Chinese Home Library – Part 2: Favorite Chinese books for kids

This post about Chinese children’s books is the second of a 2-part series about our favorites in our Chinese home library.  Since starting our Chinese learning journey when my daughter was 2, I have gradually built a mini home library of several hundred Chinese books for kids.

If you’re looking for the best baby and toddler books, click here.  If you need books for a beginning/budding reader in preschool or elementary school, keep reading!  However, please note that this division is not saying that people of certain ages should be reading certain books.  In fact, I am re-learning Chinese as an adult, and I find myself learning much more quickly by reading the baby books with my 老二 compared to the more difficult books my 老大 is reading.  I won’t even go near the boring Chinese textbooks geared toward “adults” that feel completely irrelevant to my mom life! 🙂  Plus, my 4yo 老大 loves reading the books in both of these posts.

There’s a bit of trial and error in finding the Chinese books that not only interest your child but also are the right reading level.  But the key is to have a large variety of books with some “easy” books, books at the right reading level, and others that are too challenging for us to read now but have their spot on the “goals” shelf.

This list includes our favorite simplified Chinese books for beginning and budding readers.  Our favorite books tend to have photographs or realistic illustrations, but we also have a mix of funny, relatable cartoons.  I’m also always on the hunt for books with audio CDs with native Chinese speakers.

All titles are linked to either to China Sprout, Amazon, or my full reviews so that you can see pictures of the books and other details.  My goal is to eventually review each of the books that I recommend.  However, please note that you may want to compare prices at different online bookstore (read more about online bookstores in this link).

*Denotes simplified Chinese + Hanyu Pinyin

^Denotes simplified Chinese + English

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Chinese children’s looks that teach kids how to read Chinese (leveled readers)

Fly High 飞吧
Miss Mouse 老鼠小姐
The Talking Bird 小鸟说话
The Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖
Two Little Cats 小黑和小白

A Day in the City 在城市的一天
Time 时间
Birthday 生日
Mother’s Day 母亲节
The Way Home 回家的路

Chinese children’s books – picture books

Chinese children’s books: Science Stories

  • Usborne First Experiences Sticker Books (6 Books) – out of print
  • Gail Gibbons Child’s Encyclopedia Series
    • St. Patrick’s Day 圣帕特里克节
    • Halloween 万圣节
    • Thanksgiving 感恩节
    • Christmas 圣诞节
    • Valentine’s Day 情人节
    • Easter 复活节  (Full review)
    • Groundhog Day! 土拨鼠日
    • From Seed to Plant 种子是如何长成植物的
    • The Vegetables We Eat 蔬菜
    • Farm 农场
    • Corn 玉米
    • Pumpkin 南瓜
    • Ice Cream 冰淇淋
    • Bicycle 自行车
    • Trains 列车
    • The Art Box 美术工具箱
    • How a House is Built 盖房子
  • Health Guides 影响孩子一生的健康书 (Full Review)
    • Doudou, Wash Your Hands 豆豆,去把手洗干净——掌握正确的洗手方法,养成洗手好习惯!
    • Daddy’s Glasses 爸爸的眼镜——学习保护眼睛的方法,养成良好的用眼习惯!
    • Cerumen’s Trip 耵聍的旅行——掌握保护耳朵的方法,养成良好的用耳习惯。
    • Sports Superman 运动小超人——选择适合自己的运动,养成坚持运动的好习惯。
    • Secret of Vegetables 蔬菜的秘密——改掉挑食的坏毛病,养成良好的饮食习惯。
    • I and Picca 我和皮卡——学会自我保护,和狗狗正确相处。
    • Little Night Prince 黑夜小王子——建立规律的睡前模式,养成良好的睡眠习惯。
    • Fight Dental Bacteria 牙细菌大作战——学习正确的刷牙方法,养成保护牙齿的好习惯!
  • My Little Chinese Science Story Books 我的中文科学小故事*

1 Rainbow 彩虹
2 Tide 退潮和涨潮
3 Horrible Earthquake 可怕的地震
4 Blue Sky 蓝蓝的天空
5 Wash Your Hands 勤洗手
6 Colors of Flowers 花的颜色
7 Thorns of a Rose 玫瑰花的刺
8 Little Mushroom 小蘑菇
9 Annoying Mosquitoes 讨厌的蚊子
10 Why Plant Trees 多种树有什么好处
11 Powerful Ants 小蚂蚁有力气
12 Tooth Fairy 换牙
13 Traffic Lights 红绿灯的作用
14 Mustache of a Cat 小猫的胡子
15 Moon 月亮
16 Rabbits Ear 小兔的耳朵
17 Eat More Vegetables 多吃蔬菜
18 Recycle 回收垃圾
19 Falling Leaves 落叶
20 Little Pandas Secret 小熊猫蹭墙的秘密

(Note: I do not like the illustrations in the Chinese Science Story Book series.  However, I am keeping them on this list because the set has pinyin and fairly easy-to-read Chinese.)

Chinese science books for kids

Ocean 海洋
Dinosaur 恐龙百科
Space 太空百科 (Full review)
Animals 动物百科
Why 知识百科

Butterfly 蝴蝶
Ant 蚂蚁
Spider 蜘蛛
Dragonfly 蜻蜓
Grasshopper 蚱蜢
Bee 蜜蜂

More Chinese books for kids

For all book recommendations, explore our favorite Chinese books for kids!

If you’re wondering where to buy kids’ books, click here for the most popular online Chinese bookstores!

For parents of children age 3 and under, please see our book recommendations here and here.

What are your favorite Chinese books for kids?  Please share your recommendations in the comments!

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Happy reading, friends!


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