Water Painting Chalk Raindrops – Sight Word Activity

This water painting activity is a fun reading and writing activity for the summer – or any warm day outside!

Water painting chalk - learning Chinese characters through play

We have been reading about rain and learned new rain onomatopoeia words in Chinese.  To reinforce vocabulary about rain and water from our bottle cap literacy activity, I drew raindrops on the pavement with chalk and wrote Chinese characters on them.  Then my daughter traced the characters with a wet paintbrush.

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Important vocabulary:

  • 雨 (Yǔ / rain)
  • 乒 (Pīng)
  • 啪嗒 (Pā dā)
  • 敲 (Qiāo / knock)
  • 落 (Luò / fall)
  • 浇灌 (Jiāoguàn / pour)
  • 咕嘟 (Gūdū)
  • 哗啦 (Huālā)
  • 噗噜 (Pū lū)
  • 滴答 (Dīdā / tick-tock)
  • 簌 (Sù / rustle)
Crayola chalk

What you need:

  1. Chalk – we like the chunky Crayola chalk, because it’s easy for little hands to hold
  2. Paintbrush
  3. Water
  4. Water bucket or bowl
Water Painting Chalk Raindrops

How to do the Water Painting Raindrops – Sight Word Activity

  1. Draw raindrops (associate the characters with water)
  2. As your child paints traces the Chinese character with a brush, tell your child the name of the Chinese character or ask your child to say the word.

For this Chinese activity, we did not focus on stroke order as I was not thinking about teaching her Chinese writing at the time.  In hindsight, I wish that I encouraged it earlier and would recommend this activity as a way to teach Chinese stroke order!

Water Painting Chalk Raindrops

Other fun ways to use water and chalk for outdoor Chinese sight word review

  • Spray water with spray bottle (we have these, which are perfect for children’s small hands)
  • Spray water with hose
  • Dump water with cups
  • Jump on pretend raindrops
  • Spray water with a Supersoaker!

Have you tried this outdoor learning activity?

If you try this outdoor raindrops word matching activity, please let us know in the comments below!  We love to see how other families do educational activities!

Teach kids rain with hands-on activities

Here are other fun rain learning activities that you can do with your child:

Happy learning, friends!

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