Trilingual Friendship Wands in English, Chinese, Korean (Printable)

Trilingual friendship wands | Valentine's Day Heart Wands in Chinese, English, Korean

Inspired by my kids’ love of sticks and magic wands, we’ve been making friendship wands in English, Chinese, and Korean, my family’s 3 languages! Initially, I created a printable template for Valentine’s Day heart wands. However, the wands are also fun for pretend play, birthday gifts, or any special occasion!

Free printable heart wand valentines in Chinese, English, Korean; Valentine's Day craft for kids #kidscrafts #kidsactivities #valentinesday #valentines

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Design inspiration for trilingual heart wands

Here are a few different ways that my kids have made their trilingual friendship heart wands for Valentine’s Day, gifts, pretend play, and other occasions!

Kids rainbow friendship wands with satin ribbons

Kids pastel heart wands with gold string

Free printable heart wand valentines in Chinese, English, Korean; Valentine's Day craft for kids with "I love you" message

Pastel heart wands with shimmery bows

Pastel heart wands in Chinese, English, Korean

Red Valentine’s Day heart wands with satin ribbons

Celebrating friendship and Valentine’s Day in 3 languages!

According to my 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, these cute friendship wand valentines are their favorites!

They love using their stick collection from the beach, and they like waving the heart wands around!

I’m also so grateful that they can celebrate friendship and Valentine’s Day in their 3 languages!

To encourage their minority languages, Chinese and Korean, we try to celebrate the same holidays that they enjoy with their friends in English.

Trilingual rainbow friendship wands for kids

Important Valentines’ Day vocabulary in English, Chinese, and Korean

Here are the words and phrases included in the printable valentines as well as their translations.

Each language version has 6 different options.

For the Korean version, I used a few of different words so that they would fit on the small hearts.

Chinese and English Heart Wand Valentines

The Chinese versions have both simplified and traditional options in KaiTi font.

The English messages use D’nealian font.

I’ve included Hanyu Pinyin phonetic support as reference in this post. However, I did not include it in the printables because Pinyin would change the aesthetics and also distract from learning Chinese characters.

  1. 爱你 / 愛你 (Ài nǐ / Love you)
  2. 抱抱 (Bào bào / Hugs)
  3. 可爱 / 可愛 (Kě’ài / Cute)
  4. 朋友 (Péngyǒu / Friend)
  5. 甜蜜 (Tiánmì / Sweet)
  6. 真好 (Zhēn hǎo / Kind)

Korean Heart Wand Valentines

Here are the English definitions of the Korean phrases on these heart wants!

  1. 사랑해 (Salanghae / I love you)
  2. 뽀뽀 (Ppoppo / Kiss kiss)
  3. 귀여운 (Gwiyeoun / Cute)
  4. 친구 (Chingu / Friend)
  5. 최고야 (Choegoya / You’re the best!)
  6. 친절한 (Chinjeolhan / Kind)

What you need to make friendship wands / Valentine’s Day heart wands

  1. Printable heart templates*
  2. Card stock paper (eg, white, pastel, or red are recommended)
  3. Satin ribbon
  4. Tree branch, craft stick, or bamboo dowel rod
  5. Scissors
  6. Tape
  7. Optional: Large heart punch

*Option: To personalize these wands for the family, you can use our Chinese Family Members Heart Printables!

How to make heart wands for Valentine's Day or birthday gift

How to make friendship wands / Valentine’s Day heart wands

  1. Cut out hearts*
  2. Tape stick to back of hearts
  3. Tie ribbon
  4. Give to friend with a smile and play with wand!

*Note: You can also use this large heart punch and write the desired message on the hearts. A heart punch would be much faster than cutting individual hearts by hand!

What if you have a large class and don’t have much time to prepare so many valentines? You can skip the sticks and ribbons and simply write a message on the back of the hearts!

DIY Cardboard Valentine's Day Card Shop

Friendship wands in our DIY cardboard gift shop!

My kids had so much fun pretending to sell heart wands at our DIY Cardboard Valentine’s Day Card Shop (click here to read more)!

Korean Valentine's Day Heart Wands for Kids

Did your kids get to enjoy these friendship heart wands / Valentine’s Day heart wands?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s) and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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