5 Videos About Korean Lunar New Year for Kids in English and Korean

Most of us have heard about Chinese Lunar New Year, but did you know Koreans celebrate the holiday with their own unique traditions? The YouTube videos in this post cover popular Korean customs for Lunar New Year, and I hope you enjoy learning along with our family!

Learning about Korean Lunar New Year 설날 (Seollal) with our kids

Every year, my in-laws call and email us on Lunar New Year 설날 (Seollal) to remind us of important traditions. Before our kids were born, we were able to ring in the new year with my husband’s extended family once. I still remember borrowing their family’s hanbok to wear and everybody gathering around to eat delicious rice cake soup 떡국.

delicious rice cake soup 떡국
Rice cake soup 떡국 image via Adobe Stock

Nowadays, we’re raising our kids in a small town far from family. Although they aren’t able to celebrate Korean New Year with their relatives, we want them to understand their heritage and special traditions.

The following 5 videos are in English and Korean!

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Korean Lunar New Year Videos in English

1. How do Koreans Celebrate the New Year?

Korean Class 101 gives a basic overview about the Korean New Year Holiday in English. In this video, 4 key Korean words are taught:

  • 설날 Lunar New Year
  • 새해 복 많이 받으세요 Happy New Year!
  • 떡국 Rice cake soup
  • 세배 Bow

2. Why Lunar New Year’s Day is the Best Day for Kids But Not Really for Adults in Korea

Korea Now gives a lighthearted and helpful overview of Korean traditions in English. Subtitles are also in English.

Korean Lunar New Year Videos in Korean

1. Learn Korean Holidays – New Year’s Day

KoreanClass101.com is a super helpful channel with clear summaries of common topics. This video focuses on popular Korean Lunar New Year traditions. Subtitles are in Korean and English. A few keys words have romanization.

2. 까치 까치 설날은 어저께고요 | 어린이동요

This short animation features a popular Lunar New Year’s Day song for kids! The video includes a big sister 언니 eonni and little brother 동생 dongsaeng wearing hanboks! Subtitles are in Korean only.

For more Seollal songs, check out this post by Sandy @korean4mykids on Instagram!

Korean Lunar New Year Videos in Korean and English

1. Korean Lunar New Year / 설날 Seollal Celebration

The Woori Show is a popular channel that includes a mix of real people, puppetry (similar to Sesame Street), and animation. This video gives an overview of common traditions, songs, and recipes.

Do you recommend other videos about Korean Lunar New Year 설날 Seollal?

If you know of other helpful videos or fun songs, please share in the comments below! We’d love to learn from your experience!

More Korean New Year resources for kids

Happy New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

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