Korean Alphabet Toys: 4 Ways to Teach Kids with Hangul Letters

Both of my kids have had fun with their magnetic Korean alphabet toys!  Here are 4 ways to play and learn with Hangul letters and where to buy them!

Many of you have asked about our Hangul letter toys! We first got these Korean alphabet toys when my daughter was 2. Fast forward a few years, and now big sister is helping 3-year-old little brother play and learn with them!

Here are 4 ways that we’ve used the magnetic Korean alphabet toys over the years. At the end of the post are links to where to buy these Hangul toys!

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Magnetic Korean alphabet puzzle toys

More Korean learning activities for kids

4 Korean learning activities with Hangul letter toys

Toddler playing Korean alphabet word matching game

Korean alphabet letter matching for kids

Matching games are simple, low-prep, and interactive ways to introduce Hangul!

For kids who are learning the Korean alphabet for the first time, focus on reinforcing a few at a time while your child builds confidence.

To encourage letter recognition each of the Hangul letters and color them in solid black for more visual input.

Montessori-inspired tray for Korean letter matching activity for kids

When kids are ready for more challenge, you can try matching block characters (outline of each Korean letter shape) as shown in the images above!

Korean Alphabet Stamp & Match Activity with Play Dough

Korean alphabet toys, play dough stamping and DIY puzzle match

Another fun activity that my kids enjoy are stamping Korean alphabet toys in our homemade play dough!

My older kid stamps Korean words that she knows so that her little brother can match the Hangul letters!

Hangul playdough stamping!

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Korean Hangul Alphabet Letter Magnets - fun way to play and learn

Spelling with magnetic Korean Hangul alphabet toys

For kids who are read to blend phonics and create simple words, the Korean alphabet magnets are fun to use on the fridge!

If they are younger, they still might enjoy just sticking them on and off the magnetic surfaces like my son! 🙂

Korean Hangul Alphabet Letter Magnets - fun way to play and learn on the friget
Korean tic-tac-toe game
Korean tic-tac-toe game with Hangul alphabet toys and magnetic white board (similar here)

Tic-Tac-Toe with Korean alphabet toys

Last but not least, tic-tac-toe was one of my daughter’s favorite games when she was younger, and we incorporated Korean alphabet review with it!

In the above photo, we played yellow letters versus blue letters and created the game board with painter’s tape on a magnetic white board!

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Where to buy Hangul Korean alphabet letter magnets for kids

Amazon carries the following Hangul letter toys:

The plastic Hangul magnets are popular due to the low cost. You can also spray paint them red and blue Montessori colors. However, we were gifted a set by friends, but many magnets felt out. Also, please avoid magnets with toddlers age <3 years or those who are in the mouthing phase. Magnets can be an extremely dangerous hazard if ingested or aspirated.

Korean Alphabet Hangul Letter Toys for Kids

What other Korean learning activities have you tried with your kids?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s) and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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Happy playful learning, friends!

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