喜歡
    • 我喜欢你 / 我喜歡你 (Wǒ xǐhuān nǐ / I like you)
  • 宝贝 / 寶貝 (bǎobèi / darling, babe)
    • 你是我的宝贝 / 你是我的寶貝 (Nǐ shì wǒ de bǎobèi / You are my darling)
  • 甜蜜 (tiánmì / sweet)
  • 情人节 / 情人節 (Qíngrén jié / Valentine’s Day)
    • 情人节卡片 / 情人節卡片 (Qíngrén jié kǎpiàn / Valentine’s Day cards)
    • 情人节快乐 / 情人節快樂 (Qíngrén jié kuàilè / Happy Valentine’s Day)

Learning and playing with trilingual Valentine’s Day cards (Chinese, Korean, English)

Kids playing pretend shopping with printable Chinese Valentine's Day Cards

In addition to decorating these printable Valentine’s Day cards, learning has been extended through playing pretend! My daughter and son are having a blast acting as cashiers at our DIY cardboard Valentine’s Day card shop!

DIY Cardboard Shop with printable Chinese Valentine’s Day Cards!

Get your printable Valentine’s Day cards here!

Did your kids enjoy these printable Valentine’s Day cards in Chinese, English, or Korean?

If you use these Valentine’s Day cards in Chinese, English, or Korean, please let us know in the comments!

Free printable Valentine's Day cards in Chinese, Korean, and English with cute hearts and trucks for boys and girls

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! 情人节快乐 / 情人節快樂!

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